Cross Cultural Differences Between Thailand and Singapore
Cross Cultural Differences Between Thailand and Singapore

Cross Cultural Differences Between Thailand and Singapore

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  • Published: October 5, 2021
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Research into the international business (IB) has turn out to be a vibrant study area over a couple of decades back and is becoming even more as the progression of financial globalization continued into the future (Brewer & Venaik, 2010). Cultural models define pattern of basic tribulations that have penalty for the functioning of group, persons, relation to the system, the self- conception, ego identity and primary dilemmas involving conflict and dealing with them. Following the increment and the rising globalization of trade organization, and the growing interdependencies among nation, the need for an improved understanding of cultural influence and cross-cultural management has turn out to be more relevant and even greater.

Hofstadter developed a model that identifies four main dimensions to assist in differentiating culture: Power detachment, Individualism, Masculinity, and Uncertainty Avoidance. Another fifth dimension was developed after conducting an additional international study with a certain survey gadget which urbanized with Chinese workers and managers based on Confucian vitality which is Long-Term Orientation (LTO).

These five Hofstadter extents can also be found to associate with other nation cultural and religious paradigms examples include a cologne man who gave out views on a pastoral scene with a man and his ideas on business and this failed leading to decline of the business sector. The magnitude on which country cultures vary are exposed through hypothetical reasoning and arithmetical analysis and they reflect basic tribulations that any civilization has to cope and deal with but for which solutions differ according to the countries (Mason 2011, p. 590).

According to Hall, culture is people’s


way of life which includes the learned behavior, and mostly attitude. Culture can be described as a subconscious, invisible and control mechanism present in our lives (Garrett 2015 pg. 39). With Thailand using the primary language Thailand mandarin and English for Singapore, communication common platform is lost at times which we can say it’s attributed to by the different cultures.

Education in Singapore is managed by ministry of education which is in charge of development and control of government schools funding and supervise private schools too. The variations in public schools and private schools in Singapore can be explained in terms of differences in the degree of autonomy in the curriculum and syllabus, the government expenditure and funding on education, admission policies and criteria and lastly the person bearing the burden of tuition fees example it was done survey of children’s capability.

On the other hand, education in Thailand is too provided by ministry of education from pre-school to senior high school and example were analyzed through questionnaire to capture the moods of teachers and learners. Education for a period of fifteen years is provided without cost and at least nine years of schooling are mandatory according to the constitution. Administration and control of both the public and private universities is work of higher education commission which is also a department under ministry of education (Intarakumnerd 2002, p.1450).

Taking into consideration an example of company incorporation, Thailand mostly attract investors from west countries after their progress in business facilitation over the past five years but in business incorporation according to World Bank Doing Business report Singapor

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is easier than Thailand. Singapore is ranked third when it comes to process of starting a business while on the other hand Thailand is ranked at position ninety one.

Incorporating a business in Singapore it takes a maximum of 2 days with only 3 procedures to follow while in Thailand it takes twenty eight days with four procedures to follow. It was established that permit to start construction in Singapore was easier gotten too with twenty six days to obtain it while in Thailand it takes 157 days. The same activity takes different timings and procedures because of different cultures.

Taking another example, Thailand people tend to do business with people they respect so doing business with them takes you time and working relationship takes longer to develop. The accepted business language is Thai, although still there are some international companies which use English for most of their operations. This is important as it helps develop respectful and polite environment for business as expected among the Thais.

In their business situations communication is always formal which is an important aspect according to their culture. Thais have respect for rank and age where the eldest person in a certain group has certain amount of seniority and de respect is accorded to them. This makes it hard for them to say no to things leaving you only with the option of observing their body language to see if it’s negative or positive. On the other hand Singaporeans are generally open and at ease generally. English is the main working language and official languages in the country are Chinese language, Malay and Tamil languages. They are free and will not likely take offence if you commit a social faux pas, especially when they understand that you come from a different culture.

Singaporeans can normally be described as punctual people in their appointments and usually they expect the same with others and colleagues. Finally, in the case of Thailand the central question which might arise is partly similar to many based ethnic groups. This has risen out some major issues in this business sector .While on Singapore this culture are consequently in close relationship and the ranking is based on how the business is incorporating(Attach 2007,p.295).


To conclude up this research topic, putting into consideration our views on international business over a period of decades between the two nations. It has therefore be of vital to put keen consideration to some of them which are related to their culture between how Thailand and Singapore compare their business views.

In still view of background assessment of the production education system its seldom important to view some of the ministries which are based on it between the two different nations. This information between the two are based on how the education is ranked and its position hierarchy it’s also some issues to arise on it. Ranking of the business it’s also of issues as per to one research study view of timings and procedures. Lastly, Thailand ranks more on investors for their progress while in Singapore it attracts worldwide investors to make its success to its issues.

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