Definition Of Homebuyers And Developers Sociology Essay Example
Definition Of Homebuyers And Developers Sociology Essay Example

Definition Of Homebuyers And Developers Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: September 3, 2017
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The purpose of this chapter is to show of relevant literature associating to this research. This chapter will besides function to specify the cardinal factors and demographic factors used in the research.

Malaysians at present, when purchasing a house from developer, they non merely want a comfy house for their household, but besides concern about the substructures, installations and comfortss that build along with the development itself. Some people who buy a house non merely because of its built-in qualities or aesthetic value, but besides because of its strategic location, such as propinquity to a school, stores, supermarkets, and topographic point of work or worship ( Aida Mauziah, 2003 ).

Definition of Homebuyers and Developers

Customers/ Homebuyers

Harmonizing to Allwords lexicon, client defines as a 1 that purchases a trade good or services or separately normally holding some specified typical trait. Ra


mizah ( 2005 ) said, in term of residential belongings, client is refers to the homebuyer or the occupant who bought the residential belongings which physique by the developers whether to self occupy or rent out the house.


Harmonizing to Allwords lexicon, developer is person who builds on land or improves and increases the valuable of edifice. In residential belongings development, the people who developed the belongings called developer ( Ramizah, 2005 ). The belongings development squad normally consist of a developer or bomber splitter, a land contriver, an lawyer, an designer, a contractor, and a loaner ( James D.Shilling, 2002 ).

Definition of Lodging

Harmonizing to, lodging is defined as edifices or constructions that persons and their household may populate in that meet certain federal ordinances. Different lodging state of affairss vary for persons and may depend on age,

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household, and geographic location. For illustration, a recent university alumnus in an urban environment in the US may populate in a rented flat whereas a middle-aged enterpriser may populate in a house with or without a mortgage.

Furthermore, under subdivision 3 ( B ) of Housing Development ( control and licensing ) Act 2007, defined that `` lodging adjustment '' includes any edifice or tenement which is entirely or chiefly constructed, adapted or intended for human habitation or partially for human habitation and partially for concern premises and such other type of adjustment as may be prescribed by the Minister from clip to clip to be a lodging adjustment.

Harmonizing to James D.Shilling ( 2002 ), residential or lodging is considered to include one-family and multifamily abodes of up to six units plus vacant land or tonss that might be improved for anything up to six brooding units, whether located in a metropolis, a suburb, or a rural country.

However, Housing Development ( control and licensing ) Act 2007 under subdivision 3 ( degree Celsius ), defined `` lodging development '' which means to develop or build or do to be constructed in any mode whatsoever more than four units of lodging adjustment and includes the aggregation of moneys or the transporting on of any edifice operations for the intent of raising lodging adjustment in, on, over or under any land; or the sale of more than four tonss of land or edifice tonss with the position of building more than four units of lodging adjustment.

Demographic Factors and Lodging defined demographic factors is a socio-economic features of a population expressed statistically, such as age, sex, instruction degree, income

degree, matrimonial position, business, faith, birth rate, decease rate, mean size of a household, mean age at matrimony. A nose count is aggregation of the demographic factors associated with every member of a population.

Clara ( 2006 ) defined demographic as a survey of human populations with accents on the statistical analysis of the measures and features of the people who live in a peculiar country, particularly in relation to their age, how much money they have and what they spend it on. Primarily, demographic survey involves the measuring of size, growing, denseness, distribution, and decline of the figure of people, the proportion life, being born, or deceasing within some country or part, and the related maps of birthrate, mortality and matrimony ( Plane, 1993 ).

The type of people populating in the community can play a cardinal function in people 's lodging picks. Many past surveies in lodging research have shown that societal stratification and homogeneousness is of import to residential location picks ( Sirgy, Grzeskowiak & A; Su 2005 ). South and Crowder ( 1997 ) find that `` suburbanization is in portion driven by a desire for segregation in which higher-class families will relocate to divide themselves from low-class families '' ( South and Crowder in Bayoh, Irwin & A; Haab 2006, p. 102 ) and Lindstrom ( 1997 ) emphasizes the importance of shared values and 'cultural universes ' in lodging location picks. Recent empirical work continues to indicate to the influence of these factors. Gou & A; Bhat ( 2006 ), for illustration, show that in the US `` families tend to turn up in an country with a high proportion of

other families with a similar family construction and family size as their ain ''.

Lowry ( 1974 ) in his descriptive survey that explained the demand of a residential unit from the facet of income, figure of family, business and transit cost. Rosen ( 1974 ) considered income, age of a household leader, gender, figure of family, and instruction as factors act uponing the demand for a residential unit. Mohd Zain ( 1989 ) stated that sizes, construction, and population's rate of growing can be the factors of a future demand for lodging.

Harmonizing to ( Aida Mauziah, 2003 ), gender is one of the factors which can act upon one 's determination in choosing a lodging location. Devlin ( 1995 ) indicates that gender mat be related to lodging manner penchant. Skaburskis ( 1997 ) examines the consequence of gender differences in family formation, term of office pick, lodging outgo and location in Vancouver and Toronto. He concludes that the penchants for lodging over other goods and services may differ in the demand for a safe environment, the demand for local support services and neighbourhood contacts, the location of work, the value of transposing clip, and the extent to which the home affairs as an agency for self-expression.

Harmonizing to Tremblay & A; Dillman ( 1983 ), the factor that could act upon a house purchasers lodging penchant is an income, degree of instruction and business. The high income has a more options to purchase the lodging compare the lower incomes. Lower income house purchasers adapt their penchants based on their affordability to buy a house. Then, the higher instruction should prefer a individual household house ownership

compare lower instruction. Occupation besides influence for lodging penchants. The white neckband prefer to luxury lodging and lodging environment with a individual household house situated in the suburbs.

Housing Location Factors

There are a big figure of location factors that influence location determinations from the old surveies. ( Aida Mauziah, 2003 ) , in her research found that the most of import standards considered by Universiti Utara Malaysia ( UUM ) in choosing their lodging location was route installations, followed by spiritual Centres and cost of life. This research was conducted in UUM and eight standards for lodging location choice were determined and the standards are cost of life, route installations, distance to workplaces, spiritual Centres, distance to shopping installations, societal standing of the country, handiness of public transits and distance to metropolis Centres. This research clearly shows that these factors are of import to see before purchasing a house.

Ken Horst ( Dec 23, 2011 ), stated that place purchasers are most interested in populating close to stores and services followed by their occupation's topographic point, schools, unfastened infinites, household or relations house, eating houses, easy entree of public transits and in conclusion recreational activities.

Past surveies besides found that handiness of public transit remains an of import standard particularly in the metropolitan country. It becomes one of the most of import standards in choosing lodging location ( Bender et al, 2000; Levinson, 1998; Sanchez, 2002 ). This is because of the fact that interaction in an urban country is by and large extremely conditioned by the efficiency of the urban transit system ( Olatubara, 1998 ).

However, Pratt ( 1996 ) says that, even if conveyance system execute

the undertaking absolutely, one would hold to oppugn the efficiency of such an agreement in term of clip wasted in traveling, outgo on conveyance substructure, the outgo on fuel and the significant environmental and pollution loads that it places upon society. This research clearly proved that transit does consequence the choice of lodging location by buyers.

Location is basically the relation of the site to the other utilizations of land in the locality. A desirable residential location is mostly determined by the location of the belongings relation to bing of future school, shopping Centres, major roadways, and other urban installations ( James D.Shilling, 2002 ) .

Montgomery and Curtis ( 2006 ) said that a figure of factors, by and large classified as 'quality of life ' characteristics, are besides known to act upon lodging location picks. These factors relate to people 's preferable life styles, penchants for leisure and diversion, household connexions, aesthetics of the milieus and feelings of safety and security.

Harmonizing to S. K. Ha ( 2004 ), 90 per centum of the people had sought infinite in other already crowded countries. Social nexus such as affinity ties and friendly vicinities are besides one of the determiner of satisfaction. There besides many of lower income occupants deserted their homesteads for the metropolis where easy entree to a topographic point to work was still available.

Grether Mieszkowski ( 1974 ) said that location with the regard to employment Centres is a cardinal determiner of location rent. A major factor impacting location pick is handiness of acquiring to and from a belongings. Accessibility is the comparative easiness or trouble of acquiring to and from a belongings.

Another of import

facet of residential location pick involves the lodging hunt procedure, peculiarly the importance of factors that determine family precedences. Filion et Al. ( 1999 ) and the 2004 American Community Survey ( ACS ) present some natural statistics sing the importance associated with handiness and other, neighbourhood variables. However, these surveies do non research explanatory variables that affect these relationships ( such as income and family size ).

Erenburg and Schult ( 1986 ) identified factors in the not-for-profit association location decision-making. The seven site properties identified were installations, employees, support services, transit, cost of life, quality of unrecorded and particular location demands happening suggested that not-for-profit association attach more importance to the assessments of possible installations, employees ' factors, and available transit than to the other properties.

A figure of research workers have besides analysed the impact of entree to open infinite and natural characteristics in residential determinations. Two surveies of place purchaser attitudes in Detroit, Michigan, have provided some grounds that the desire to be 'close to nature ' plays a important function in lodging determinations for families turn uping on the urban periphery ( Kaplan & A; Austin 2004; Vogt & A; Marans 2004 ). Although Vogt and Marans ( 2004 ) happen these environmental features to be of import, neighbourhood and house design and the quality of schools were found to be more of import considerations for movers.

Kathy J. Hayes and Lori L. Taylor ( 1996 ) suggest that the quality of the neighbourhood school should besides be an of import location characteristic. Many research workers have found that belongings values are higher where school disbursement is higher ( for illustration, Oates 1969;

Sonstelie and Portney 1980; and Bradbury, Case, and Mayer 1995 ). Other research workers have found a positive relationship between lodging values and the trial public presentation of pupils at the corresponding school ( for illustration, Jud and Watts 19S1, Rosen and Fullerton 1977, and Walden 1990 ). This concluded that distance to school is of import standards in taking lodging location.

Furthermore, few researches from out of Malaysia such as Kane et Al. ( 2000 ) , Bender Et Al. ( 2000 ), Yang and Lee ( 1997 ) besides found that most people would pass a considerable sum of clip in order to do their choice of a house. They will sing about the safety of assorted locations and evaluated possible vicinities in term of distance to workplaces, schools, food market shops, shopping Centres, theaters, Parkss and topographic point of worship and besides the handiness of public transit.

Sheila Singam ( 15/10/2002 ) in her article in the Malay Mail stressed that there are few of import factors to be considered by the house purchaser before they start looking for their house. They are:

Market status of the belongings - Every house purchaser must hold to analyze the market of the belongings in order to find where they want to purchase the belongings. They should ever purchase a house with the idea that they may one twenty-four hours hold to sell it. In order to hold a healthy capital grasp for the belongings, look intoing out the re-sale value in the countries is a must.

The vicinity of the residential - House purchasers must cognize the type of location that they would wish to populate. Whether stopping

point to the working topographic point, their kids' school or even twenty-four hours attention installations? Are they preferred to populate near to the town or to populate in suburban and rural community?

The handiness of transit and good route web - This factor is besides a really of import determination a house purchasers to do. House purchasers would do certain that the location of the house that their purchased hold a good and convenient public transit services. They besides will do certain that the house has a good route web because they surely do non desire to be stuck in traffic congestion while traveling to work.

Future development program for the country - A house purchaser surely does nondesire their house affected because of the hereafter developments which may do inconvenient for them. Before purchasing a new house in the new development country, they besides must hold to look into whether the country provides the basic comforts by the clip they move in. For case, if their childs are still study in school, they must do certain the school in the country is already functioning by the clip they traveling in.

Design and size of the house - This last point about what sort of house do they desire to populate in, whether landed or stratified residential. Most Malayan prefer the landed belongings, nevertheless, due to the land value, some of them may non afford to hold it. As for the graded belongings, the installations such as security, recreational comforts which are offered to the abode is what makes the house purchaser choose the tower block life.

This treatment clearly shows that the lodging location choice of house purchasers

is really critical for them to seek for the ideal house. However, for the smooth and easy dealing, instruction and good readying is needed and this is the ground why they have to calculate out what they want for their house.


In this chapter an overview of the relevant literature was given. In the following chapter the research methodological analysis used to obtain the information for this research is explained. It will explained the research method, trying for the study research, research process and informations analysis technique.

It should be noted that all surveies discussed in this chapter have been conducted and investigated inside and outside of Malaysia. Since the lodging industry in Malaysia experiences rapid growing, attempts aimed at bettering the degree of apprehension of how families select their residential location should non be taken lightly. Therefore, this survey attempts to place the relevant location standards in Malaysia context, peculiarly from the position of UiTM staff in Seri Iskandar, Perak.

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