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It implements the majority of theses:2011 standard, is ACID-compliant, is fully transactional (including all ODL statements), has extensible updated views, data types, operators, index methods, functions, aggregates, procedural languages, and has a large number of extensions written by third parties. Postures Is available for many platforms Including Linux. Freebased, Solaris. Microsoft Windows and Mac SO k The vast majority of Linux distributions have Postures available in supplied packages.

SO X, starting within, has Postures server as its standard default database in the server edition, and Postures client tools in the desktop edition. 3. Silliest Is a relational database management system contained In a small (-?350 KGB) Spectrograms library. In contrast to other database management systems, Silliest Is not a separate process that Is accessed from the client application, but an integral part of it. Silliest is ACID-compliant and implements most of the Salamander, using a dynamically and weakly typed SQL syntax that does not guarantee the domain integrity.

Silliest is a popular choice as embedded database for local / client storage in application software such as web browsers. It is arguably the most widely deployed database engine, as It Is used today by several widespread browsers, operating systems, and embedded systems, among others. Silliest has many bindings to programming languages. The source code for Silliest is in the public domain 4. Oracle Database The Oracle Database commonly referred to as Oracle READS or simply as Oracle Is an object-relational database management system produced and marketed

Miner and Deed Dates, started the consultancy Software Development Laboratories (OSDL) in 1977. OSDL developed the original version of the Oracle software. The name Oracle comes from the code-name of a CIA-funded project Ellison had worked on while previously employed by Amaze. 5. Debase database software was one of the first and in its day the most successful database management systems for microcomputers. The Debase system includes the core database engine, a query system, a forms engine, and a programming language that ties all of these components together. BASE’s underlying file format, the . Be file, is widely used in applications needing a simple format to store structured data. Debase was originally published by Gaston-Tate for microcomputer operating system CAP/M in 1980, and later ported to Apple II and IBM PC computers running. On the PC platform, in 6. FoxPro was a text-based procedurally oriented programming language and DB’S, originally published by Fox Software and later by Microsoft, for MS-HYPERLINK “http://en. Wisped. Org/wick/MS-DOS”DOS,Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX. The final published release of FoxPro was 2. , after which the development has continued ender Visual FoxPro. Although FoxPro is a Database Management System (DB’S) and it does support relationships between tables, it is not considered a Relational Database Management System (READS), lacking transactional processing. Sold and supported by Microsoft, there is an active worldwide community of FoxPro users and programmers. FoxPro 2. 6 for UNIX (POPUP) has even been successfully installed on Linux and Freebased using the Intel Binary Compatibility Standard (bib’s) support library. 7. IBM DUB IBM DUB is a family of database server products developed by MM.

These products al support the relational model, but in recent years some products have been extended to support object-relational features and non-relational structures, in particular XML. Historically and unlike other database vendors, IBM produced a platform-specific DUB product for each of its major operating systems. However, in the asses IBM changed track and produced a DUB “common server” product, designed with a common code base to run on different platforms. 8. Libreville Libreville is a free and open source office suite, developed by The Document Foundation.

It was forked from Offensive. Erg in 2010. The Libreville suite comprises programs to do word processing, spreadsheets, slideshows, diagrams, maintain databases, and compose math formulae. It is designed to be compatible with other major office suites, including Microsoft Office, though some Microsoft Office layout features and formatting attributes are handled differently or are computing platforms, including Microsoft HYPERLINK “http://en. Wisped. Org/wick/ Microsoft_Windows”Windows,Mac SO X 10. 4 Tiger or newer, and Linux. It is the default office suite of most popular Linux distributions.

Between January 2011 (the iris stable release) and October 2011, Libreville was downloaded approximately 7. 5 million times. During 2012, the office suite was downloaded about 15 million times. 9. Filmmaker Pro is a cross-platform relational database application from Filmmaker Inc. , formerly Calais, a subsidiary of Apple Inc. It integrates a database engine with a GIG-II-based interface, allowing users to modify the database by dragging new elements into layouts, screens, or forms. Current versions are: Filmmaker Pro 12, Filmmaker Pro Advanced 12, Filmmaker Server 12, Filmmaker Server Advanced 12, and

Filmmaker Go 12 for phone and pad. Filmmaker evolved from a DOS application, but was then developed primarily for the Apple Macintosh. Since 1992 it has been available for Microsoft Windows as well as Mac SO/SO X, and can be used in a cross- platform environment. Filmmaker server briefly ran on Linux, but Linux support was abandoned with Filmmaker 7, and the server currently runs only on Windows or SO X servers. It is available in desktop, server, ISO and web-delivery configurations. 10. Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft.

As a database, it is a software product whose primary function is to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications, be it those on the same computer or those running on another computer across a network (including the Internet). There are at least a dozen different editions of Microsoft SQL.

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