Eating Together The Culture Of Friday Family Dinner Sociology Essay Example
Eating Together The Culture Of Friday Family Dinner Sociology Essay Example

Eating Together The Culture Of Friday Family Dinner Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: July 31, 2017
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Once in a few hours we think of nutrient and opportunities are that we at least eat one time per twenty-four hours. In the household puting nutrient is easy accessible and for others it may be scarce because of the economic system or the geographics ( Fieldhouse, 2008 ) . At least, a big part of households can afford what they want whenever they want while others must carefully be after on what they purchase. Nonetheless, no 1 can get away the biological demand of nutrient. This is to state that, everyone must eat at regular intervals whether the nutrient is more or less alimentary. It is true that feeding is a necessity of life itself but nutrient besides forms a important portion of the cultural rites and societal relationships. Most significantly this paper addresses the household repast tradition as a symbol and stuff ag


encies of conveying household members together ( Fieldhouse, 2008 ) . Across different civilizations and clip, the facet of nutrient sharing is a cosmopolitan medium that expresses family in respects to the values of responsibility, forfeit, cordial reception and compassion. Food sharing is a gesture of friendly relationship besides typifying trust and mutuality.

My household in peculiar positions the Friday dark dinner as a window into societal bonding and relationship. As my male parent has ever said, `` people you eat with define the members of your societal group and the sort of nutrient you portion is a clear indicant of the intimacy of the relationships '' . For case, there are coffee-breaks with co-workers, insouciant tiffin or dinner with familiarities, and of class informal dinner around the household tabular array fo

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household and friends. Possibly a common image that comes in our head when it comes to the facet of household dinner is a happy atomic household with a ma, pa, and childs sitting in a nicely laid tabular array. This is an image that perpetually describes my household 's Friday dark dinner. This is a tradition that my great grandparents steadfastly inspired as a cultural thought to be emulated as ultimate symbol of household stableness and integrity. This paper will look at the different functions of household members in the sustainability of Friday dark household dinner analyzing the tradition utilizing the Freudian theory, the household theory, and ecological system theory. The paper besides takes particular considerations on the contemplation of this tradition in respect to the influence on the hereafter and its influence on the household.

Family Dinner And Family Members

The Purpose

As a tradition, the household repast symbolizes a shared household life. Family dinner on Friday 's in our household organizes the household conveying us together. This to a great extent contributes to our societal wellbeing while supplying predictable construction to our Fridays which is frequently psychologically reassuring. The success of household dinners depends on a figure of factors such as the accomplishments for fixing the nutrient and food-buying ( Fieldhouse, 2008 ) . The visual aspect of the household tabular array requires a batch of clip and skilled activities that calls for both physical and mental determination devising. In our household, everyone is involved in this activity ; that applies to the nutrient purchasing, readyings, puting the tabular array, and functioning. With our engagement, it non surprising that the proviso of this household repast is

a symbolic presentation that we care for our household integrity and stableness. This veers more on love, obeisance, regard, and gratitude. From the shopping to postpone glade, each household member participates in a responsible exercising that promotes solidarity in the household. For the longest clip we have n't experienced a household tenseness because we portion a batch in our conversations at the dinner tabular array.

To The Parents

During our household dinners my parents focuses on learning us the manner frontward on behavior and in peculiar civilised behavior such as stating 'thank you ' and 'please ' . Excusing yourself before you the tabular array, puting your cubituss on the tabular array, and speaking on oral cavity full is usually discouraged. At this clip, my parents taught us developmental accomplishments such as pull stringsing chopsticks, literacy accomplishments through household conversations when interchanging narratives. This may look sheeplike but these are the basic basicss toward life and societal interactions. During conversations, my parents learn more on our involvements and attitudes. From these repasts, my female parent in peculiar gages our tempers and demands in the terminal aid us work out our jobs. My parents monitor the household and guarantee that everyone attends to keep the stableness and integrity in the household.

To The kids ( Me )

For the kids the dinner tabular array is important topographic point for socialisation ( Fieldhouse, 2008 ) . This is a premier scene for socialisation refering the norms and regulations on household values, accepted behavior, and outlooks. From a nutritionary position, the kids learn what is considered acceptable ; fundamentally the nutrients and non-food. From the household dinners my siblings and I have

learned manners and restraints on behavior that the wider universe requires. Through household conversations we learned of our parents ' attitudes and involvements in dealingss to the universe. We ever assist our female parent prepare for the household dinner. As the eldest, I helped my female parent fix the nutrients and particularly the veggies and desert while my younger siblings have ever prepared the tabular array.

Though a happy household, we have our reverses. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours household members who are already tired after a busy twenty-four hours at work or school and likely possibly cranky meet for a household repast. Discord may originate perceived at the tabular array possibly because of the unacceptable behavior and unfairnesss. Refusal to eat, ailment on bad cookery or deficiency of gratitude on what was served on the tabular array are some of the things that can take to these strife at the dining tabular array. This can turn the peaceable mealtime into battlefields were verbal statements are used as arms which leads to a resentful silence. Therefore, household dinners have many positive virtuousnesss that are on occasion fought with troubles and negative results which greatly depend on the parenting manners.

The Examination

Freudian Theory Of Defense Mechanisms

In psychological science, Freud 's input can non be discredited in the psychodynamic theory. Even though people are no longer believing and using many theories and decisions, the footing of psychodynamic theory still organize a function in theories in psychological science. Fraud 's 'ego defence ' is one of the last leftover theories. This is besides known as 'defense mechanism ' said to actively run without the consent of the individual.

These defences are significantly of import when covering with persons ' inter menaces. Typically, the self-importance defence treaties with the ideas that are unconsciously endangering.

Denial. This is possibly the best known defence mechanism that describes state of affairss where persons are unable to admit the obvious or face world. This is the straight-out refusal to acknowledge what had happened or what is presently happening. There was a clip my brother and I boycotted the Friday household dark dinner and we were hit the films alternatively. This started trouble oneselfing us as we kept believing of the freshly made lasagna and the household conversations. We were supporting ourselves from the occurrence of our household tradition but the real property shortly checked in and we were unable to keep it any longer.

Repression. On its basic signifier, this mechanism is self explanatory. The mechanism acts to maintain the information off from the witting consciousness. Keep in head that memories do non merely disappear but they tend to go on act uponing our behavior in the hereafter. For case, my household and I have repressed memories of shared repasts since my childhood which I intend to go through on to my childs.

Arrested development. This is the scrawny motion that persons feel between psychosexual phases when they experience inordinate anxiousness and defeat in respects to the following phase of patterned advance. The person remains fixed on a peculiar phase. My household and I are fixed to our Friday dark dinner and the values it carries. This is a bequest that has been there since the times of my great grandparents.

Supplanting. This involves taking out the feelings, defeats, and urges on

less baleful people and objects such as the partner, pets, and kids. A good illustration to this signifier of defence mechanism is displaced aggressive that would otherwise take negative effects such as pressing with the supervisor and alternatively showing the choler to people who are less baleful. I remember there was a clip that my male parent had a bad twenty-four hours at work perchance from the force per unit areas from the upper direction go throughing this resentment to us at the household tabular array.

The Theories

Ecological Systems Theory ( Human Ecology Theory )

This theory states that the development of the human existences is inclined to the assorted types of ecological systems. Urie Bronfenbrenner formulated this theory to explicate why we usually behave otherwise relatively to how we behave in the presence of our household, work or at school. The human ecology theory histories that throughout our lifetime we encounter dissimilar environments hence act uponing the manner we behave in grades that vary. These environments are:

Micro system. This is the environment puting that we straight have in life such as the parents, friends, instructors, neighbors, and people who surrounds us. We straight have societal interaction with these societal agents in this scene. In this system, persons are non inactive receivers in respect to experiences, but synergistic in the constitutions of the societal scenes. In the class of the household dinner we interact with each other in the constitution of a harmonious household scene.

Mesosystem. This involves the interaction of Microsystems in an person 's life. In other words, a work-related experience can be connected to the household experience. For case, from the household dinners, my parents

have taught me civilised manners and regard for others which have helped me set up positive attitude toward by siblings, equals, and instructors. This has besides made me experience wanted by people who are actively involved in my life.

The exosystem

In this system there exists a nexus where an person does non hold any actively affecting function and the context where he or she can actively take part. I am attached to my male parent than my female parent and a few ago my male parent got a publicity and here and so he was going to Africa for a few months for work for several months. We all missed our male parent and during our Friday dark dinner my female parent spearheaded and listened to mealtime conversations sometimes she was supportive and sometimes she was non. In the terminal this made my bond with my even tighter because she was ever at that place when my male parent was off.

The macrosystem

This is the existent civilization of a individual that involves the socioeconomic position of the person, race, ethnicity, and most significantly the household. Bing born in in-between category household makes us difficult workers and therefore the ground why we meet as a household one time in a hebdomad for dinner- Friday darks.

The chronosystem

This environment entails the displacements and passages throughout our life-time. This engages the socio-historical context act uponing an person. For case, my great grandparents emphasized on household repasts and civilization that been passed over in different coevalss which has positively affected our lives, relationships and how we view the universe.

The household system 's theory

This is a theory that considers household as an emotional

unit incorporating systems believing when depicting complex interaction. For case if there is anxiousness among household members, the anxiousness may intensify contagiously impacting all of them. And if this anxiousness goes up, the connection of the members become nerve-racking than soothing finally doing them experience isolated, out of control, and overwhelmed.


`These are the basic units of stable relationships. These are a system that entails three-person relationships which is seen as the smallest edifice block of a larger emotional pool. There is no stableness in a two-person system and hence calls for a 3rd party. This is because the tenseness keeps on switching between two people is higher than the one affecting a 3rd individual. When there is excessively much tenseness to be contained in one trigon it spreads to a series of meshing trigons. This is what happens in our household dinner conversations.

Sibling place

In every household each sibling has a certain place which defines how the kids will interact. This influences the kid 's behavior and development which predictably have common features. For case, as the first Born in my household i tend to gravitate the leading place which makes my siblings the followings. During the household dinner repast, my siblings look at me to state them what to make if i am the one fixing the meal.- who to fix what or even store.


This is the capableness of dividing thought and feelings. Undifferentiated persons can divide the manner of thought and the feelings because their mind is controlled by the manner they feel. Thinks makes them non to believe rationally while at the same clip they are unable to distinguish their feelings signifier others.

Therefore, distinction is the abily to liberate yourself from the household, the realisation of your engagement in a struggle and non faulting others, and being able to associate with others at emotionally. At times during our dinner times struggles may originate but we have ever solved it before it escalates. We admit to our mistakes and forgive each other which make us differential.

The Contemplation On The Tradition ( 1 page )

Is it positive or negative?

As a socially integrative map, a portion meal brings people together in a web of mutual duties and shared societal relationships. Well, we suppose can state that one of import facet that brings people together is a household repast and if people do non garner for this household repast so the important woof of the household is sent to expiate ( Fieldhouse, 2008 ) . As a everyday tradition, Friday household dinner has been most frequent planned rite in our household which usually take topographic point in our household house.

The apprehension over clip

The household repast and dinner in peculiar has come to stand for the kineticss of the household and overtime coevalss are keening on its death. Equally early as the 1920 's, people were showing concerns on how the leisure activities such as the innovation of the auto came undermine the value of the household repasts ( Fieldhouse, 2008 ) . In the times of alteration, household repasts represented stableness and possibly the plaint of the lost household may really be the reactions to feared alteration in the agreements and constructions of households.

The influence and the hereafter

In the olden yearss, dinner was rarely as a ceremonial event ( Nancy, Carolina,

& A ; Time, 2006 ) .

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