Chris Herren Essay Example
Chris Herren Essay Example

Chris Herren Essay Example

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  • Published: December 30, 2017
  • Type: Autobiography
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Denver Nuggets and Boston Celtic basketball player, Chris Here. Chris Here is from Fall River, Massachusetts, a city on the southern coast of the state, near Providence Rhode Island. Fall River is a city in which you are constantly surrounded by poverty and struggle. As Chris Here grew up, he had the talent to be a basketball star, If not a professional. He attended Drudge High School, where he amassed 2,073 points. He went to Boston College, expecting to have an amazing career there.

In his first game, he broke his wrist, ruling him out for the rest of the season.

During this time, boredom crept In. After returning to his dorm room one night, he was greeted by his roommate and two girls. The three of them were snorting cocaine as Here walked In. Due t


o his lack of playing time, he was looking for something to do, so he consented to their pleas for him to snort a line. In the end, he would fall a drug test for marijuana and cocaine use, and eventually fall two more for the same reason.

This got him kicked off of the B. C. Basketball team and the inure school as a whole. After this he transferred to Fresno State in California.

He started playing basketball in phoneme year.

Three years after breaking his wrist, he failed another drug test, and after rehabilitation, rejoined the team and graduated. He went on to play professionally for the Celtic and Nuggets, although his problems continued. While playing in the NAB, he turned to using painkillers such as Concoction and eviction. His dependency on drug use ruined his

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career, as he developed health problems and the drugs affected his play.

After playing overseas, he was arrested again for heroin possession and use in a Dunking Donuts in Portsmouth Rhode Island, and eventually turned to crystal meet.

After finishing his career, he decided to truly turn his life around. His promising basketball career which should have ended with him as a respected star of the sport, instead was marred by seven felonies all drug related. Instead of winning NAB championships, he had to play for lower level European, Chinese, and Iranian teams. He threw away his life with an expensive, life endangering habit which nearly killed him on multiple occasions and almost tore apart his family.

This case, and many more with problems Just like it, plague modern day America, and it is our Job to fight against it.

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