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Amsco Chapter 7 Ap World History Terms

Hagia Sophia Most famous example of Byzantine architecture, it was built under Justinian I and is considered one of the most perfect buildings in the world. theocracy A government ruled by or subject to religious authority. patriarch the male head of a family or tribe monasteries Religious community where Christians called monks gave up their […]

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U.S History Chapter 24-25 vocab

Joseph Stalin Communist dictator of the Soviet Union Totalitarianism a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator Benito Mussolini Italian politician who led the National Fascist Party and created Fascism Fascism a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism) Adolf Hitler Leader of the Nazi […]

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American History Chapter 13 Test

question Who were Mountain Men? answer Fur trappers who opened up the west by finding mountain passes. question Why did the fur trade decline? answer Silk was over taking the fur industry question Why did people move west? answer 1. Religious Freedom 2. To Trade/Make money 3. Escape Debts/ Legal problems question What was a […]

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Zinn Chapter 18

question Why did America get involved with Vietnam? answer To prevent the unification of Vietnam question When did America get involved with Vietnam? answer 1964-1972 question What is the NLF? answer National Liberation Front, US-imposed Saigon government, enacting significant social changes, like land reform and promising greater self control for the peasants. question Who is […]

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Chapter 9: Developmental Theories

question desist answer to spontaneously stop commiting crime question developmental theories answer theories that attempt to explan the ‘natural history’ of a criminal carrer: its onset, the course it follows and its termination question life course theories answer theories reflecting the view that criminality is a dynamic process, influneced by many characteristics, traits, and experiences, […]

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A-Z Pre-AP (World History Midterm Review)

question Achaemenid empire answer first great Persian empire which began under Cyrus and reached its peak under Darius question ahimsa answer Jain term for the principle of nonviolence to other living things or their souls question Ahura Mazda answer main god of Zoroastrianism who represented truth and goodness and was perceived to be in an […]

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Ap World History Chapter 26 Vocabulary

question Ayan answer The wealthy landed elite that emerged in the early decades of Abbasid rule question Selim III answer Sultan who ruled Ottoman Empire from 1789 to 1807; aimed at improving administrative efficiency and building a new army and navy; toppled by Janissaries in 1807 question Mahmud II answer (1785-1839) Ottoman sultan; built a […]

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Modern World History- Chapter 15

question coalition government answer a government controlled by a temporary alliance of several political parties question Weimar Republic answer Germany’s new democratic government set up in 1919. question Dawes Plan answer The plan to loan Germany $200 million from the United States to help strengthen the economy and stabilize German currency. question Lacarno Pact answer […]

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History 104 since 1877

question 18th Amendment answer federal prohibition , Prohibited the manufacture, sale, and distribution of alcoholic beverages question 19th Amendment answer Gave women the right to vote question 13th Amendment answer abolished slavery question 14th Amendment answer Declares that all persons born in the U.S. are citizens and are guaranteed equal protection of the laws question […]

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AP Euro Chapter 13- Reformation

question Christian Humanism answer Movement in Northern Europe in late Fifteenth century. Combined interests in the early Italian Renaissance with sources of early Christianity. question Desiderius Erasmus’s The Praise of Folly answer Erasmus engaged in humorous yet effective criticism of the most corrupt practices of his own society. He was harsh on the abuses within […]

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AP World History – Chapter 1: Hunter-Foragers

question Overfarming answer Harvesting too much to the point of diminishing returns question Neolithic Revolution answer A set of dramatic changes in how people lived based on the development of agriculture, characterized by developments such as agriculture, pastoralism, specialization of labor, towns and cities, governments, religions, and technological innovations question Civilization answer The stage of […]

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History of Western Art quiz 1

question Venus of Willendorf answer question Venus of Laussel answer Limestone relief sculpture; traces of red ochre pigment; woman is holding an animal horn question Chinese Horse lascaux answer painting of horse on limestone rock; sagging body may suggest pregnancy; arrows or plants near it; small head question bull lascaux answer Paleo, 15,000 BCE question […]

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Exam 3 Practice Test #2
16 Aug 2020 Database

question Acne vulgaris involves inflammation of the: a. Hair follicles b. Sebaceous follicles c. Eccrine glands d. Apocrine glands answer B question A 4-month-old female is diagnosed with atopic dermatitis (AD). Which of the following assessment findings by the nurse will most likely support this diagnosis? a. Blistering b. Moist reddened skin c. Dry, itchy […]

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question Byzantine Empire answer By the beginning of the 8th century, the Eastern Roman Empire was much smaller, consisting only of the eastern Balkans and Asia Minor. a unique civilization that lasted until 1453. The empire was both a Greek and a Christian state. question Carolingian Renaissance answer rebirth. This revival involved renewed interest in […]

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APUSH chapter 20 (America’s History, 8th edition)

question \”Waving the bloody shirt\” answer a term of ridicule used in the 1880s and 1890s to refer to politicians– esp. Republicans– who, according to critics, whipped up old animosities from the Civil War era that ought to be set aside question Gilded Age answer Period of extravagant displays of wealth, growing poverty, and gov.t […]

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Essay on chapter 6

question Who wrote that he hoped to erect a \”wall of separation\” between church and state? answer Jefferson question For most free Americans in the new republic, equality meant answer equal opportunity rather than equality of condition. question The first antislavery tract in America was answer The Selling of Joseph. question Which Indian tribe sided […]

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A.P. Art History Art Cards

question Hunter King; Unit 1: Prehistoric Art answer question Apollo 11 Stones answer Period: Unit 1: Prehistoric Art Artist: unknown Date: 25,500-25,300 B.C.E. Function: no clear information, could be symbolic for language or writing, could be used for ritualistic purposes Form: rock painting and engraving or incising, twisted perspective, no clear picture of the animal, […]

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Chapter 16 AP World History Vocabulary

question British East India Company answer Government charted joint-stock company that controlled spice trade in the East Indies after the Dutch question Amerigo Vespucci answer The Italian sailor who corrected Columbus’s mistake, acknowledging the coasts of America as a new world. America was later named after him. question Smallpox and Measles answer The two most […]

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U.S history chapter 13

question manifest destiny answer a belief shared by many Americans in the mid-1800s that the United States should expand across the continent to the Pacific Ocean question empire of liberty answer people believed that manifest destiny was to take over Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and Pacific Islands. question Stephen Austin answer led the second and ultimately […]

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Essay Summary of APUSH Chapter 9

question Loyalists answer during Revolution still loyal to British Crown, around 80,000 left America leaving room for rising Patriots question Society of the Cincinnati answer Continental Army officers form elite group on 1783, denounced as pretentious and aristocratic question primogeniture answer first born son receives all of inheritance, these laws changed after revolution question Protestant […]

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Ap World Histoy

question Ottomans answer Turkic people who advanced from strongholds in Asia Minor during 1350s, conquered large part of Balkans; unified under Mehmed I; captured Constantinople in 1453; established empire from Balkans that included most Arab world. question Mehmed II answer Ottoma sultan called the \”conqueror\”; responsible for conquest of Constantinople in 1453; destroyed what remained […]

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APES Chapter 12 Review

question in the middle answer Most forest resource managers aim to maintain resource populations ________ of the curve question maximum sustainable timber yield answer Many forest resource managers aim to maintain resource populations in the middle because it delivers the ________. question mature trees in the top canopy layer answer If forests are strictly managed […]

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