Consumer Behavior Exam 1

A marketer who segments a population by age and gender is using ___ to categorize consumers.
A consumer researcher who examines consumers lifestyles and personalities is studying____.
The growth of the web
the growth of consumption communities has been most affected by what?
market segmentation strategies
A marketer uses ___ to target a brand only to specific groups of consumers who are most likely to be heavy users of the marketers brand.
consumer behavior
the study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase use, or dispose of products, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy needs and desires is called?
A ____ is a person who identifies a need or desire, makes a purchase, and then disposes of a product.
satisfy needs
According to the basic marketing concept, a firm exists to?
the 80/20 rule
which of the following explains how a minority of a products users make up a majority of the sales product?
income levels
people who belong to the same social class have which of the following in common?
relationship marketing
which of the following marketing philosophies emphasizes interacting with customers on a regular basis and giving them reasons to maintain a bond with a companys brand over time?
wal mart tracks the habits of the 100 million customers who visits its store each week and responds with products and services directed toward those customers needs based on the info collected. this is an example of?
consumer generated content
for marketers, _____ is the most important marketing phenomenon of this decade.
role theory
the sociological perspective of ____ takes the view that much of consumer behavior resembles actions in play
according to your text, which of the following countries is expected to soon be the home of seven of the worlds largest malls?
if in the future you use a wearable computer that allows you to access computer networks wherever you are, you will be using a developing form of commerce called?
virtual brand communities
which of the following is an example of C2C e commerce?
Business ethics
rules of conduct based on universal values such as honesty, trustworthiness, and fairness that guide actions in the marketplace are reffered to as?
consumer space
the term ____ refers to an environment where an individual can dictate to a company the type of products he or she wants and how they want to learn about them
a basic biological motive is called a ____.
marketeres have used knowledge of the social sciences to channel consumer habits, decisions, and thoughts
which of the following best characterizes social critic Vances position on the possibility of marketing manipulating consumers thoughts?
economics of information
according to the ____ perspective, advertising is an important source of consumer info.
The food and drug administration (FDA)
which of the following is the government agency that polices advertising claims about edible products and pharmaceuticals?
culture jamming
Buy nothing day and TV turnoff week are events designed to discourage rampant commercialism. these are known as?
green marketing
many firms choose to protect or enhance the natural environment as they go about their business actives. this practice is known as?
a buyer who shops to relieve tension, anxiety, depression, or boredom is described as a ____ consumer
people who are used or exploited, willingly or not, for commercial gain in the marketplace are referred to as ____ consumers.
91 percent
According to a recent human behavior survey by advertising agency McCann-Erickson, ____ of people say they lie regularly.
Shoplifting is americas fastest growing crime. What term does the retail industry use to describe inventory and cash losses from shoplifting?
intentionally spreading a computer virus
which of the following is an example of anti consumption behavior?
people who organize rallies to protest the proliferation of cigarette and alcohol advertising in their neighborhoods are an example of?
a researcher interested in the studying of how consumer preferences spread throughout a social group most likely have the focus of?
focus on understanding consumption for its own sake
researchers who argue that the field of consumer behavior should not be a “handmaiden to business” believe that consumer behavior research should___?
cultural anthropology
which of the following social science fields would most likely be associated with macro consumer behavior through a social focus?
another term for the dominant consumer research paradigm of positivism is___?
a proponent of ____ would be most likely to argue that our society emphasizes science and technology too much.
a consumer researcher who believes in the paradigm of ____ believes that human reason is supreme and that there is a single, objective truth that can be discovered by science/
the belief that meaning is not fixed but is instead constructed by each individual is part of the____ paradigm
a pastiche
A student of postmodernism is most likely to believe that the world in which we live is composed of ___ or a mix of things.

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