Computer animation speech outline Essay Example
Computer animation speech outline Essay Example

Computer animation speech outline Essay Example

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  • Published: December 27, 2017
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Campus Computer animation basics Purpose Statement: what Is computer animation and how does It effect you. Introduction: When watching a Disney movie or playing your favorite video game have you ever wondered how they made it well today I will give you a brief summary of how they made It. Computer animation Is a wonderful advancement In both technology and art There are several steps in completing an animation in this speech I will tell you all of the steps and how they affect the final animation.

Central Idea: I The first step in computer animation is modeling Modeling Is using different shapes and techniques to make a ID Image of a real life object. The way that we model something in blender is by editing the faces


, vertices, and the edges so that they are the same as what the object you are modeling in real life or In your mind. Transition Statement: Once you have modeled the object that you wish to create you can then apply a material or texture to it.

II Adding materials and textures to your model When you are adding a material to your object you are telling your computer what o want the object to look like and what In a way what Its made of. Texturing Is exactly how It sounds. You are telling the computer how you want the object to feel. It may sound weird but when you are looking at an object cantata Judge how it feels, like if it feels smooth or if it feels coarse. The final step in animating an object is giving the object a moving path, I

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Its going to move, and adding lighting so that you can see the object Transition Statement.

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