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English 10 Part 1 and 2

Select the response you feel best answers each question. Functional documents would be used in all of the following activities except calling for pizza delivery. Biographies stories of people’s lives that are written by other people A warranty or contract helps you to be protected as a consumer against poor products An employment contract is […]

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221 BCE unification of china under emperor Qin 618 CE rise of tang dynasty 960 Ce rise of song dynasty aristocracy a ruling class of nobles that are very wealthy meritocracy rule by officials of proven talent Mandate of Heaven Heaven choses a particular dynasty to rule, and it supported that dynasty as long as […]

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pH scale + Universal Indicator + Litmus Paper

what is a pH scale for? Measuring how strong or weak and acid and base is What is neutral on the pH scale? pH 7 What is a strong acid in on the pH scale? pH 0-2 What is a weak acid on the pH scale? pH 3-6 What is a weak base on the […]

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Econ Ch. 10 – money: it’s functions and properties

money is anything that people will accept as payment for goods and services 3 functions of money No matter what people choose to use as money it must perform 3 things: 1. Medium of exchange 2. Standard of value 3. Store of value Medium of exchange or the means through which goods and services can […]

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Chinese measure words

门 mén measure word for courses 张 zhāng (measure word for flat objects) sheet of paper or pictures 把 bǎ (a measure word) for chairs or umbrella 条 tiáo measure word for long, thin things (ribbon, pants,river, necktie etc.) 件 jiàn – MW for clothing or affair 间 jiān • (measure word for room/house) 台 […]

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Research Paper- Print Source A

Source card- Print A Gerber, Henry. \”Homosezuality is not a Disease.\” Jennifer Smith. San Diego Print- A:1 Many doctors tried to cure homosexuality because it was concedered a disease to be attracted to the same sex

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A+ part 5

Which of the following RAM types is LEAST likely to work optimally when installed in dual channel mode? A. SDRAM B. RAMBUS C. DDR2 D. DDR3 A. SDRAM Which of the following settings is controlled by jumpers? A. Chassis detection threshold B. Fan speed C. USB voltage D. Drive hierarchy D. Drive hierarchy Which of […]

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Medical Billing Chapter 8

8.1 HIPAA X12 837 Care Claim or Equivalent Encounter Information Used to send a claim to primary and secondary payers (based on the paper claim form CMS-1500) 8.2 CMS-1500 paper claim for physician services 8.1 NUCC – National Uniform Claim Committee led by the AMA; determines the content of both HIPAA 837 and CMS-1500 claim […]

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History 1301 Exam 2-Chapter 5 Review

Why did Americans of the revolutionary generation look to the Roman Republic as a model? It represented the ideal of republic virtue. Women were expected to participate in the political life of the new republic by cultivating patriotism and virtue in their children. What caused the trade deficit with Britain after the Revolution? desire for […]

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BoatUSFoundationVA Chapter 1

What type of boat is most likely to have a planing hull? A Ski Boat What must be done with the vessel’s registration paper? Keep it aboard the boat when in operation Which of the following is a characteristic of an overloaded boat? Handles Poorly What special care must you take with your hull identification […]

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Essay Questions for History

How was WWI different than previous wars? -WWI was the first modern global war. -The modern world had never experienced the horrors of trench warfare or the brutal, devastating effects of modern warfare such as airplanes, tanks, powerful cannons, poison gas and flame throwers. -In addition, modern communications increased the non fighting worlds involvement in […]

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Two ancient painting media that are still in use today are:

gouache and oils. gouache and fresco. acrylics and oils. collage and acrylics. encaustic and fresco. Answer: encaustic and fresco

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The total energy emitted by the brightest nova explosions is about

Answer: a million Suns. Recource Astronomy Ch. 21

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The following music excerpt features:

Monophonic texture A mixture of polyphonic and homophonic textures Polyphonic texture Cacophonic texture Answer: A mixture of polyphonic and homophonic textures

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Overregularization in a child’s speech patterns indicates that _____.

A. the child is entering a sensitive period of language development B. the child can apply grammatical rules to vocalizations C. logical extension is now possible D. fast-mapping has occurred Answer: B

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experience increasing attraction to novel stimuli that become more familiar

Answer: The mere exposure effect refers to the fact that people

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Giorgione’s painting The Tempest paved the way for future

Answer: landscape paintings Recource Visual Arts Chapter 16-17

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For which of the following might a bank issue a debit memorandum to a depositor’s account?

A. Interest earned B. Collection of a note receivable C. Deposits in transit D. Monthly service charges Answer: D. Monthly service charges

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