Middle East Unit

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Muscat is the capital of:
During the summer, the government of Saudi Arabia relocates to:
The Empty Quarter refers to the:
Rub al-Khali
Lebanon’s historically prized ____ tress are now largely gone.
Middle Eastern villagers:
Have left their cillages for the cities in large numbers in recen decades
Pastoral nomads:
Would plunder villages and caravan suply lines
The Persian bazaar is known as the ___ in Arabic.
Which two languages are written in the same script, yet unrelated?
Farsi and Arabic
Which of these statements about Judaism is false?
Judaism is a proselytizing religion similar to Islam and Christianity
Of these five events, which would come second in chronological order?
United Kingdom of Isreal splits into two kingdoms
Which of these statements about the Temple Mount/Haraam ash-Sharif is false?
The Dome of the Rock is known today as the al-Aqsa mosque
Which of the following is false?
The Church of the Holy Sepulcher lies in th jewish Quarter of Jerusalem
Which of the following statements about Sunni and Shi’ite Islam is correct?
Shi’ite Muslims believe only diret descendants of Muhammad can be caliph
Which of these statements about Islam is false?
The original polytheistic Ka’aba shirne was destroyed in A.D. 630
Which of these is not one of the five pillars of Islam?
Which of these Gulf countries does not have a large reserve of petroleum?
OPEC was created in order to:
Give oil-producing countries higher shares of profits from petroleum
What event led to the Suez Crisis of 1956?
THe Egyptian nationalization of the canal
Which body of water connects on the west to the Strait of Hormuz?
The Persian Gulf
Which country has been the most dependent on oil pipelines?
Most of the Gulf’s oil is marketed to ___ and _____
Western Europe; Japan
The broadest definition of \”Islamist\” usually refers to people who (choose th best answer):
Call for Muslim nation to reject Western-style materialism and morality
The Hadith is:
The saying of the Porphet Muhammad
In Osama bin Laden’s 1996 fatwa, which of these was not one of his stated goals?
Drive the Jews out of occupied Palestine
Which of these countreis has not suffered a major al-Qa’oda related terroirst attack between 1998 and 2004?
Isreal regard which country as an \”existential threat\”?
Which of these statements is false?
Most of northern and western Turkey is devoted to grain and dairy farming
In what countainous area do amny Biblical scholars believe Noah’s Ark lies?
The Armenian Knot
The largest country in the region as measured by area is:
Which of these statements is false?
Isreal has the highest GDP-PPP in the region as of 2004
Which mountains lie just sound of the Caspiean Sea?
Elburz Mountains
Which of the following statements about the Middle Eastern ecological trilogy is flase?
The Middle Eastern villager became the least important part of t trilogy after the mid- 20th century
About _____ of the world’s proven petrolum reserves are located around the Persian Gulf.
Why is Gulf oil relatively cheap to produce?
The region’s oil-bearing strata is thick, whcih leads to enormous productivity in each individual oil well, leading to lower extraction costs
Which of these was not a result of the dramatic rising of oil prices after 1973?
A dramatic increase of oil production in OPEC members to capitalize on the high prices
What was one of the first major oil pipelines constructed in the region?
Which of these statements about hydropolitics is false?
Isreal bombed the join Syrian-Jordanian Unity Dam in 1967 to prevent Isreal’s loos of fresh water from the Jordan River
The first terrorist attack upon the World Trade Center occurred in:
The Zionist Movement aimed to create a Jewish state in Palestine with its capital Zion.
The hajj is traditionally taken during the month of Ramadan
Many al-Qa’ida members beleive they have been divinley ordained to commit violent acts.
hamas is an Arabic acronym for \”Party of God.\”
International pressure caused the invading British and French force to withdraw from the Suex in 1956, leaving the canal in Egyptian hands
The lunar month of Ramadan falls earlier each year in the solar calender/

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