Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management

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Corporate societal duty ( CSR ) , is besides known as corporate duty, responsible concern or corporate societal public presentation, is a signifier of ego ordinance for the company. It acts as an independent mechanism whereby the concern supervises its actions and warrants adherence to jurisprudence, ethical criterion and international norms. The concern is accountable for the consequences of its actions on the environment, employees, consumers, stakeholders and the community as a whole. CSR is a purposeful add-on of public involvement into corporate determination devising. Directors face force per unit areas to give the resources of the company towards fulfilment of CSR which is a consequence of the demands of assorted stakeholder groups such as clients, providers, employees, shareholders and the local community.

Harmonizing to Doane D, “ ‘Corporate Social Responsibility ‘ ( CSR ) has become the mainstream prescription by concern and authoritiess for covering with societal and environmental ailments. It is a voluntary signifier of self-regulation that aims to undertake everything from human rights and labour criterions to restricting C dioxide emanations that lead to climate alteration. But because CSR finally lies within the model of markets, and requires market-based inducements for companies to put in such programmes, it finally falls quarry to the vagaries of the market. ” ( Doane, 2004, p. 215 )

Human resource direction on the other manus refers to the direction of the human resource of the administration. human resource direction plays a major portion in preparation and conditioning the employees to suit into the administration ‘s civilization. Employees gain valuable properties that help them execute efficaciously and expeditiously to profit the employers. The human resource of the house when managed decently can turn out to be valuable assets and aid in deriving competitory advantage over the other houses. The human resource is non substitutable or duplicatable and hence gives the company a typical border over its rivals.

Companies like to make a public image wherein they are viewed as a responsible portion of society. They wish to, in their ain manner, carry through the responsibilities and duties of a theoretical account citizen. “ Companies like to mention to themselves as “ corporate citizens ” , or even “ good corporate citizens ” . A reappraisal of company web sites and codifications of behavior nowadayss illustrations such as: ABN Amro “ We are a responsible establishment and a good corporate citizen ” , Boeing “ Good corporate citizenship is a cardinal Boeing value ” , Hitachi “ The Hitachi Company strives to be a responsible corporate citizen in communities worldwide ” . Shell “ To carry on concern as a responsible corporate member of the society. ” ( Jeurissen, 2004:87 )

“ Some illustrations of CSR actions include traveling beyond legal demands in following progressive human resource direction plans, developing non-animal testing processs, re-cycling, slaking pollution, back uping local concerns, and incarnating merchandises with societal properties or features. ” ( McWilliams & A ; Siegel, 2001: 117 )

“ Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) is bit by bit going a prima issue in concern. A turning figure of companies embraces the construct and feels the demand to do clear what it really means. They take a assortment of enterprises all aimed at doing sense of CSR. ” ( Cramer, Jonker, & A ; van der Heijden, 2004: 215 ) A company needs to be sensitive to the societal, political and legal environment as it is dependent on the elements of each of these in order to be able to last, allow entirely flourish.

“ For the better portion of 30 old ages now, corporate executives have struggled with the issue of the house ‘s duty to its society. Early on on it was argued by some that the corporation ‘s exclusive duty was to supply a maximal fiscal return to stockholders. It became rapidly evident to everyone, nevertheless, that this chase of fiscal addition had to take topographic point within the Torahs of the land. Though societal militant groups and others throughout the sixtiess advocated a broader impression of corporate duty, it was non until the important societal statute law of the early seventiess that this message became indelibly clear as a consequence of the creative activity of the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) , the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC ) , the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ) , and the Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC ) . ” ( Carroll )

“ The force per unit area on houses to prosecute in corporate societal duty ( CSR ) has increased. Many directors have responded to these force per unit areas, but many have resisted. Those who resist typically have invoked the tradeoff between socially responsible behaviour and profitableness ” ( McWilliams & A ; Siegel, Corporate Social Responsibility nad Financial Performance: Correlation or Misspecification? , 2000:607 )

“ Expectations of stakeholders non merely associate to the direct minutess between parties, they now expect direction to take part in the argument on social jobs ( e.g. unemployment, poorness, substructure ) and proactively think about the effects of the concern on society at big. ” ( Kok, Van Der Wiele, McKenna, & A ; Brown, 2001:285 )

“ The economic and societal intent of the corporation is to make and administer increased wealth and value to all its primary stakeholder groups, without prefering one group at the disbursal of others. Wealth and value are non defined adequately merely in footings of increased portion monetary value, dividends, or net incomes. ” ( Clarkson, 1995, p. 112 )

“ Directors can no longer be held responsible for maximising returns to stockholders at the disbursal of other primary stakeholder groups. Alternatively, directors are now accountable for carry throughing the house ‘s duties to its primary stakeholder groups. This means that directors must decide the inevitable struggles between primary stakeholder groups over the distribution of the increased wealth and value created by the corporation. Deciding conflicting involvements reasonably requires ethical judgement and picks. ” ( Clarkson, 1995, p. 112 )

When it comes to the inquiry whether corporate societal duty and human resource direction are linked they surely are. One of the major duty of the administration is to maintain their employees happy and to handle them in an appropriate mode, the employees in bend perform better and the administration earns net income. The money earned by the administration as net incomes are utilized to transport out duty of the administration towards the employees and the community.

The issue of concern moralss and societal duty is therefore going a subject for administrations which are serious in their attack towards concern excellence ( Fisscher, 1994 ; Buban, 1995 ; Nakano, 1999 ) . Kok mail IMP

Harmonizing to Woods, “ definition of corporate societal public presentation ( CSP ) is non wholly satisfactory ” ( wood, 1991 ) . The definition of corporate societal duty in itself is non good explained and its nexus to human resource direction can non be confirmed. However, as we know that corporate societal duty of a house refers to the houses acknowledment of its duty to the community and its members and the society as a whole, it can be said that human resouce direction and corporate societal duty are linked as employees constitute of the built-in portion of the administration and besides members of the society. Hence, administrations to name themselves responsible corporate citizens they need to concentrate their attending on the human resource they possess and be reasonable to their demands.

In the OECD ( Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ) guidelines to Multinational Enterprises, it outlines few guidelines in the General Policy for the employees of the administration in the state they are runing. Few policies associating to the employees for the endeavor are:

Respect the human rights of those affected by their activities consistent with the host authorities ‘s international duties and committednesss.

Encourage human capital formation, in peculiar by making employment chances and easing preparation chances for employees.

Promote employee consciousness of, and conformity with, company policies through appropriate airing of these policies, including through preparation programmes.

Refrain from discriminatory or disciplinary action against employees who make bona fide studies to direction or, as appropriate, to the competent public governments, on patterns that contravene the jurisprudence, the Guidelines or the endeavor ‘s policies. ( OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises )

To transport out the policies underlines the Human Resource direction should play an active function and these policies should be accepted. The OECD mandates economic, environmental and societal issues and for companies to who draw a bead on to be good corporate citizens have to stay by the policies and this implies that there is a nexus between Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management.

Ethical issues with respect to employment are one of the major elements of corporate societal duty. The human resources of a company may be internal to the company in theory. However, the employees of a company are a portion of the society within which it functions. It is hence, in the best involvement of the company to take into consideration, the demands of its ain employees and put merely every bit much accent on the satisfaction of its ain human resource as it does on that of its clients. HRM can, hence, be linked to corporate societal duty.

“ Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) is typically defined as actions on the portion of the house that signal their willingness to progress the ends of stakeholder groups. It is the most of import issue in this period of clip to accomplish competency in the changed universe to acquire the dynamic equilibrium. Achieving competitory success through people involves basically changing how directors think about the work force and the employment relationship. Firms that take this different position are frequently able to successfully outmaneuver and surpass their challengers. ” ( Chang, 2009 )


Furthermore, in the current clime of restructuring and redundancies, companies are happening themselves more and more hard pressed for fulfilling and populating up to their economic committednesss. In such a scenario, companies are cutting costs by downsizing operations. This consequences in them holding to allow travel of a big figure of employees. Equally simple as it sounds, society as whole has now turned its attending towards how companies treat their employees during times when resources are difficult to come by. Companies are viewed as good or damaging to society based on whether or non they can carry through their legal and societal duties towards their ain employees. It has, in fact, go more of import for companies to carry through their corporate societal duty with regard to HRM in order to come out of the full economic crisis with their reputes intact or even enhanced.


“ Corporate restructuring is defined as a period of multiple divestitures for larger multiproduct houses where at least 10 per centum of the plus base of such houses was divested. ” ( Hoskisson & A ; Johnson, 1992, p. 625 ) . Restructuring refers to the alteration in the construction, operations or ownership of the administration. It a cardinal alteration in the way and scheme of the administration. Restructuring may affect increasing or diminishing the beds of forces between the top and bottom, or transfering functions and duties. Corporate restructuring includes amalgamations, acquisitions, take- over, stamp offers etc. an administration seeks to reconstitute itself as a effect of hapless public presentation and this consequences in closing of many portion of the concern and the outplacement or allowing spells of forces.

“ Three types of corporate restructuring trans-actions occur: ( 1 ) fiscal restructuring including recapitalizations, stock redemptions, and alterations in capital construction ; ( 2 ) portfolio reconstituting affecting divestment and acquisitions and refocusing on nucleus concern ( Es ) , ensuing in alteration of the diverseness of concerns in the corporate portfolio ; and ( 3 ) operational restructuring including retrenchment, reorganisation, and alterations in concern degree schemes. These three types of restructuring are non reciprocally sole ; and in fact, often occur together. ” ( Gibbs, 1993, p. 51 )

Redundancies refer to the dismissal of employee by the employer. Lay- offs and occupation loss are really frequent in the current economic clime where many states are hit by recession and administrations are compelled to allow travel of the major work force in order to prolong and as concern is non good at the current clime holding many employees is merely increasing costs of the administration and they are left with no other option than to allow travel of their employees. When economic systems face recognition crunch and this being an external factor, the administrations are left with no other option than to do some of their employees redundant this is the portion of human resource direction where companies in order to last hold to accommodate really rapidly and besides move sagely. Recently many administrations had let travel of a major portion of their work force, the workers were made redundant by administration.

Although there is a nexus between Human Resource direction and corporate societal duty, the nexus does non look to be realistic in the current clime of restructuring and redundancies. Administrations are going leaner and meaner by the twenty-four hours. There are different illustrations to back up this. Companies in order to last hold made a figure of employees redundant or they choose another way of restructuring which besides consequences in downsizing the operations of the company which finally consequences in employees losing their occupations. This is an result of the economic status or can besides be a consequence of administrations connotation to work on towards going HUGE? ? And in this class leave behind the employees who do n’t look to be good to the company and are non productive.

Administrations change their policies due to external factors, like during the last economic downswing many companies were puting off their staff. Downsizing in companies like Citigroup, the CEO Vikram Pandit announced layoff of 50,000 employees i.e. 7 % decrease in the overall work force as the recognition crunch took a toll on the fiscal elephantine ensuing in terror across the company. The layoffs were due to the economic state of affairs of the state and nil could be done by the company than to cut off employees to last in that market state of affairs.

Under the same fortunes Jet Airways, one of the taking companies of civil air power in India, fired 1100 employees after the economic catastrophe. The employees protested against the insensitive determination taken by the company ‘s Chairman Naresh Goyal. However shortly, the employees were taken back into the company due to political force per unit area put on him.

The study was conducted among top degree and fiscal directors of Estonian companies. The directors were asked to what extent the company has cut or intend to cut the basic wages and what other cost- cutting schemes have been implemented in the administration.

“ Harmonizing to the consequences of the express study AS PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted among the taking Estonian companies and administrations, 2/3 of the surveyed companies have made employees excess and 1/3 have reduced basic wages in the last 6 months. About half of the respondents have cut public presentation wage and other pecuniary and non-monetary benefits.

2/3 of the companies have reduced or are about to cut down the figure of employees, while about 1/3 have introduced parttime work or forced leave. ” ( Lehtsaar, 2009 )

The consequences of the study show that 66 % of the respondents have made their employees redundant or are be aftering to make it in the nearest hereafter. 36 % of these companies have lain off employees at all degrees of the administration out of which 26 % have largely laid off unskilled employees and 6 % specializers and members of direction. 34 % of the respondents have non reduced and are non be aftering to significantly cut down the figure of employees in the nearest hereafter.

Harmonizing to an article written in November 2008, the month of November have been fierce for the occupation market, about 15000 announced occupation cuts from a figure of companies across several industries. Eight companies announced occupation cuts as a agency of cutting cost during despairing times. The industries ranged from retail, finance, leisure, pharmaceutical and plaything and car fabrication. The Labour Department reported that the U.S. economic system sloughed about 1.2 million occupations through October. Just in the month of October, the economic system lost 240,000 occupations, raising the unemployment rate to 6.5 % .

“ Circuit City ( CC, Fortune 500 ) , an electronics retail merchant based in Richmond, Va. , kicked off the hebdomad by denoting on Monday that it was cut downing its domestic work force by 17 % . The company would non notice on the figure of employees that would be affected, but harmonizing to a recent 10K filing, Circuit City employs about 43,000 people in the U.S. That would intend approximately 7,300 places are being lost, the biggest of the cuts in November so far. ” ( Smith, 2008 )

“ The Connecticut-based insurance company Hartford Financial ( HIG, Fortune 500 ) reported 500 cuts. ” ( Smith, 2008 )

“ Ford Motor ( F, Fortune 500 ) was the most recent to denote occupation cuts, with 2,600 cuts announced on Friday. The beat-up car shaper said it was seeking to keep on to its dwindling hard currency militias as it reported a $ 3 billion operating loss for the 3rd one-fourth. ” ( Smith, 2008 )

In November 2008 companies like Circuit metropolis, Hartford Financial, Glaxo, Fidelity, Mattel, Borgata Hotel Casino, La-A-Boy and Ford cut down occupations which summed up to about 15000. These companies work in different industries and all have laid off their employees this straight shows that the economic downswing has affected these companies and in order to prolong they have opted to allow travel of a figure of employees from their company.

“ Harmonizing to a survey conducted by the human resources consultancy SD Worx, half of the companies located in Belgium expect to set about restructuring during 2009. The companies showing this position are chiefly big administrations using more than 500 employees and many are internationally owned. Domestic companies and little and moderate-sized endeavors seem to be less concerned by restructuring procedures. ” ( Perin, 2009 )

The planetary economic crisis led to negative consequences for the Belgian economic system in 2008. Furthermore, the Belgian cardinal bank expects worse consequence for 2009. “ Between December 2008 and December 2009, a lag of 1.9 % of gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) is expected, every bit good as an addition in the unemployment rate from 7.1 % to 7.8 % . The Central Bank forecasts a loss of 58,000 occupations in 2009. ”

The human resource consultancy SD Worx late published a survey on corporate restructuring in the Belgian market between 2006-2009 and over the last three old ages 41 % of the companies located in Belgium undertook a restructuring procedure.

“ Unemployment in vulnerable sectors is increasing, with major effects for qualified and unqualified manual workers. Furthermore, the economic crisis besides concerns other types of workers. Between the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2008, the Federal Public Service of Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy noted a 25.3 % addition in the entire figure of unemployed people, while the unemployment rate of workers aged between 15 and 24 old ages rose well by 78.1 % . It should be noted that September ever leads to an addition in the unemployment rate of immature workers as they finish school and enter the labor market. ” ( Perin, 2009 )

“ Cisco ‘s 2nd one-fourth conference call, CEO John Chambers seemed purpose on non making what about every large tech company ( except Apple ) has done in recent hebdomads: announce layoffs. But while there has been no all-embracing cut, the company has shed up to 1,000 employees through “ realignment and restructuring ” attempts over the past six quarters as the company focuses more resources on more promising growing markets. And the company expects 1,500 to 2,000 of its staff members to be likewise dis-employed in this mode in the months in front. ” ( Burrows, 2004 )

The differentiation the company is doing is to realine the people into the best chance and cutting occupations in bad concerns, the company looks at it as a positive application that will convey out something good for the hereafter. The company says that it has realigned $ 500 million in resources over the past few old ages and intends to realine another half a billion in the approaching months. The company ‘s entire work force consists of 67,000 people out of which there will be a few 100 occupation cuts per one-fourth. “ And Cisco direction is clearly non looking to layoffs as the cost-cutting step of first resort. Chambers says the company has already achieved a annual end to cut disbursals by $ 1 billion ( though some as a consequence of those occupation decreases ) , after merely two quarters. One illustration: travel-related disbursals per employees have dropped more than 50 % . ” . ( Burrows, 2004 )

In the illustrations given above, it clearly describes that the last economic downswing left cicatrixs on many companies public presentation and construction. Many companies restructured and redesigned their operations taking on to doing many employees redundant. Leting spell of employees of a house is non an easy undertaking to be done but in critical state of affairss like this companies have to do rough determinations be it downsising their operations and allowing travel of employees. Companies like Microsoft, Dell, Intel, Proctor and Gamble, Walt Disney, Motorola, IBM, Ford, Boeing and many others have cut off employees. The occupation cuts were although a tough determination to be made, the companies had to acquire it done. These companies prove to be good corporate citizens as company like Dell work towards improvement of the society and are sensitive to the environment as they are determined to be greenest engineering company and achieved C neutrality in their planetary operations, the company besides helps clients significantly increase energy efficiency. And others like Microsoft, intel, Disney Motorola and other are good corporate citizens and have work towards the improvement of the society in their ain ways but late they all have laid off employees amking them excess. This clearly shows that the nexus between Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management is non realistic in the current clime.


To reason this, it can be said that there is a nexus between Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management. CSR works towards the well being of all the stakeholder of the company and is responsible for the actions taken by it towards them. Employees nevertheless being a portion of the stakeholder group, the companies are responsible towards them and besides because they form the built-in portion of the administration. In add-on to this the nexus between them is non realistic in the current clime of restructuring and redundancies. It is important for the company to keep important competence and while states are confronting an economic downswing they have to move in the manner they are. Keeping on to the employees and continuously doing loses will take the company nowhere and will make no good to either the company or the employees. However in the long tally the company does move sensitive to its employees and works towards the authorization and improvement of their employees along with the assorted stakeholder group but in recent times and what the recent research has suggested that the nexus between Corporate Social Responsibility and Human resource direction is non realistic.


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