World History 10

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A canal between the Red Sea and the Nile River
Trade and transportation were greatly benefitted by ___.
Bronze and Iron weapons
When the Hyksos invaded Egypt, the Egyptians had never seen ___.
The first woman ruler known to history was _______.
An empire
A group of territories controlled by one person is ___.
The Rosetta Stone
The discovery that allowed scholars to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics was _______.
The Egyptian calendar contained twelve months, each having _______ days.
The Rosetta Stone was discovered by a French soldier in ______.
Deciphering the Rosetta Stone
Jean Champollion was noted as a French scholar for _______.
The Sphinx that stands near the Great Pyramid has the body of a _______ and a human head.
The process of covering a body with a chemical and wrapping it in strips of linen to preserve it is called _______.
The first people to make markings that eventually became writing were _______.
100 to 200
The earliest villages usually had about _______ residents.
Still has a direct effect on all of us
History whether it happened millions of years ago or only a few years ago, ______.
Another name for the New Stone Age is the _______ Age.
An artisan
A person skilled in a certain craft is called _______.
Barren with few trees
When the Ice Age ended, the land once covered by ice was mostly _______.
The Egyptian system of writing is called _______.
During the Ice Age, the ocean levels were _______ than now.
4000 BC
The Old Stone Age ended about _______.
They were too cold and damp
People did not usually live in caves during the Paleolithic Age because _______.
Definitely much different and physically harder than today
Village life for early teenagers was ______.
Ur – Erech – and Kish were major city-states of _______.
Cradle of civilization
Mesopotamia is often called the \”_______.\”
The _______ River carries about five times more silt than the Nile.
Code of Hammurabi
The first recorded laws by an empire were called the _______.
722 BC
The northern kingdom of Israel was taken into captivity by Assyria about _____.
When Moses died _______ continued to lead the migration to Canaan.
Along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea
The Phoenicians established city-states and colonies _______.
The carriers of civilization
What were the Phoenicians known as?
The piece of land that connects Egypt and what was once Mesopotamia was formerly known as _______.
Traders and sailors
The Phoenicians were great _______.
The Hebrews organized themselves into _______ tribes.
The Phoenician colony of Carthage in northern Africa is today called _______.
Hebrew traditions were strengthened by the teachings of the major prophet, _______, who taught respect for the individual, concern for the poor, and obedience to God.
Hymns – prayers – and magic spells
Vedas are ______.
Larger than
The populations of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa were _______ the Sumerian and Egyptian cities.
India is located on a peninsula called a _______.
A citadel is a _______.
Busy and inventive people
Historians believe Harappans were most likely _______.
Social system based off birth
A caste is a _______.
A/An _______ system developed during the Chou dynasty.
Huang He
The first Chinese civilizations developed around the _______ River.
A twelve-month calendar was developed during the _______ dynasty.
Fine yellow silt
Loess is _______.
A belief that rulers govern by God’s will
The \”Mandate of Heaven\” is _______.
One of the great centers of trade in Ancient China was _______.
Martial king
Wu Wang was known as the \”_______.\”
A special priest guided by the gods
An oracle was _______.
At the center of the universe
The Huang He Chinese thought themselves to be _______.
From which two earlier civilizations did the Greek civilization develop?
Crete and Rhodes
The two largest islands in the Aegean Sea are _______.
The largest greek peninsulas
Attica and Peloponnesus are _______.
A large Minoan city
Knossos was _______.
A blind greek poet
Homer was _______.
The Phoenicians developed an alphabet using only ______ symbols which became the basis of our alphabet today.
The Harappan civilization developed _______ the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations appeared.
Rivers in India
The Indus, Ganges, and Brahmaputra are all _______.
The form of writing used by Hammurabi’s scribes was called _______.
The world’s first library was located at _______.
_______ was the Amorite who became king of Babylon.
Philip II
_______ used the fighting tactic known as the phalanx.
Alexander founded nearly seventy cities and named sixteen of them Alexandria. The most noted Alexandria was in ______.
Like the greeks
Hellenistic means _____.
Greek orator
Demosthenes was best known as a _______.
Persian – Egyptian – Indian – And greek
The Hellenistic civilization was a blend of these cultures.
He wanted to break the rebellious spirit of the Greek states
Why did Alexander act so quickly in the matter of Thebes?
The Greek orator, ______, tried to warn the Greeks that Philip was a threat to their independence.
Athens was conqured by ______.
A great school known as the ______ was built high above the harbors in Alexandria.
Lighthouse in the harbor of Alexandria
The structure that was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was the _______.
A person fond of luxury and pleasure is called _______.
Government by an individual who seizes power by force is called a _______.
A temple dedicated to Athena
The Parthenon was _______.
The central meeting place for government officials in ancient Greece was the _______.
The Greek word for victory is _______.
A persian king
Darius was _____.
Bring supplies to Athens
The Long Walls that connected Athens with a nearby seaport were built to _______.
A helot was a _______.
Land ownership
The basis of political power under the rule of Solon was _______.
_______ drew up a harsh government code calling for the death penalty for many offenses.
Athena was the goddess of?
_______ is considered to be the \”Father of History.\”
All of the following EXCEPT _______ were writers of tragedy.
The Olympic event that was a combination of boxing and wrestling was called the _______.
The founder of the first university was _______.
The festival that honored _______ eventually became known as the Olympic Games.
____ was the queen of the gods.
The ability to learn and reason is called _______.
Drinking hemlock
Socrates died by _______.
Octavian was given all of these titles EXCEPT _______.
Government leaders who wanted to reform
Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus were _______.
Pax Romana
The Roman Empire reached its greatest extent during the _______.
Caesar’s friend who helped murder him was _______.
Fortune teller
A soothsayer is a _______.
March 15
The Ides of March is _______.
Pater Patriae
The title that means \”Father of the Country\” is _______.
The great lover of democracy who ordered the construction of many beautiful buildings in Athens was _______.
The Greek word \”polis\” means _______.
Second Punic war
Which war was most important in establishing Rome as the greatest empire in the world?
The world’s first democratic constitution was put into effect by _______.
Octavian Augustus ruled for ________ years.
Battle of Zama
Because of _______, Rome became the greatest empire at that time in the world.
Rome battled _______ for control of Sicily.
The hill on which Rome was founded was called _______.
He divided the empire into two sections
What was the most important thing Diocletian did to try to save the Roman Empire?
Latin-based languages are called _______ languages.
Were poor and lived in filthy conditions
In the century before the birth of Christ, most Romans ______.
Both boys and girls
The Romans educated ______ until the age of twelve.
_______ was a Roman statesman who became an author.
_______ was a Roman emperor who ordered prices and wages frozen.
Under the leadership of Constantine I, the new capital of the Roman Empire was _______.
Europe – Asia – and Africa
The Roman Empire included portions of which of the following continents?
The Roman structure that features heavy use of arches and columns is the _______.
Circus Maximus was an oval arena that could seat approximately _______ people.
The first pope was _______.
It is believed _______ ordered the deaths of Peter and Paul.
The German god of war was _______.
The body heat of their farm animals
Germans warmed their huts by _______.
Made sacrifices to the emperor
Romans allowed the practice of other religions as long as people ______.
Stories with simple moral lessons are called _______.
The twelve men who traveled with Jesus and helped spread his teachings were called _______.
Heavy taxes
Which of these was an economic cause of the decline of the Roman Empire?
The _______ Empire reached its greatest height as the Roman Empire was collapsing.
The ruler of the Maurya Empire was _______.
Wu Ti
The best-known ruler of the Han dynasty was _______.
Simplicity, meditation, and closeness with nature were aspects of _______.
China and Europe
Trade and travel between _______ expanded During the Han dynasty
Shih Huang Ti
______ ordered the construction of the Great Wall of China.
The founder of Buddhism was _______.
Some people believe the name China developed during the _______ dynasty.
Indian scholars developed the concept of ___ during the Gupta Empire, about 320 AD.
Art, education, and science flourished during the ________ dynasty.
The Hindus believe the single force that unites everything in nature is called _______.
Greek fire
The first military secret weapon was called _______.
As the Byzantine Empire crumbled, the center of trade moved from Constantinople to ______.
_______ rewrote the Byzantine legal system to make it less complicated.
Justinian I
Many experts believe _______ was the greatest of the Byzantine emperors.
His wife Theodora
Justinian’s leadership was greatly influenced by _______.
The _______ portion of the Roman Empire became the Byzantine Empire.
The first military secret weapon was developed under the leadership of _______.
The natural resource that was most plentiful in Russia was _______.
Heavy trade
Kiev became known as the \”Mother of Russian Cities\” because of its ______.
Secret police force
The Oprichniki created by Ivan the Terrible was a _______.
\”Rus\” is a _______ term that means \”warrior band.\”
The capital of the first Russian state was _______.
Golden Horde
The Mongols that destroyed Kiev were called the _______.
The strong fortress located within many Russian cities was called a/an _______.
Ivan III
The Mongols remained in Russia until _______ became prince.
Batu Khan
______ led the Mongols into Russia and conquered Kiev.
Eastern Orthodox Church
The official church of Russia was the _______.
The first Russian state was established by _______.
When the Arab capital was moved to Damascus, the _______ dynasty was founded.
Caliph is an Arabic word that means _______.
The largest oasis in Arabia was _______.
Mohammad’s flight from Mecca was called the _______.
The sacred book of the Muslims is called the _______.
Shiites and Sunnis
Muslims were divided into two groups, _______.
Act of submission
Islam means _______.
The strongest invaders to attack western Europe during the Middle Ages were the _______.
The Kingdom of Louis eventually became _______.
The coronation of Charlemagne took place in _______.
The middle territory of Charlemagne’s empire was called the Kingdom of _______.
Charles the great
Charlemagne means _______.
The leader of the Franks was _______.
Charlemagne was crowned Roman Emperor by Pope _______.
Church court
The Inquisition was _______.
Forced out of the church
To be excommunicated is to be _______.
The duties of a _______ were to care for the horse and armor of his superior.
A trained soldier or specialist in war during feudal times was called a _______.
Large self-sufficient farming estates were called _______.
The Celts fled to Ireland with the invasion of the ______.
The King of England gave Danish invaders a piece of land called _______.
Roman rule of the British Isles lasted approximately ______ years.
The _______, although conquered by Romans, would not allow Roman culture to have an influence on them.
Picts and Scots
The two groups of people who resisted Roman rule and fled to Scotland were the _______.
Before the name England was given to a part of the British Isles, the country was known as _______.
Woven pictures hung on the walls in the homes of nobles were called _______.
Before Alfred became Alfred the Great, King of England, he ruled the Anglo-Saxon province of ______.
Eric the red
_______ led many Viking explorations throughout the North Atlantic.
Mustaches and beards
In their personal appearance, Viking men took great pride in their _______.
The word rune comes from a Scandinavian word that means _______.
Viking warriors were called _______.
Floating islands
Vikings sometimes camouflaged their ships to look like _______.
The climate and terrain
Farming was difficult in Scandinavia because of _______.
Vikings written poems
Eddas were _______.
Viking civic leaders were usually military chiefs called _______.
Tall and fair skinned
Vikings were mostly _______.
Baltic and Black seas
The Varangian Route used by the Vikings in their explorations was established between the ______.
Wandering musicians in the Middle Ages were called ______.
Much of the trade during the Middle Ages was based on _______.
A cloth woven with a raised design is called _______.
The French word for middle class is _______.
Wandering poet
A troubadour in the Middle Ages was a _______.
A written document that guaranteed townspeople the right to control their own affairs was called a _______.
Geoffrey Chaucer
\”Canterbury Tales\” was written by _______.
The head of a university in medieval times was a _______.
Obey church canons
During the Middle Ages, a king was expected to ______.
Roger Bacon
The English philosopher who conducted experiments that helped him make predictions was _______.
The council of bishops that served as a church court was called the _______.
Preachers who sold all of their belongings and depended on community gifts to survive were _______.
A group of people joined together for a common cause is a _______.
Pope Gregory VII
_______ expelled everyone from the church who had bought or sold a position.
Peter the hermit
The first Crusade was led by _______.
Jerusalem is a holy, central city for all the following religions except ______.
One third
About _______ of the Crusaders survived the trip to Asia Minor.
Christians were called together to fight against enemies of the church during a meeting at _______.
The crusaders established ________ kingdoms on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.
Despite terrible hardships, during the Nobles’ Crusade, ______ crusaders arrived in Asia Minor and defeated the Turks.
Principles of _______ that are used today began to appear during the Crusades.
The Muslim military leader who led an attack against the Christians was _______.
Stephen of Cloyes
The Children’s Crusade was led by _______.
Eleanor brought land from ______ to Henry II when she became his bride.
William and Harold
The Battle of Hastings was fought between _______.
_______ ordered the construction of Westminster Abbey.
The church
To keep his power, a noble had to be stronger than other nobles and _______.
Thomas Becket
The Archbishop of Canterbury during Henry II’s reign was _______.
Record of info
The Domesday Book was a _______.
Grand jury
A _______ could decide what cases should be brought to trial.
The product created by a journeyman for approval by guild officials was called a _______.
King Richard I
From the leaders of the Crusade of Kings, _______ finished the crusade.
Estates general
The assembly of nobles and townspeople in France was called the _______.
The word Parliament comes from the French word \”parler,\” which means to _______.
Great council
The witenagemot was renamed the _______.
The papacy is the _______ of the pope.
John Wycliffe
_______ wanted an English translation of the Bible and was seen as a heretic.
_______ succeeded Henry II in retaining the English throne.
The Magna Carta was signed at _______.
The monarchy in ______ was more powerful than in England.
Wars of the Roses
The civil wars in England were called the _______.
The English
Joan of Arc was burned at the stake by _______.
Joan of Arc
______ claimed to have been told by God to save France.
To surround with enemy forces and cut off supplies in an attempt to capture a city is called a _______.
The _______ dynasty was established in England at the end of the English civil war.
Otto I wanted to expand Germany by adding _______ to his empire.
The crusade of the Spanish knights to drive the invaders out of the country was called the _______.
Columbus sailed from _______ on August 3, 1492.
As a result of the crusade by Spanish knights, the only part of Spain controlled by Muslims was _______.
Ferdinand was King of _______ when he married Isabella.
Isabella was Queen of _______ when she married Ferdinand.
The trade route for gold passed through the kingdom of _______.
King Kasha
In 750 BC, _____ of Kush, conquered Egypt.
One of the first African civilizations was the _______.
_____ is a waste product from iron ore.
A family history traced through the father is called ______.
Mansa Musa I
____ made a pilgrimage to Arabia with 12,000 servants, each carrying a bar of gold.
______ is a combination of African and Arabic cultures.
In 2000 BC, the Sahara Desert was a ______.
The capital of the Kush empire was _______.
Italy and Germany were separated into two independent nations in the _______.
The capital of Mali was _______.
How old was Joan of Arc when she approached Charles VII about an army?
Estates General
The assembly of nobles and townspeople in France was called the _______.
Philip the fair
During the reign of _______, the Estates-General was formed.
The eldest son of a king
A dauphin is _______.
Most early communities along the Pacific coast had about _______ people.
Tree bark
The Iroquois often covered their homes with _______.
Some experts believe there were no people in the Americas until _______ ago.
The Iroquois of the Eastern Woodlands were a ______ people.
About 1600 AD, the Plains Indians were introduced to horses and guns by the ________.
The land bridge that connected the Americas to Asia was known as ______.
Great Plains
The _______ of North America extended from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River.
Symbols of _______ have been found on many Olmec artifacts.
Tenochtitlan was the capital city of the _______.
_______ was the capital of the Inca empire.
The _______ civilization developed on the western coast of South America.
_______ was a military leader of the Aztecs.
Middle America
Mesoamerica is a reference to _______.
Genghis Khan
_______ led the Mongol armies that invaded China.
The capital city of China under the leadership of Kublai Khan was _______.
During the Tang dynasty, fine works of art EXCEPT _______, were available in many places in China.
They were heavier
Chinese ships during the Ming dynasty were different from European ships because _______.
The Ming dynasty was conquered by _______.
The first foreign dynasty in China was called the _______ dynasty.
Cheng Ho
______ sailed to many parts of the world for China.
Marco Polo
______ came to China during the Yuan dynasty.
Middle ages
China reached its greatest height during the ______.
Before the Renissance
The printing press was invented _______.
Don Quixote
Cervantes is noteworthy for creating _______.
El Greco
The artist closely associated with long faces and dramatic art is _______.
_______ is well-known for his marble sculpture Pieta.
Leonardo da Vinci was both an artist and a/an _______.
Michelangelo was both a painter and a/an _______.
Lorenzo De Medici
Michelangelo studied under the patronage of _______.
Martin Luther
______ is credited with starting the movement known as the Reformation.
French Protestants were known as _______.
Pardons from the pope for certain mistakes are called _______.
The group that left the Catholic church in 1520 was known as _______.
Protestants wanting to cleanse the Church of England of Catholic ways were known as _______.
He wanted to divorce
Henry VIII was forced out of the Catholic church because _______.
A _______ led the Reformation movement in England.
Geneva Switzerland
The first Protestant church governed by a council of ministers was formed in _______.
To force one out of the church is to _______ them.
An armada
A large group of war ships is called _______.
Wittenberg Germany
Martin Luther was a monk and teacher from _______.
Edict of Nantes
The _______ gave the Huguenots freedom of worship.
Tycho Brahe
He used a large observatory to study the stars and planets.
He learned that chemical changes can transform one substance into another.
Johannes Kepler
He proved the theories of Copernicus.
He wrote the book entitled On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Bodies.
Ambroise Pare
He developed a technique for closing wounds using stitches.
Sir Issac Newton
He invented a new method of mathematical calculation called calculus.
His teachings were condemned by the Catholic church and he was tried as a heretic.
To publicly admit an error, as Galileo was forced to do, is to ______.
William Harvey
He found that the heart circulates blood.
The Last Supper
Michelangelo created all of the following works EXCEPT ______.
The _______ civilization developed in what is today Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. Causeways, _______ were a way across water.
_______ would most likely be seen with curly, long hair.
William of Orange
Mary was the wife of _______, a Dutch Protestant ruler.
Most Roundheads were ______.
Oliver Cromwell
_______ formed the new model army that helped end the civil war in England.
Petition of Right
Parliament created the _______ to limit the power of the monarch.
Henry VIII and ______ I were tudor rulers.
Charles II
Under the rule of _______, men began to wear silks, velvets, and large wigs.
Albany New York
The Dutch claim in the New World was established at _______.
The Aztec Empire of King Montezuma was invaded and destroyed by _______.
Christopher Columbus made _______ voyages in search of new trade routes to the Indies.
The Grand Canyon was discovered by _______.
The first European to see the Pacific Ocean was _______.
The Inca Empire was conquered by _______.
Colonists reacted to taxes imposed by the British by _______.
The American Revolution ended when the British surrendered at _______.
Which of these words means to give approval?
The U.S. Constitution was adopted in _______.
Navigation acts
The _______ required American colonies to supply England with raw materials and a market for finished goods.
Patrick Henry
At the First Continental Congress, colonists such as Samuel Adams and ______ were willing to go to war with Great Britain, though most colonists hoped that war could be avoided.
The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776, but fighting continued until _______.
Limited govenrment
A system of _______ allows a government to use only the powers given to it by the people.
Expansion and war
England was in great debt because of _______.
First Continental Congress
The meeting held by representatives of the colonies to discuss independence was the _______.
July 14
Bastille Day is celebrated on _______.
Marie Antoinette
_______ was the wife of Louis XVI.
The Bastille was a _______.
National Assembly
Members of the Third Estate declared themselves to be the _______.
Sun King
Louis XIV was also known as the _______.
40 years
The Palace of Versailles was built in _______.
First Consul
As head of the French government, Napoleon’s first title was _______.
Male landowners
Under the Directory, _______ were allowed to vote.
Napoleon and his assistants set up a new government called the _______.
Napoleon suffered his final defeat at _______.
Not successful
The Directory was _______.
A person in _______ leaves their country forever.
When France defeated Austria, it acquired the country of _______.
The Dutch Cape Colony
In the division of France, Great Britain took _______.
Edmund Burke
A conservative who became well-known because he condemned the French Revolution was _______.
Karl Marx developed a system of equality called _______.
Prince Klemens
_____ presided over the Congress in Vienna.
Utopian Socialists
The group that believed their system of cooperating communities was better than any other was the _______.
The group that wanted the state to own all means of production was the _______.
Congress system
The plan for dividing France was called the _______.
Charles I, son of James I and a Stuart monarch, was ______.
John Cabot
______ established a claim in the New World for England.
Give up the throne
To abdicate is to _______.
Vasco De Gama
An all-water route to the Indies from western Europe was discovered by _______.
On what kind of farm do families live almost entirely on what they raise?
Which of these trade items came from all three regions?
In Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina, what was the main crop?
Lumber – fish – and whale oil
Which of these were products associated with the New England colonies?
Navigation acts
Which laws were passed by England to enforce the mercantile system?
Grand bank
Which of these is the location of some of the richest fishing waters in the world?
Which New England city became the greatest whaling seaport in the world?
What was the thinly settled area beyond the settled communities known as the?
Where were plantations usually built?
How many times a year were the cabins of the slaves usually cleaned?
In 1860, which of these groups composed half of the seamen in the U.S. Navy?
The Netherlands
At Jamestown, Virginia, a trader from which country was the first person to sell slaves?
The Dutch alone had been responsible for bringing about how many slaves to colonial America?
Black Market
Which term came from the practice of slaves trading or bartering produce among themselves and illegally selling the surplus?
From which country on the west coast of Africa did the Dutch buy slaves?
Which of these were the first to enter the slave trade?
15 million
The United States paid _______ for California and the New Mexico Territory.
Mexican Cession
The land given to the United States was called the _______.
Rio Grande
Texas claimed that its southern border was the _______ River.
New Mexico territory
The area including New Mexico, Arizona, and parts of Nevada, Utah, and Colorado was known as _______.
Texas became the nation’s _______ state.
San Diego
Father Junipero Serra established a mission at _______.
Gaspar de Portola
_______ was a Spanish soldier who helped establish permanent European settlements in California.
Martin Van Buren
The Presidential candidate who opposed the annexation of Texas was _______.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
By signing the _______, Mexico gave California and New Mexico Territory to the United States.
The animal featured on the first California flag was a(n) ______.
Santa Fe trail
The trail from Independence, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico was known as the _______.
Adult white males
The group of people who got the highest paying jobs were _______.
Haymarket riot
The event that made the general public doubt whether unions were good was called the _______.
Homestead strike
A battle fought between the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Union workers and guards over a wage cut resulted in several deaths and was known as the _______.
Horseless carriages
The first motorized vehicles were nicknamed _______.
Samuel Gomper
The American Federation of Labor was organized by _______.
Knights of labor
The first labor union was called the _______.
In 1853, the American Navy, led by Matthew Perry, sailed into _______.
During the age of imperialism, _______ took control over most of Africa.
Prior to Commodore Perry’s visit, the country of Japan had held a rigid policy of isolation since the _______.
One reason Congress did not want to purchase Alaska was _______.
Sewards icebox
When it was first purchased, Alaska had the nickname of \”_______.\”
England France Germany Russia Japan
Since China had not industrialized and was at a disadvantage for keeping out western imperialism
there was little resistance when _______ moved into China.
When one country claims another as its own, that country is under the _______ of the controlling country.
Strong countries that move into other countries for selfish reasons are called _______.
America expanded its territory by 360 million acres with the purchase of ______.

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