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What are the 4 Es?
Excite the Customer, Educate the Customer, Experience the Product or Service, Engage the Customer.
What social media elements work best for each of the 4 Es?
A. Excite the Customer – social networks like Facebook and Google +
B. Educate the Customer – blogs and blogging tools (e.g., wordpress and twitter), HubSpot (all-in-one marketing software), YouTube and Google +,
C. Experience the Product or Service – YouTube, blogs and retailer’s website,
D. Engage the Customer – blogging and micro-blogging.
What are the three types of social media tools?
Social network sites, Media sharing sites, and Thought sharing sites.
What are the four customer segments based on their social media usage?
Creators, Bonders, Professionals, and Sharers.
What are some of the most popular types of mobile applications?
Price check apps, Fashion apps, and Location apps.
What are the three steps in developing social media engagement strategies?
Listen, Analyze, and Do.
How do firms examine customer sentiments?
Marketers can analyze the content found on sites like Facebook, Twitter, online blogs and reviews to assess the favorableness or unfavorableness of the sentiments, using a technique known as sentiment analysis.
What are the steps in developing a social media campaign?
Identify strategy goals, Target audience, Campaign: experiment & engage, Budget, Monitor & change.
Why might it be important to develop a personal social media presence?
Social influence can have significant effects on elements of a person’s life, such as hiring success.
On social networks, Bonders use social media primarily to become well informed so they can help others
A blog is an example of a thought-sharing site
Which of the following is the definition of social media?
content distributed through social interaction
The 4E framework for social media guides marketers in using social media effectively to build and deepen customer relationships. Which of the following is NOT one of the four E’s in the framework?

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