Zinn Chapter 18

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Why did America get involved with Vietnam?
To prevent the unification of Vietnam
When did America get involved with Vietnam?
What is the NLF?
National Liberation Front, US-imposed Saigon government, enacting significant social changes, like land reform and promising greater self control for the peasants.
Who is Ngo Dinh Diem?
Head of the government in Saigon, appointed by America when they stepped in South Vietnam.
Who’s side was US on during FrenchVSVietminh war? How did they support them?
French, America funded 80% of the French War efforts.
Why did US help the French in their war?
To try to stop the spread of Communism.
The Nation Security Council recalls the \”Domino Theory\” as…
Like a row of dominoes, if one country fell to Communism, the next one would do the same,etc.
What 2 major events lead even more Americans to the Anti-War Movement?
The Gulf of Tonkin- lies from the highest officials to the public about an attack by North Vietnamese torpedo boats on American destroyers.
Carpet Bombing in Cambodia- America didn’t want Cambodia to be a threat, because Cambodia was trying to help.
How many tons of bombs did America drop on Vietnam?
7 Million Tons
What was the result of the AmericanVSVietnam war?
US forces withdrew because they couldn’t impose anything on the Vietnamese, and partially because of the Anti-War Movement in US.

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