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intro to info tech
26 Sep 2020 Database

question drivers answer Small programs called ____ are used to communicate with peripheral devices, such as monitors, printers, and scanners. question shareware answer Most ____ programs are available to try free of charge, but typically a small fee is required to use the program regularly. question FireWire answer External hard drives today typically connect via […]

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(Chapter 2) Business Ethics & Social Responsibility

question Ethics answer the study of right and wrong and of the morality of the choices individuals make. question What is meant by business ethics? answer Business ethics is the application of moral standards to business situations. question What are the 4 main ethical concerns? answer • Fairness and Honesty • Organizational Relationships • Conflict […]

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word ch 3

question Business documents can include all of the following EXCEPT ____ answer personal letters question An effective business document should ____ answer have a professional appearance, convey its message concisely and convey its message clearly question A letterhead should contain all of the following EXCEPT ____. answer the company’s objective question All of the following […]

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Us History ch 20 section 3

question Calvin Coolidge answer the new president, fit into the pro-business spirit of the 1920’s,favored government policies that would keep taxes down and business profits up, and give business more available credit in order to expand, goal was to keep the government interferences in business to a minimum and to allow private enterpriser to flourish, […]

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UMD BMGT110 – Miller Quiz 1/ Exam 1 Vocab Review

question Economic and Legal Environment answer Government helps create positive business environment, Businesses navigate laws and taxes question Technological Environment answer Any technology (capital) that increases productivity (computers, internet, robots, symbologies – barcodes) question Competitive Environment answer Businesses fight to gain advantage over other people with similar goods/services. Buyers vote for a store by spending […]

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Test review 116-4

question Exchange of data in a standardized format through computer connections is known as electronic data interchange. answer …True question Encrypted data often look like gibberish to unautherized users. answer …True question Submitting a claim to Medicare, the name of the insured is required, not situational. answer …True question Medicare claim must include standard code […]

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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

question supply chain answer integrated network consisting of an organization, its suppliers, transportation companies, and brokers used to deliver goods and services to customers question supply chain management answer process of working with suppliers and other partners in the supply chain; helps with managing the communication by improving procedures for delivery products and services question […]

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Sociology Exam #2 Study

question Researchers for negative income tax should have focused on: answer the children rather than the parents question The SAT was developed in order to provide children from public schools with a chance to demonstrate their fitness for college and to show they were as able as students from private high schools. It is therefore […]

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SCM 146 Chapter 3

question Which of the following statements regarding Bechtel is true? A) Its competitive advantage is project management. B) Bechtel was the construction contractor for the Hoover Dam. C) While helping to rebuild Iraq, Bechtel’s crews had to travel under armed escort. D) Bechtel’s procurement program is global in nature. E) All of the above are […]

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question Classrooms contain many different people with differing values, attitudes, and goals. This is why classrooms are said by Doyle to be answer multidimensional question Based on Doyle’s analysis of classroom characteristics and management needs, the main task for teachers is viewed as answer gaining students’ cooperation for learning tasks question According to Woolfolk, one […]

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principles of business 8e key terms chapter 8

question benefits answer compensation in forms other than direct payment. question compensation answer the amount of money paid to an employee for work performed , including salary and wages. question diversity answer the comprehensive inclusion of people with differences in personal characteristics and attributes. question downsizing answer a planned reduction in the number of employees […]

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Personal Financial Stewardship

question Inflation reduces the buying power of a dollar answer True question Career planning is the part of the ____ component of financial planning answer obtaining question Most financial records should be kept in a safe-deposit box. answer False question Opportunity cost refers to answer trade-offs when a decision is made question ______ represents amounts […]

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OMIS 350 – Chapter 9

question TRUE answer T/F: The traditional waterfall methodology is a sequential, activity-based process in which each phase in the SDLC is performed sequentially from planning through implementation and maintenance. question TRUE answer T/F: Offshore outsourcing is using organizations from developing countries to write code and develop systems. question milestones answer Project _____ represent key dates […]

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Mortgage Loan Origination – ProSchools – Federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act – Lessons 1 and 2

question HUD-1 answer Settlement Statement Form question Good Faith Estimate answer Itemized estimate of charges likely to be paid at closing question Affiliated Business answer Business owned or controlled by common parent corporation question Servicing Disclosure answer Informs borrower that lender intends to transfer servicing of loan to another party question In what year was […]

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MKGT 431 Mini Test #6
25 Aug 2020 Database

question Warranties can be either express or implied. An implied warranty means that? answer The manufacturer may be held liable for some problems regardless of whether there is anything in writing or not. question Which of the following is NOT a functional benefit of packaging? answer Acting as a silent salesperson question A ______________ or […]

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MIS 3305 Final- Unit 1 Test

question Why do students need to study info. technology answer Info. technology is everywhere in business. question Which of the following is considered info? answer Best-selling item by month (not qty sold/date sold) question Which of the following is considered data? answer Quantity sold question Which of the following is not a topic associated with […]

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Mgtop 340 The Goal questions

question At the beginning of the story, which of the following is not true answer False: Most Machines are old True: Union 3 reasonable workers Workers are competent materials are available a good market exists for their products Inventory is high question Which three measurements does Jonah suggest that are most useful for both expressing […]

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Flashcards on MGMT Chapter 8
18 Aug 2020 Database

question _______ is the buying and selling of goods or services answer Business question _________ is the buying and selling of goods and services by people from different countries. answer global Business question __________ are corporations that own business in two or more countries. answer multinational corporations question _________ occurs when a company builds a […]

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MGMT 301 Exam 1

question management answer getting work done through others question efficiency answer getting work done with a minimum of effort, expense, or waste question effectiveness answer accomplishing tasks that help fulfill organizational objectives such as customer service and satisfaction question planning answer the process of determining the organization’s desired future position and deciding how best to […]

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Marketing Chapter 6

question business buying behavior answer buying behavior of organizations that buy goods and services for use in the production of other products and services that are sold, rented or supplied to others question business buying process answer decision process by which business buyers determine which products and services their organizations need to purchase and then […]

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Management Info Systems Tech Exam Ch 12

question Being a figurehead and leader is part of the _____ managerial role. answer Interpersonal question Being an entrepreneur, disturbance handler, and negotiator is part of the _____ managerial role answer Decisional question In the _____ phase of the decision-making process, managers examine a situation and identify and define the problem answer Intelligence question Which […]

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Macro review

question Which statement is the most accurate? answer It was not until the massive arms build up leading up to our involvement in World War 2 that we finally began to emerge from the Great Depression. question During the depths of the Great Depression our official unemployment rate reached answer 25 percent question The longest […]

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