Chapter 15 Maritime Exploration – Flashcards

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What evidence supports the belief that eastern Pacific islands were settled as a result of planned expeditions?
E) All of these
The island of Madagascar was settled by
E) Both A and D
Sailing in the Indian Ocean was less difficult and dangerous that other places because
C) the monsoon winds were predictable
How did the rise of Medieval Islam give trade in Indian Ocean an important boost
E) All of these
The Ming Empire attempted to create new Indian Ocean contacts by
B) Sending out seven imperial fleets between 1405 and 1433
The Chinese treasure ships of Zheg He carried
A) silks, metals, and other valuable goods as gifts for distant rulers
The greatest mariners of the Atlantic in the early Middle Ages were
A) Vikings
In addition to sailing up the Pacific coast, early Amerindians from South America also colonized
E) The West Indies
What two nations began a maritime revolution that profoundly altered the course of world history?
B) Portugal and Spain
The motives that led to Iberian overseas expansion were primarily
E) All of these
Why didn’t the Italian states take a lead in exploring the Atlantic?
E) Both B and C
An early impetus for Portuguese maritime exploration was to
C) Gain access to the sub-Saharan gold trade
Prince Henry of Portugal was known as Henry the navigator because he
B) devoted his life to promoting exploration
Portuguese conquerors of Muslim Ceuta in Morocco reported that the homes in there made those in Portugal look like
E) Pigsties
The advantage of the caravel was that it was
E) All of these
An important addition to the maritime revolution was
E) Learning to speedily return by sailing NW to ride westerly winds
Henry the Navigator derived funds for expeditions from the
E) Teutonic Knights
The first financial return from the Portuguese voyages came from
B) The slave trade
Christopher Columbus was from
D) Genoa
Columbus expected to reach the
A) Indian Ocean
The slave trade in West Africa was controlled by what source?
C) Monopolies held by African Kings
The first Portuguese who landed in India were greeted with
C) Derisive laughter
The Portugese focus in the eastern Indian Ocean was on
D) Malacca
Which of the following is not true of African encounters with the Portuguese before 1550?
A) Europeans were a major presence in most of Africa
The difference between the Spanish Empire and the Portuguese Empire was
A) Spanish Empire was a territorial empire while the Portuguese Empire was a trading empire
The first Amerindians to contact the Spanish were the
A) Arawak
Conquistador means
C) conqueror
Spanish capture of the Aztec capital was assisted by
A) Disease
Francisco Pizarro defeated the Inca Empire with
A) 180 men
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