Chapter 7-HSA 360 Essentials of Healthcare marketing

Relationship marketing
can be defined as an organizations attempt to develop a long term, cost effective link with a costumer for the benefit of both the costumer and the organization. The foundations to develop a a strategy that shifts the organizations thinking from individual transactions.
Relationship marketing shifts what?
to what the costomer defines as value from the encounter. More than just seeing a physcian but a clearer explanation, timley access, to the physician or just one stop system where prescriptions can be obtained.
Relationship Marketing is most significant in the aspect of —
Quality(experiences of the costumer)
Costumer relationship management CRM
core of the effective relationship marketing strategy. Goal is to retain costumers through the collection and sharing of information across the organization.
CRM incluses both ______ and ________ strategies
software and business
4 key key factors have been identified for devloping an effective CRM
1. Costomers should be recognized as key assest to any organization
2. profitability of costumer varies, not all costumers are equally valued or desirable
3. costumers vary in their preference,needs, and buying behaviors
4. by better understanding costumer drivers and profitability, an organization can better tailor their service offering to maximize the value to costumer
_______ industry leads in CRM
The costomer behavior loyalty pyramid
progression of costumer psychological movenment from awareness to loyalty
Awareness —> ______—-> evaluation——->________(first time buyer)——>satification—–>___________—–> loyalty—–>
interest, trail, repeat purchase
Loayalty represents 2 key compents
customer retention and the share of costomer purchase
clinical quality provided + process quality- (price+ service acquisition cost)
clincial quality
result of technology and expertise represented with the health care organization
process quality
the ease with which a customer can access the clinical quality. can a patient set up an appointment easily?
Service process quality dimensions
Dependability-did the provider dowhat he promised?
responsiveness- timely manner?
authority- provider have confidence during delivery process
empathy- was the provider able to take the customer point of view
tangible- was evidence left that the service was preformed?
Service acqusition cost
refers to how much effort the customer has to use in order to access the service value
gap anaylsis
created to devleop value
where are the 5 gaps?
1.between expectations of service quality and management perception of those qualities
2. service quality specifications and service delivery
3. promotional gap- between actual service delivery and what was promised to the market
4. expected service and perceived service perception of customer exception and service quality specifcations
measuring service performance
1. measurement took must be managerial used
2. must recognize the role of customer exceptions
3. must direct action to the most relevant areas
customer contact audit
first step in developing a measurement tool
medical service blueprints
operational process of a patient or other customer interations with a clinic or hospital program or depart are mapped
2 Moments of truth
important was X in terms of your overall satification with the health center?
how well did we meet your expectations in X?
recovery system
organized system that anticipates service delivery failures or problems
why do customers leave? 4 reasons
1. complaints not handled
2. competition
3. relocation
4. no special reason
key components of customer recovery system
1. identify the service failures
2. empower front line staff
3. resolve customer problems
4. communicate and classify problems
5. integrate data to improve ongoing service
6. develop post service follow up costumer communications
Successful implementation of a costumer recovery system
1. recovery training conducted with all employees
2. revocery standards must exist
3. the org must be easy to complain to
4. frontline employees must see themselves as part of the system
4. employees need to believe they are part of a quality conscious organization
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