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Net income is non everything. At the really least, organisations exist with people around and run in an environment that is desiring for protection. For this ground, as organisations tenaciously try to accomplish their declared ends and aims, they must concomitantly analyze their impact on people and environment.

When it comes to people, organisations ‘ immediate concern is their workers or employees. Workers must be assured that they function in a safe and healthy workplace, and their values reinforced instead than destroyed. This is the intent of analyzing moralss and professionalism in the context of organisations.

Similarly, organisations can non ignore the serious job the environment is confronting today. Because of the erroneous patterns in the yesteryear, organisations contributed a batch in environmental debasement. Corporate societal duty and sustainable development reference this concern. Many organisations are now prosecuting in these activities to debar its declining status.

In this paper, we will be looking into the two large giants in the telecommunications concern, the Vodafone and the Etisalat. Basically, we will be comparing side by side their codification of moralss, their corporate societal duty plans, environmental sustainability undertakings and their policies on human resources and labour brotherhood. Hopefully, by making so, we will be able to understand the similarities and differences of their attacks and policies and why such similarities and differences exist.

II. Code of Ethical motives


Vodafone ‘s codification of moralss is really across-the-board and extended. It is carefully laid out in what it calls ‘business rules ‘ . It is worthy to observe that the company ‘s success is defined by its “ committedness to ethical behavior in the manner it does concern and interact with cardinal stakeholders ” (, Ethics ) . The company expects its employees to move with honestness, unity and equity.

Vodafone ‘s concern rules addresses ethical issues sing graft and corruptness, struggles of involvement, informations protection, environment, wellness and safety, human rights, political parts and lobbying, and transparence.

On graft and corruptness, the company imposes a policy of zero tolerance. An Anti-corruption Conformity Guidelines is in topographic point as a manifestation of committedness for the company to “ follow in all respects with all applicable domestic and international Torahs, criterions and rules associating to anti-corruption in each of the legal powers in which the Group trades, operates or has any other activity ” (, Policies ) .

Vodafone has what it calls ‘Duty to Report ‘ policy. It is the duty of all employees to describe any sensed “ incidents of dishonesty, fiscal malpractice, illegal activity or breaches of the company ‘s concern rules or policies ” (, Policies: Duty to Report ) .

The concern rules are non merely implemented internally. The company sees to it that providers besides follow these rules through its Code of Ethical Purchasing ( CEP ) and Supplier Assessment. The CEP establishes the criterions that the providers are expected to stay by, and this is based on Vodafone ‘s values and international criterions, which include Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization Convention on Labour Standards. A publication titled, “ Working with Vodafone – A Guide for Suppliers and Contractors, ” is readily available for providers ‘ and contractors ‘ counsel. The enchiridion highlights “ Vodafone ‘s committedness to being a responsible concern, including the Business Principles, CEP and its attack to responsible web deployment and wellness, safety and well-being ” (, CEP ) . Suppliers and contractors are encouraged to describe incidents refering to “ corruptness, fraud, hapless labor and environmental patterns, administration issues and community affairs ” (, Whistle-blowing ) .

To do the execution of ethical committedness be effectual, the company undertakes awareness plans. The concern rules and responsibility to describe policy are incorporated in the initiation stuff, online and face-to-face preparation and squad briefings.


Etisalat adheres to the policies and Torahs being implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. As such, its codification of moralss is spelled out in the followers.

b.1 Prohibition of forced or mandatory labour

Etisalat recognizes that it is unethical to set about forced or mandatory labour. It believes in freedom of pick, and its workers are hired in their ain will to fall in the company.

b.2 Prohibition of child labour and minimal age of employment

To keep its ethical criterions, Etisalat is determined to merely employ workers over 18 old ages of age and to help other companies to make the same through information thrust.

b.3 Acceptable working status

It is the committedness of Etisalat to do its workplace wholly acceptable to its employees. Etisalat ‘s definition of acceptable working status does non merely use to physical environing but more significantly it besides applies to friendly interactions between and among employees.

b.4 Discrimination

It is a longstanding ethical pattern of Etisalat to warn any employee who manifests prejudiced behaviour against its coworkers. This is non merely observed within the workplace but it is besides observed outside the company ‘s premises.

b.5 Persons with Disability

Etisalat ‘s ethical base on individuals with disablement is consistent with its policy on favoritism. Disabled individuals must be given ample chance to model its calling growing in the company.

III. Corporate Social Responsibility Program


The nucleus values and rules of Vodafone speak good about its corporate duty and greatly act upon its committedness to communities. The company states really clearly its base on the affair. It declares that to Vodafone “ societal investing is non an add-on to concern activities, but at the bosom of how we engage with the communities where our clients, employees, investors and providers live ” (, Social Investment Policy ) .

Its part to communities is more than fiscal. Its societal investing is geared toward originative research and programmes that can assist to work outing the pressing jobs of the times. Furthermore, its societal committedness will chiefly concentrate on the followers: making the excluded, advancing sustainable concern pattern and environmental protection and back uping the personal engagement of our employees in their local communities.

The focal point of its societal investing programmes includes catastrophe alleviation, Mobiles for good, universe of difference, local foundations, and UK programmes.

a.1. Catastrophe alleviation

The Vodafone foundation has been tireless in supplying alleviation in disaster-stricken countries. It develops cooperation, coordination and partnerships with organisations that have similar protagonism such as the United Nations Foundation, Telecoms Sans Frontieres, and the World Food Programme. It besides coordinates with human-centered bureaus and provides direct part which will be used to react to critical human-centered crises.

Recently, a programme called “ Vodafone Red Alert ” has been initiated. This forges “ partnership between Vodafone Foundations and Vodafone Companies to prosecute Vodafone employees and clients in giving following exigencies and catastrophes ” (, Global focal point: Disaster alleviation ) .

a.2 Mobiles for good

The Vodafone foundation provides financess for undertakings that utilize nomadic communicating engineerings to go to to some of the universe ‘s serious human-centered challenges and better the quality of life of the people. The indispensable activities of the programme include the undermentioned (, Mobiles for Good ) :

to tackle nomadic engineering to run into pressing planetary development and human-centered challenges

to ease invention in the field of nomadic wellness ( mHealth )

to circulate surveies urging how nomadic engineering can efficaciously turn to some of the universe ‘s toughest challenges.

The foundation has initiated partnership with other organisations like datadyne, a human-centered NGO, so that digital wellness informations surveillance system runing on nomadic devices will be established ; and Mhealth Alliance, an umbrella organisation that “ complements, draws together and expands upon the mHealth enterprises of multiple organisations around the universe ” (, Mobiles for Good ) .

a.3 World of difference

The World of Difference ( WoD ) is an advanced charitable volunteering inaugural presently being delivered across the international web of Vodafone Foundations. It is based on the rule “ that persons and community administrations should place what they feel passionate about and so be provided with the resources to do alterations go on ” (, Global focal point: World of difference ) .

a.4 Local foundations

There are 27 local Vodafone Foundations that are located in assorted parts of the universe. Each foundation develops societal investing programmes that address the alone demands of the communities and states they are runing in. Through these foundations, Vodafone is proud about the concrete parts and the important difference they create in people ‘s lives (, Local Foundation ) .


Bin Ali, director of public dealingss for Etisalat, encapsulates the base of the company on Corporate Social Responsibility when he said: “ Companies with CSR plans are companies that exhibit good direction ; are successful, well-run companies that have a forward-thinking direction manner. They increase employee occupation satisfaction and they build a strong repute for the company ” (, 2005a ) .

Etisalat has been active in many of CSR enterprises either as a patron or protagonist. In 2005, it sponsored a acme titled, “ Corporate Social Responsibility ” in order to analyze ethical concern theoretical accounts (, 2005b ) .

Etisalat is besides a regular participant in the Arab Corporate Environmental Responsibility Summit. In that acme, Bin Ali presented the different sponsorship on cultural and educational events. Etisalat was besides the primary patron of Clean the World Campaign (, 2007: Press Release ) .

In Egypt, Etisalat initiated a plan that addresses Egypt ‘s quandary in H2O. The plan is named “ Origin. ” This is in coaction with international organisation, “ Care ” , every bit good as good known governmental organisations like “ Resala ” (, 2009: Press Release ) .

In 2008, Bin Ali, in go toing CSR annually acme, said: “ Etisalat is determined to offer uninterrupted support to people with particular demands by assisting them to pass on with household, friends, societal centres, authorities organisations, universities, and many other organisations ” (, 2008: Press Release ) .

IV. Environmental Sustainability Projects


The company extremely recognizes that at every phase of lifecycle of the phones and the web that connects them, there are tremendous environmental impacts that must be taken attention of, be it from fabricating to utilize and disposal. It is the purpose of the company to cut down or minimise these impacts where it has full control of the state of affairs. At other phases where the company has no direct control, it encourages others to lend in the decrease of environmental impacts.

As an initial measure, Vodafone commissioned a research activity. The consequence high spots four elements in Mobile phone life rhythm that carry the highest environmental load. These include pull outing natural stuffs, fabricating phone constituents, running webs, and pull offing the end-of-use of phones and web equipment. Among these, Vodafone merely has important control over the running of its web, and it contributes in cut downing environmental impact by increasing the efficiency of energy use and recycling web equipment (, Environmental Impact ) .

There are a figure of plans that the company is implementing to turn to environmental issues. Some of these are e-waste plan and eco-consumerism. The eco-consumerism includes French telephone recycling, fewer ascents, cosmopolitan courser, solar courser, M2M, videoconferencing, place working, and e-billing. Briefly, French telephone recycling is a strategy that encourages users to return their old phones and accoutrements.


Etisalat is non foreign when it comes to making plans and strategies that would lend in the saving and protection of the environment. Recently, it launched an environment-friendly solution called ‘Pay and Win ‘ . The primary aim of this is to make consciousness about the environmental benefits of utilizing on-line minutess, peculiarly in paying measures and nomadic recognition recharge and renew. The major benefits of this strategy is that it minimizes the usage of paper, taking to paperless minutess, and reduces C emanation since clients are no longer required to see Etisalat concern centres. Furthermore, it reduces conveyance cost on the portion of the clients (, Press releases, March 2010 ) .

Another programme of Etisalat to prolong its attempts on environmental protection and saving is the recycling of nomadic phones. In 2007, Etisalat opened “ nomadic phone recycling aggregation points at its concern centre across UAE ” (, 2007 ) . The plan encourages costumiers to give up their old nomadic phones for proper and safe disposal.

More late, Etisalat participated in observing the Earth Hour in all seven UAE Emirates (, Press Release, March 2010 ) .

V. Human Resources Polices and Relationship with Labor Union


Vodafone believes in people. It recognizes early on that the success of the concern basically hinges on happy, vivacious and motivated employees. Its policies on human resources are across-the-board that include wellness, safety and wellbeing ; equal chances and diverseness ; preparation and development ; wages and acknowledgment ; employee volunteering ; and human rights and labour brotherhood. Employee volunteering will be discussed in societal duty subdivision.

a.1 Health, safety and wellbeing

Vodafone is a lovingness concern establishment. The wellness, safety and wellbeing of its employees are of optimal consideration every bit far as Vodafone is concerned. The company believes that all incidents and hurts can be averted, and it is the digesting committedness of the company for employees to work in a safe and healthy environment. Furthermore, it recognizes that healthy and dependable work force, moored on employee wellbeing, is the key to the company ‘s success (, Health, Safety and Well-being ) .

The well-being model ( Fig. 1 ) lineations assorted issues that affect or ensures employee well-being if they are attended to on a regular basis. The company understands that work-life balance is of import. In similar mode, healthy life style is portion of the protagonism of the company (, Employee wellbeing ) .

Fig. 1. Well-being model (, Employee wellbeing )

Health and safety direction systems, which anchor on the wellness and safety policy of the company, are good in topographic point. Each operating company is enjoined to “ develop, implement and continuously reexamine its wellness and safety direction system, consistent with local runing conditions and statute law ” (, Health and Safety Management Systems ) . In making so, the company makes wellness, safety and wellbeing of its employees as an built-in portion of its concern, accordingly insulating the company from any legal elaboratenesss by using national Torahs.

a.2 Equal chances and diverseness

Vodafone does non fear diverseness. On the contrary, it accepts this as an plus in the concern. Diversity enables the company to understand assorted personalities, civilizations and experiences. This cognition is so used in functioning good its clients around the universe. The pattern of favoritism or unjust intervention is prohibited in whatever ground. Employee unity is extremely valued and esteem for co-workers and clients is systematically observed. There is no better manner of showing the committedness of the company except by citing it. It said: “ Vodafone aims to make a on the job civilization that respects the value of differences among co-workers and encourages persons to lend their best within an environment that is inclusive, unfastened, flexible and just ” (, Equal Opportunities and Diversity ) .

The company recognizes gender and cultural diverseness as countries that need uninterrupted betterment. Vodafone understands the part of adult females in the concern. In add-on, the company to the full feels that adult females are more sensitive and affected by household committedness than work forces. Therefore, it engenders flexible working to assist employees go to to their household committednesss without giving their clip in the company. Recruitment advisers are required to urge at least one competent female campaigner to be considered in management-level places. International occupation rotary motions are besides practiced to give chances to employees to larn different civilizations.

Employees with disablements are non discriminated in whatever set abouting the company has, be it in enlisting, publicity or entree to installations and services. Disabled appliers are guaranteed just and equal consideration in all vacancies they are willing to use for. When hired, their demands are accommodated liberally and alteration to workplace is done to do them comfy.

a.3 Training and development

Growth and development are supported through preparation and instruction. Employees are encouraged to take part in preparation and undergo go oning instruction to get new accomplishments and gain extra cognition. A planetary programme called ‘Inspire ‘ serves as an avenue to “ place and develop high possible employees and speed up their patterned advance into leading functions ” (, Training and Development ) .

Career chances are besides promoted. Whenever possible, publicity or enlisting from within is observed to let employees down the ladder to travel upward. To make this, the company advertises vacancies in its planetary intranet. This ensures exchange of endowment internationally.

a.4 Reward and acknowledgment

Reward and acknowledgment have an intrinsic aim of giving added motive for employees to remain on and work fruitfully. Reward and acknowledgment farther do them experience of import and utile owing to the credence of their attempts. Vodafone understands this, and it rewards employees based on their end product and public presentation, possible and part to the success of the concern. The company besides offers competitory and just wages and benefits so that employees will be discouraged to reassign to other companies. Retirement benefits are besides given in assorted strategies (, Reward and Recognition ) .

a.5 Human rights and trade brotherhoods

As an international concern entity, it recognizes all human rights statute laws, ordinances and criterions peculiar to the states where it does its concern. Vodafone chiefly is committed to protecting, upholding and heightening the human rights of its employees. It is interesting to observe that the company ‘s employment policies adhere to the rules being upheld by the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization Core Convention (, Human Rights ) .

The company farther acknowledges the rights of employees to fall in trade brotherhoods or related organisations outside the company. Where statute laws allow it and the bulk of employees permit a trade brotherhood to negociate on behalf of them, the company automatically recognizes this. Last, the company shows sincere manifestation of good will by promoting recognized trade brotherhoods to work in constructive partnership, taking into consideration the best involvements of employees, stockholders and clients.

Vodafone likewise abhors child labor and forced or mandatory labor. Its employment policies besides include wellness and safety, every bit good as equal chances and diverseness, which will be expounded in the succeeding subdivisions.


b.1 ISO enfranchisement

There is one thing that Etisalat is decidedly proud of, i.e. , its human resource ( HR ) systems has earned ISO:9001-2000 enfranchisement (, 2004 ) . As reported, Etisalat ‘s HRD marked another of import event in its professional development when it successfully obtained enfranchisement from an internationally-recognized bureau. In that study, Al Sawaleh, the Executive Vice President – HR of Etisalat, recognizes its employees to be the most valuable plus. He farther added: “ In the new competitory and planetary market we are poised to come in, it is critical that our employees have the ability to make their work in the most effectual mode possible. We besides want to give them every chance to better themselves in a progressive and healthy work environment ” (, 2004: Press Release ) .

b.2 Emiratisation

Calendar months prior to the enfranchisement, a major award was received by Etisalat Human Resources. The award was about the attachment of Etisalat to the nationalisation plan of the authorities. This is normally called Emiratisation. It was given by GCC Council of Ministers of Labour and Social Affairs in acknowledgment of Etisalat ‘s “ unprecedented success in the execution of enrolling policies and developing plans that have proved vastly successful for both its employees and the corporation ” (, 2004: Press Release ) .

b.3 Labor brotherhood

There is huge limitation on the constitution of labour brotherhoods. The jurisprudence does non let workers to indulge in corporate bargaining, although it authorizes work difference colony. However, it should be noted that UAE workers are one of the highest paid in the part, and in the universe. Fine-looking benefits such as lodging, travel allowances, preparation and instruction with wage, and others are provided. The company ‘s top direction made up with a compassionate partriarchal type of leading what the jurisprudence does non supply.

VI. Decision

At the really outset, it has been observed that Vodafone has a really extended and across-the-board literature on moralss. Its committedness is non merely done rhetorically, but systems and constructions are already in topographic point to do moralss work in the company. Vodafone has a policy on whistle-blowing and on Duty to Report, which oblige employees to describe suspected abnormalities. These are merely some of the institutionalised policies that have matching systems and construction that allow them to be implemented swimmingly. However, policies are derived from bing Torahs and statute laws where the company operates. In general, we observe that Vodafone is more broad and democratic.

Etisalat excessively has its ain alone policies, which are anchored on bing Torahs and ordinances in UAE. For case, its authorities discourages or wholly does non let labour brotherhood. Etisalat abides by what the authorities says ; therefore, it does non let labour brotherhood in the company. Government restricts destructive imperativeness releases or articles that undermine the credibleness of the Emirate, and censoring is non prohibited when the authorities bureaus think that allowable bounds have been broken. This allows Etisalat to censor cyberspace sites that are found damaging to the societal and ethical cloths of society, but which are considered harmless in other states.

Looking at ethical patterns in light with these two countries, censoring and labour brotherhood, we can state that Vodafone ‘s employees are non prone to mistreat because they have the labour brotherhood to help them. This is an antonym of what is go oning when labour brotherhoods are absent. Employees tend to be exploited. Censoring is besides susceptible to maltreatments, particularly when there is no clear word picture between what is acceptable or non.

UAE can ever look back on the current policies that the authorities is purely implementing. When the clip is mature, some of these policies may undergo alteration or may be expunged wholly.

Part II

I. Ethical Misfortune

One of the most compelling issues that must be considered when we talk about the communications industry is privateness. Some civilizations hold privateness so in a heartfelt way that it is considered to be inviolable, while other civilizations are more tolerant. Since most of the clients of Vodafone and Etisalat are multicultural, they must go sensitive on the demand for privateness of each client.

In the study ( Bevir, 2009 ) , Etisalat has been accused of intentionally put ining Java-based software/patch, which is categorized as spyware, in BlackBerry French telephones of its clients. This was followed up by another study ( Reilly, 2009a ) demanding Etisalat to reply the accusal hurled against it.

Harmonizing to Etisalat, the spot was supposed to assist in web betterment. But subsequently, it was found to be “ a extremely sophisticated piece of spyware, the intent of which was to besiege state-of-the-art encoding and security systems in order to direct private electronic mails to a 3rd party waiter ” ( Reilly, 2009b ) . This compromised the privateness of Etisalat ‘s clients.

The reaction of Etisalat on the issue is more of indifference. This sort of reaction would let the issue to decease down of course, peculiarly when more controversial intelligence come to fore.

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