CIS 243 Final Study Guide

____ are usually formed for people to exchange opinions and ideas on a specific topic, usually of a technical or scholars nature.
Discussion groups
Symmetric DSL usually has an upstream rate of ___ Mbps.
1.5 mbps
Documents that include embedded references to audio, text, images, video, and other documents are called _____
The internet started in ___
A(n) ___ is the address of a document or site on the Internet.
The _____ denotes the type of organization or country the address specifies.
Which of the following protocols is used to send e-mails?
Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera are examples of _____
Web Browsers
A(n) ___ is an electronic audio file that is posted on the Web for users to download to their mobile devices or computers.
Which of the following protocols is used for retrieving messages?
The Federal Express Tracking System allows customers to enter a package’s tracking number and locate any package still in the system as well as prepare and print shipping forms, get tracking numbers, and schedule pickups. Federal Express is an example of a(n)
Which of the following protocols is used for Internet telephony?
In the URL,, _____ represents the name of the directory in which files are stored
The Internet2 project started in _____
_____ are Web sites that allow users to connect with friends, family, and colleagues online as well as meet people with similar interest or hobbies.
Social networking sites
_____ is also called a corporate portal
An intranet,, and are examples of _____
search engines
Which of the following terms is computed by dividing the number of clicks an ad gets by the total impressions bought?
Click-Through Rate
____ is a method for improving the volume or quality of traffic to a Web site.
Search engine optimizing
e-procurment is a example of the ___ B2B e-commerece model.
Seller-side marketplace
“____” means all market participants can trade at the same price
Price Transparency
____ is a popular on-line payment system used on many on-line auction sites.
A ____ market concentrates on a specific function or business process and automates this function or process for different industries.
Using the ___ model transfers the old retail model to the e-commerece world by using the medium of the Internet.
___ introduced the value chain concept.
Michael Porter
E-Trainin for government officials is an example of a(n) _____ application
____ is a major player in the B2B e-commerce
_____ is a pure-play company
____ Usually works with a smart card.
A ____ generates revenue from the fees charged for matching buyers and sellers.
third-party exchange marketplace
____ is a supporting activity in the value chain.
Technological development
Crisis response is an example of a ___ e-government application
Another term that is use interchangeably with e-commerce is
____ refers to money or scrip that is exchanged only electronically.
Electronic payment
Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is based on the ___ protocol
wireless application
E-commerce sites that use the ___ model data on consumers and bushiness and then sell this data to there companies for marketing purposes.
___ display ads appear on tip of a brewer window blocking the user’s view
___ is a site that facilities C2C e-commerce
E-commerce fulfills the product information activity using
web sites
using the ___ model brings sellers and buyers together on the web and collects commissions on transactions between these parties.
with ___ technology, information is net to users based on their previous inquiries, interests, or specifications.
___ an application of artificial intelligence that can used for Web marketing
Intelligent Agents
A(n) ____ is available for most handheld devices that stores personal and financial information, such as credit card numbers, passwords, and PINs.
A Web page displayed when the user first visits the site is called ____
The main objective of ___ is to prevent purchases from suppliers that are not on the approved list of sellers ad eliminate the processing cost of purchases.
Which term describes on user viewing one ad?
Ad Impressions
Which reference to the global information system (GIS), ____ consist of using managerial power to ensure adherence to the organization’s goals
With reference to a global information system (GIS), ____ is a crucial tool for managing overseas subsidiaries.
Consolidated global reporting
____ is the process of managing the interaction among actives in different, specialized pears of an organization
____ are considered the first large-scale interactive global system
Airline Reservation Systems
___ is an operational requirement for GIS
Global data access
one of the issues with GIS is that too much ___ can prevent flexibility in responding to local preferences and even time differences.
Management of global tax risk
With reference to a global information system, a network’s main function is to allow users to ____
share information
The GIS coordination dimension requires a(n), ___ architecture for data
Companies creating seperatre Web sites for each country in which they do busyness is called ___ of a Web site.
The ___ support of a global information system (GIS) concentrates on medium range actives that move the organization toward achieving long-term goals.
Tyco Corporation is an example of the ___ type of global organization
____ includes national laws and international agreements on privacy protection and data security
Transborder data flow
Foreign exchange systems that allow traders ad brokers from around the world to interact are an example of information systems that support the ___ structure.
_____ present(s) a challenge when designing and implementing global databases
different character sets
The level of cooperation and worldwide coordination needed for a(n) ___ structure doesn’t fully exist in today’s global environment
a manufacturer moving the operations to another country because of advantages available in that country is invoked in ___ the operations.
The ____ support of a global information system (GIS) involves broad and long-term goals
One of the issues with the ___ structure is that there is a heavy reliance on headquarters fir new products and ideas
The GIS control dimensions requires a(n) ____ architecture for data
___ centers on a structured workshop in which users and system professionals come together to develop an application
____ uses an iterative process that repeats the design, development, and testing steps as needed, based on feedback from users
A ____ shows a process at the more general level and is help for showing top management and the track force how a process works
context diagram
With ___ outsourcing, the organization chooses an outsourcing company in any part of the world.
In ___ conversion, as each module of the new system is converted, the corresponding part of the old system is retired.
___ feasibility is conceded with uses, such as political repercussions and meeting the requirements of the Information Privacy Act
____ feasibility is the measure of how well the proposed solution will work in the organization and how internal and external customers will react to it.
A ___ illustrates the logical steps in a process buy does not show data elements and associations.
With ___ outsourcing, the organization chooses an outsourcing company in a neighboring country
During the design phase, the ____ design is created for a specific platform, such as choosing Dell servers running Ubuntu Linux and Java for the programming language.
___ users are employees who will use the system regularly, and they can offer important feedback on the system’s strengths and weaknesses
In __ conversion, the old system is stopped and the new system is implemented
In ___ conversion, the old and new systems run simultaneously for a short time too ensure the new system works correctly
___ feasibility is conceded with whether the new system can be completed on time
during the __ phase, the solution is transferred from paper to action and the team configures the system and procures components for it
in the design phase, the __ design is an overview of the system that indicates hardware and software, such as specifying Linux servers and Windows clients
during the ___ phase, the information system is operating, enhancements and modifications to the system have been developed and tested, and hardware and software components have been added or replaced
during the ____ phase, the systems designer must define the problem the organization faces, taking care not to define symptoms rather than the underlying problems
With ___ outsourcing, the organization chooses an outsourcing company in the same country
_____ users include customers, contractors, suppliers, and other business partners
CASE tools are mainly used during the ____ phase of the SDLC
which of the following is an example of a tangible benefit?
new system resulting in increased profits
the ___ document is created during the requirements-gathering and analysis phase
System Specifications
A ____ helps analysts understand the data requirements a system must meet by defining data elements and showing the associations between them
conceptual data model
In ____ conversion, the analyst introduces the system in only a limited area of the organization, such as a division or department
During the ____ phase, analysts choose the solution that is the most realistic and offers the highest payoff for the organization
____ is a method for developing software applications and information system projects in which the project is divided into smaller functions and developers can not go on to the next phase until the current phase is finished
_____ is a philosophy and a software and system development methodology that focuses on the development, use, and reuse of small, self-contained blocks of codes to meet the software needs of an organization
____ Cost measure what you would miss by not having a system or feature.
in the ___ phase, analysts define the problem and generate alternatives for solving it
requirements-gathering and analysis
A ____ helps break down a complex process into simpler, more manageable, and more understandable subprocesses
Data Flow Diagram
In the design phase, the ___ design is an overview of the system and does not include hardware or software choices
A ___ prototype shows users how a particular task that was not technically feasible can be done
the systems development life cycle (SDLC) is also known as the ____
waterfall model
_____ feasibility assesses a system’s cost and benefits
With reference to the internet-enabled SCM actives, coordinating just-in-time (JIT) inventory programs with vendors and suppliers is a part of ____
production scheduling
____ is technique used to improve CRM systems (and many other systems) by identifying, storing, and disseminating “know-how” –facts about how to perform tasks
Knowledge Management
A(n) ____ system is used to coordinate operations, resources, and decision making between manufacturing, production, marketing, and human resources
Enterprise resource planning
In service organizations, the link in the supply chain includes ______
distribution centers
Stores use “___” to get a customer to buy additional products that they might already be purchasing from a different store.
____ enables business partners to send and receive information on business transactions.
Electronic data interchange
In a manufacturing firm’s SCM system, handling creed terms and payment schedules are a part of the ____ flow.
Organizations with an established IY infrastructure often choose a(n) ____ CRM, which is implemented much like any other IT system
A company can purchase a(n) ___ package that might include serves from different vendors, but the e-sitributor coordinates them into one package for customers.
maintenance, repair, and operations
Overseeing order transmission are part of the ___ flow in a manufacturing firm’s SCM system
____ invites sellers to submit buds for products and services.
Reverse auctions
Transaction data for a CRM system might be gathered using
Grocery store loyalty cards
____ is a search for specific information or patterns, using input from multiple business partners and data sources
collaborative filtering, suggests products you might enjoy, based on your past browsing and purchasing habits; this is an example of _____
The _____ component of an ERP system provides information on assessing hob candiates
Human Resources
With reference to the internet-enabled SCM activities, providing real time stock information and replenishing stock quickly is a part of ____
Inventory management
The main goal of a(n) ___ system is to improve services offered to consumers and use consumer contact information for targeted marketing
Customer Relationship management
Information technologies and ___ play a major role in implementing an SCM system.
The Internet
____ are common examples of e-marketplaces.
The ___ component of a ERP system collects and analyzes relevant internal and external data and information.
Unified databse
___ conferencing includes an audio link but no video capability.
Real-time computer
The ___ acts as a liaison between users and designers.
Model builder
The intervention aspect of a(n) ____ reduce communication barriers and introduce order and efficiency into situations that are inherently unsystematic and inefficient.
The ___ focuses on how the DSS is implemented and usually addresses questions about data structure, user access, response time, and security measures.
Technical designer
Record keeping, payroll, and simple inventory problems are examples of ___ tasks.
The ____ is responsible for specifying data requirements, what models are needed, how these models might be used, and how users want to view the results.
managerial designers
____ decisions, or programmable tasks, can be automated because a well-defined standard operating procedure exists for these types of decision
Which of the following geographic objects of a GIS is mostly likely to show a large tourist attraction?
Which of the following geographic objects of a GIS is mostly likely to show the location of a river?
During the ___ phase of the decision-making process, the decision maker defines associations between alternatives and criteria.
Which of the following tasks is performed by managers for which an EIS is useful?
Spotting trends
During the ___ phase of the decision-making process, a decision maker easiness the organization’s environment for conditions that need decisions.
The ____ component includes mathematical and statistical models that, along with the database, enable a DSS to analyze information.
model base
____ decisions include a structured aspect that benefits from information retrieval, analytical models, and information systems technology.
The ____ comment of a DSS manages and coordinates the other major components.
DSS engine
Dispatching personnel and equipment to crime and fire locations is an example of a(n) GIS application.
Resolving conflicts between two divisions is a type of ___ decision at the tactical management level.
In the ____ phase of the decision-making process, the organization devises a plan for carrying out the alternative selected in the previous phase and obtains the resources to execute the plan.
A merger is a type of ____ decision at the strategic management level.
Sales forecasting is an example of a(n) ___ task.
Which of the following geographic objects of a GIS is most likely used to show the location of an airport?
The ___ module component of the EIS is responsible for managing data access.
___ decisions are typically one-time decisions, with no standard operating procedure pertaining to them.
The _____ module component of the EIS is responsible for using the system.
the _____ module of the EIS is used by the developers to confide data mapping and screen sequencing.
Plant location is a type of ___ decisions at the strategic management level.
An executive information system (EIS) is a branch of ______
The ___ phase of the decision-making process starts with analyzing each alternative and its relationship to the criteria to determine whether it is feasible.
Tracking changes in ridership on mass-transit systems is an example of a(n) ____ GIS application.
Urban Planning
Research and development is an example of a(n) ____ task.
___ Systems have been one of the most successful artificial intelligence related technologies
A(n) ____ can be used to automatically fill out Web forms
Personal Agent
The ____ characteristic of an intelligent agent demonstrates the agents’s ability to learn from previous knowledge and go beyond information given previously.
Som banks use a(n) ______ system to qualify customers for loans, using parameters from past customers stored in a database
Case-based reasoning
Within the context of the components an expert system, a(n) ___ similar to the model base component of a decision support system
inference engine
The size ad complexity of the human language has made developing ____ systems difficult.
natural-language processing
A(n) _____ works with the knowledge base management system to ensure that the knowledge base is as up-to-date as possible.
knowledge acquisition facility
In forward chaining, the “____” condition is evaluated first.
Data mining agents work with a ____, detecting trends and discovering new information and relationships among data items that were not readily apparent.
data warehouse
_____ perform well at simple, repetitive tasks and can be used to free workers from tedious or hazardous jobs.
____ is an example of a programming language for controlling robots.
Variable Assembly Language (VAL)
_____ is an example of an expert system used for monitoring consumer sentiments in blogs, comment sections, and Web-based articles.
_____ is an example of an expert system that can be applied to various financial applications
_____ was developed so that users could communicate with computers in their own language.
Natural-Language processing.
In backward chaining, the expert system starts with the “____” condition.
An example of _____ analysis on voles entering a customer accout number and having the system display the customer’s current balance.
In the context of expert systems, ___ consists of common sense, rules of thumb, educated guesses, and instinctive judgements.
In the AI Field, ______ engineers try to discover “rules of thumb” that enable computers to perform tasks usually handled by humans.
Intelligent agents demonstrate ____, the capability to select problems or situations that need attention and act on them.
The ______ characteristics of a intelligent agent demonstrates its capability to interact with users in a more natural language.
humanlike interface
A ____ catalog displays product descriptions based on customers’ previous experiences and preferences,
_____ enables an expert system to learn from experience and examine and extract relevant facts to determine the path to a solutions
Intelligent agents are also called ____
In the context of the decision making analyses that use information technology, ______ analysis is avaliable in spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.
TVs that adjust screen color and texture for each frame and stabilize the volume based on the viewer’s location in the room are demonstrating
Fuzzy Logic
The _____ characteristic of an intelligent agent demonstrates the agent’s ability to migrate from one platform to another with a minimum of human intervention.
The ______ characteristic of an intelligent agent demonstrates the agent’s ability to operate with minimum input.
The ____ component of an expert system is important because it helps give users confidence in the system’s results.
Explanation facility
______ was the first expert system developed to determine the the chemical structure of molecules.
One of the requirements of a computer that can support artificial intelligence is to ____
be able to deal with new situations based on previous learning
_____ agents usually track and report on computer equipment and network systems to predict when a system crash or failure might occur
Monitoring and surveillance
The knowledge base component must include, _____ which consists of rules related to a problem or discipline.
heuristic knowledge
_____ is a small electronic device consisting of a small chip and an antenna, and performs the same task as bar codes.
Radio frequency identification tag
_____ is a broadband wireless technology based on the IEEE 802.16 standards.
An advantage of grid computing is ______, meaning that if one node on the grid fails, another node can take over.
_______ is a Web-based personal financial management service that is an example of Saas.
____ Could be used to make sure people don’t vote more than once.
Within the context of virtual reality system is an input device that captures and records movements of the suer’s feet as the user’s feet as the user turns in different directions.
A(n) ______ is a matrix barcode consisting of black modules arranged in a swaure pattern on a white background.
Quick Response Code
_____ uses computer-generated, three-dimensional images to create the illusion of interaction in a real-world environment
Virtual reality technology
With the ___ model, users don’t need to be concerned with new software versions and compatibility problems because the application service providers offer the most recent version of the software.
Network administrators use ____ technology to get antivirus updates downloaded on employees’ workstations automatically
A cave automatic virtual environment (CAVE) is a virtual environment consisting of a _____ room in which the walls are rear projection screens.
One major obstacle to using VR technology is that not enough ____ are currently available to carry out the data transmissions needed for a virtual reality environment
Fiber Optic Cables
WiMAX is designed for wireless _____
metropolitan area networks
Within the context of virtual reality technology, ____ refers to giving users the sense that they’re in another location, even one geographically far away and can manipulate objects as through they are actually in that locations.
With _____ technology, a Web server delivers information to users who have signed up for this service instead of waiting for user requests to see the information.
Within the context of virtual reality technology, ____ refers to enabling users to act on objects in a virtual reality environment such as using a data glove to pick up and move objects
____ RFID tags have no internal power supply
____ component of a virtual reality system enable users to see and hear the virtual world.
Visual and aural system
_____ Computing is also know as on-demand computing
In grid computing, each participant in a grid is referred to as a “____”
Within the context of virtual reality technology, ___ refers to allowing users in different locations to interact and manipulate the same world at the same time by connecting two or more virtual worlds.
networked communications
_____ is also know as “on-demand software.”
Within the context of virtual reality technology, _____ refers to giving objects in a virtual reality environment texture and shading for a 3D appearance.
Bluetooth can be used to create a ___, to communicate among computerized devices,
personal area network
One advantage of grid computing is ___, meaning more nodes can be added for additional computing power without affecting the network’s operations.
Nanotechnology incorporates techniques that involve the structure and composition of materials on a ____
____ have been added to sports gear, such as tennis and golf balls and tennis rackets, to make them more durable and improve their responsiveness.
When using a(n) _____, IS personnel time is freed up to focus on applications, such as customer relationship relationship management and financial information systems, that are more strategically import to the organization.
application service provider model
Within the context of virtual reality technology, the main technology used in an exocentric environment is ___
3D graphics
___ computing is a platform incorporating many recent technologies such as Saas and Web 2.0 under one platform
Users interact via avatars in a(n) ____
virtual world
_____ RFID tags can be embedded in a striker or under the skim (human or animal)

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