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The ways to overcome barriers in implementing CRM Although the benefits of customer relationship management may be numerous, not all companies have been able or willing to use the aforementioned techniques to focus service, sales, and marketing toward company improvement. Barriers to implementation include the complexity required to implement tools and work flows, particularly in larger companies. When applying CRM system into an organization specific is in KFC fast food store, the organization should be meeting a lot of barriers. It could be about the technology errors, people errors, or even in strategy errors.

customer relationship management of kfc

In general, the cost is the first thing that most of the budget to implement. The company has to train their staff to get acquainted with the CRM system. The cost to install the technology into the organization as well as the cost to purchase for the CRM. In addition, the organization has to transfer their strategy marketing, which they have to change their mind to fit with the new market, the new world, new thinking of customer. There are 3 major barriers that could be happen in the company when implementing CRM which is included

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communication, integration, and the success of the organization.

This view has been supported in the work of Baran, Galka and Strunk. The communication within the organization includes: Firstly, the communication has to adopt the relationship marketing philosophy. It means emphasizes customer retention and satisfaction, rather than a dominant focus on sales transactions through by the direct response marketing campaigns. The leader of the organization, in specific in KFC case, the managers of each branch have to remember in mind of it. The satisfaction of the customers is the most concern.

Understanding better and more depth in customer’s behavior and their needs so that KFC manager can see clearly the problems that they are faced. Hence, found out the solutions and improve the services and products to survive and compete with other competitors. Poor communications within the organization is another reason that customer relationship management might not take effect as hoped. Secondly, detail the benefits to all employees to let them know what they will gain from the organization. Barrier through by integration Through foresight relating CRM tactics to success factors in the industry

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