Develop professional supervision practice in health and social care or children and young people’s work settings

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Develop professional supervision practice in health and social care or children and young people’s work settingsAnalyse the principles, scope and purpose of professional supervision.Supervision is practised widely in the Health and Social Care industry. Supervision is a regular meeting with an independent person with training, skills, and knowledge to help you to reflect on your work practice with a goal towards improvement. Each session is centred on your goals and is followed with associated “outcomes” to assist you, the supervisee, to move toward achieving your goals. Effective Supervision can be both supportive and challenging. Good professional supervision provides people with an objective, non-judgmental, and qualified perspective, offering both support (for your successes and your failures) and skills for improving your work performance. Supervision is about taking care of you and about becoming more self-aware and skilled. Lack of supervision, on the other hand, can lead you to feel unappreciated, defensive, and burned out. This then contributes to decreased effectiveness at work and in other areas of life, increased absences from work, physical and emotional difficulties, more conflict among workmates, and numerous other problems. 
Supervision make staff feel valued, this can lead to a happier workforce and ensure: 
Less staff turnover –

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as staff feel they are part of the company and their contributions are valued.
Less stressed/more effective staff – as people will be given opportunities to off-load information, concerns worries they may have around their job role or in their personal life.
Less conflict in your workplace – issues can dealt with at an early stage and not allowed to grow into major issues. 
Better productivity and efficiency for your staff – as people feel happier in their work.
Better workplace relationships – as you are more likely to be working with other content/happy staff members. 
Better job satisfaction – as there…

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