COMM 166 UCSB Marketing Final

What is Advertising?
Paid form of non personal communication; magazines, TV, radio, newspapers, bilboards
Transit Promotions
Activity or material that attempts to induce customers to buy; short term sales contests, special offers, discounts, rebates, incentives, sweepstakes, cross-promotion w/ other products
What is Advertising’s role in marketing?
-Creates awareness and to make an impression
-Allows you to reveal the
benefits of your product and what it has over rival products.
-creates brand image
-lowers cost of units (the more you sell, the more you produce, the more your produce the lower price for each unit).
Push Strategy
Aiming promotional efforts at distributors, retailers, and sales personal to gain their cooperation in ordering, stocking, and accelerating sales.
-push them to sell your product, can use incentives
pull strategy
Aiming promotional efforts directly at customers to encourage them to as about product and purchase
How does art and science relate to advertising?
art because:
we need creative approaches
Science because:
Importance of understand consumer behaviors an how your target audience will people pay attention to ads
Autobiographical dimension of TV advertising
A person telling a story involving their use of the product or service and how it benefited them. Example: person explaining how hair cream grew his hair and made him feel like a man again.
Narrative dimension of TV advertising
Somebody else narrates the story that isn’t a character in the ad or the focus of the story. “Do you have back pain?”
Drama dimension of TV advertising
watching something unfold to tell a story or create a message. Seeing a slice of life. They could be narrating too, but it is more of a story than a formal advertisement.
ex: baby lost in airport, round up the cats commercial.
Negatively Originated Motives (Informational) motives
Problem Removal
Problem Avoidance
Incomplete Satisfaction
Mixed Approach
Normal depletion
Problem Removal
Will remove problem in your life (Viagra, medicine)
Problem avoidance
Dont have a problem, ensures you’ll never get the problem
Incomplete satisfaction
You might have a product that solves your problem, but this will be better
Mixed approach
using more than one type of purchase motive
Normal depeletion
Tres to remind people that they are going to run out of something. i.e., Got Milk ad
Positively Originated (transformational)
Sensory Gratification
Intellectual Stimulation or mastery
Social approval
Intellectual Stimulation or mastery
Something that will make you smarter, that will stimulate your mind
Development of the big ideas, the bridge between strategy and tactics, getting creative. Compared to making a sausage (no one wants to see how it is made, but everyone likes the end product)
Approaches to concepting
Show the product
show benefit
show alternative
borrowed interest (getting consumer attention from something else)
“Do the Twist”
An unexpected twist that gets your audience’s attention
get edgy
sex/nudity/sound effects
Creative Brief
Dissect the product or service for the creative team.
Should redefine the target audience, introduce key consumer benefit, describe the individual features and consumer benefits.
A linear progression of where you are and where you want to be.
Who is our audience?
what do they think now?
what do we want them to think?
Copy Platform
Enables a business to target an appropriate market and generate leads or convert sales. It is composed of the product or service definition and the brand articulation.
Cost per thousand exposures.
Traditional based on number of subscribers, number of singe issue purchasers, number of exposure (TV radio, Internet)
Number of people being exposed to your ad. Does this sync up with your target audience?
Seeing an ad more than once can be good. The consumer can understand it more the second time around. However too many times can become annoying and a waste of money.
Rate Card
Document detailing prices for various ad placement options. how much per inch?
Open Rate
The charge to run an advertisement once.
Visual and verbal alignment
make sure you visual and verbal messages match so that your ad can make sense.
What must a marketer keep in mind when selecting a spokesperson or product endorser?
Must match image of the product. Consider age, gender, and appearance. These decisions affect how the products will be remembered
i.e., you dont want Tiger Woods advertising football helmets.
What is an advertising campaign?
An advertising campaign is a specific course of action designed to advertise a company, cause, or product that employs an intentional and carefully coordinated series of marketing tools in order to reach the target audience
How does an ad campaign relate to continuity?
has to do with the fact that the overall message/theme must be perceived as the same by the viewer – there must be a unified message.
What is a brand?
the name, term, design, symbol or other feature that distinguishes it from others
the legal term for brand
best for products that are purchased regularly; food, cleaning supplies
advertising only during a certain season/ seasons; christmas, swimsuits (you don’t sell egg nog in June)
mixes continuous with flighting strategies, varies between times of no advertising and spurts of heavy advertising; cars, soda, new technology, alcohol.
Product placement:
An advertising technique used by companies to subtly promote their products through a non-traditional advertising technique, usually through appearances in film, television, or other media.
Product Integration:
it involves the actual integration of the product or brand into the script of the television show or movie. For example, product integration could include the storyline of a television episode revolving around a character’s use of Speed Stick deodorant.
obvious falsity
the use of spoofs, spinoffs, or metaphors. the point is that consumers can’t miss the false nature of the claims and won’t be deceived
lifestyle claims
claims that your life will be transformed by use of the product (axe body spray, Audi prom ad) legal if it talks about possiblities
exaggerations, superlatives to tout the greatness of the brand; obvious to consumers that they are exaggerations
Pure food and drug act
where they had to label exactly what was in your products
Federal Trade Commission Act
to protect public from unfair business practices, including misleading and deceptive acts. (You can’t just advertise that oil is great for your face, that’s just misleading!.)
negative political ads:
candidates use them, even though people don’t like them. Though we know it may be false, over time we forget where we here it from and therefore will believe the ad, because people will remember the negative information but not the source
sponsorships in schools:
it’s unethical to persuade young children?
brand niching:
when a company purposefully takes advantage of a particular demographic group with their advertising . Example: malt liquor/ colt 45 being marketed specifically towards black men
household trends:
Average household size has been dropping for decades, but in 2010 this trend has reversed. Why?… More Hispanic households with more kids. Adult children moving in with parents often with spouses and or their own children because housing costs. — Multigenerational households were 14% in 2000, now 16%!Fewer household have kids. Average age for marriage is rising. women also getting more educated
On average, what nationally spends more toys annually?
Dr. Pepper’s attempt to attract more Hispanic customers. How does this apply to assimilation?
They were trying to appeal to acculturated hispanics, but also to recent immigrants so they had to figure out what language to make the ad in. They appealed to both by making commercials that suited to each acculturated and new immigrants and having some ads in Spanish and English; and also a mixture of both for some.
Familiarize yourself with American Eagle Outfitters’ experience with flip-flops and Hindi customers.
They made sandals with an image that looked like the indian god Ganesh it was a big deal and they had to apologize
Which ethnic group tends to spend more on groceries than other ethnic families?
Mueller reading: Hispanics spend about $133 per week than non-Hispanics due. Usually due to the larger family size and tendency to prepare home cooked meals instead of eating out.
Be familiar with family purchase decisions related to ethnicity and age
Whites: increased influence by children and tens on what to buy. Hispanics/blacks: women make most of the purchasing decisions. White women have less power in purchasing
Kairos: the right or opportune moment. a moment when everything happens (big time to purchase)
like to do one thing at a time. Value orderliness. Take time commitments vary seriously. Lots of time to handle situations separately.
Like to do multiple things at a time. Time is money. Managers here have an open door with the phone always ringing.
certain colors are more appealing to certain cultures. some colors may even offend people.
Proxemics: space and how comfortable you are in that certain space.
High context and marketing:
Message is more subtle, more about strengths and value of the brand/ More attention on relationships/context/ setting/ less direct. ex: health insurance shows family spending time together. message is that if you loe your family you would want to take care of them.
Low context and marketing:
Message is explicit and direct ex: health insurance shows wife crying after husband dies. talks about how difficult things are going to be now for the kids.
Who is Generation Z? What do we know about them and their use of technology? How does this relate to marketing?
Digital native born from 1990-2010 age ranges from 3 years old to 23. They have been using technology from a very young age and know to navigate from screen to screen and can multitask. Marketers will have to be smart and be able to create synergy between all the platforms they are using to catch and keep their attention. They have to stay fresh because we have higher expectations, they have to come up with ads we will actually pay attention to and not just scroll through.
Why are sports of interest to marketers?
Knowing the ways fans like to demonstrate their association with a winning team is helpful in designing a product offer and marketing campaign. Capitalizing on wins, when your team wins the championship of some year, new merchandise like Lakers 2010 Champ mugs, shirts, hats, pins, flags become available.
Why is the superbowl so important to advertisers?
140 million viewers! It’s important because of the biggest tv audience of the year. This is their chance to really show off their products and get consumers interested with their crazy horse/dog beer commercials.
What is the cost of 30 seconds?
$4.5 million
Which ad is said to have changed Super Bowl advertising?
Apple Macintosh 1984 ad
What broadcast network(s) televise the Super Bowl?
CBS, Fox, NBC rotate
What theories were discussed to relate to fan loyalty?
balance theory: conceptualizes the cognitive consistency motive as a drive toward psychological balance. The consistency motive is the urge to maintain one’s values and beliefs over time.– Social identity theory: people to identify with prestigious or high status groups we want to be associated with entities that we believe have a positive or desired external image study showed that people at school with football teams
basking in reflected glory (BIRG)
self-serving cognition whereby an individual associates themselves with known successful others such that the winner’s success becomes the individual’s own accomplishment. The affiliation of another’s success is enough to stimulate self glory. The individual does not need to be personally involved in the successful action.
cutting off reflected failure (CORF)
distancing oneself from a group that performs poorly.
Be familiar with why sports marketing is unique from marketing other products.
-Demand fluctuates – highest during beginning and end of the season -Consumers personally identify with the sport/team – “our” team -sporting events are viewed live by people so the satisfaction of the ‘product’ is hard to predict – team might win or lose-Intangible and subjective -sport marketers have no real control over the product-social facilitation is key to sports consumption and marketers also have no control over this
According to your reading what is cybermarketing? What is the effect?
effective at building brand awareness, initiating interactive opportunities, and educating consumers about a product or service. As an educational and informational tool, the Internet is a great place to direct the target for information on current promotions, news articles, testimonials, tests or medical results, and advice or tips from relevant experts.
Advantage of internet advertising over traditional advertising:
The Internet is as consumer focused as marketing gets without resorting to personal selling. Internet advertising is less expensive, easier to revise, and is more targetable and intrusive than traditional ads.
Banner ads:
Banner ads are mass media Internet vehicles usually found at the top of web pages. In its simplest form, a banner is nothing more than a brightly colored rectangular bar featuring a logo and a small amount of type.
pop up ads:
separate windows that pop up on top of a web page. Much like banner ads, these mass-media ads link the viewer to another site.
floating ads:
These ads appear when a website opens and “float” or land on top of the page, blocking the site beneath.
used to verify purchases and gives a time for feedback
streaming audio and video:
internet version of radio and TV ads. need fast internet access though so these are often used not as direct ads, but interactive supplements
short original program used to engage with a branded storytelling
augmented reality:
main goal is to extend amount of time you spend with a brand
pay per click:
These ads appear when a website opens and “float” or land on top of the page, blocking the site beneath. Uses simple text only ad on popular websites – it’s only purpose is to get people to click and direct them to a sponsoring website.
advertising placed inside of video games that can be purchased or played for free on computers, tablets, and televisions or via mobile devices.
Destination or informational websites:
engages users so that they will return to the website. Can intrigue, entertain and interact with visitors as a means of introducing a product and building brand awareness. Key is to get people back to the site – must keep changing so that every visit is unique. This is good for products that are purchased spontaneously, or products that are not technical.
viral marketing:
uses social media to pass along advertising messages to friends and family within a large social circle. Valuable because a campaigns life span can be extended if the message is creative and memorable for enough to pass it along.
Disadvantages of online marketing:
Clutter, lot of info out there.
Long tail:
Marketing, sales of less popular products. Don’t have to keep inventory. orders go straight to manufacturer
using factors that drive intense game play to cause consumers to visit site
What is micro-targeting?
marketing strategy that uses consumer data and demographics to identify individuals or small groups of like-minded individuals and influence their thoughts or actions.
When is personal selling used in marketing?
Personal selling occurs where an individual salesperson sells a product, service or solution to a client. It’s used in marketing mostly in a corporate environment because it can be expensive…
What are some of the functions of sales representatives?
To explain new products, education of new products,represent the company, and to gather marketing info.
Why Business to Business Marketing is Different
The customer is buying with his/her company’s money.
Primary goal is often to generate immediate response rather than long term brand building. Why?
Because this particular buyer may not be the same buyer the next month – so if they love the brand it doesn’t matter if they aren’t there to buy
Ad budgets typically smaller than for consumer products. Why?
Ads are typically used for a mass audience whereas business to business marketing involves only a few people
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