CH 13 US History

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Black Kettle
leader of the Cheyenne who were massacred at Sand Creek
John Chivington
commander who attacked the Cheyenne at Sand Creek
Sitting Bull
Lakota Sioux chief killed at Wounded Knee
Crazy Horse
Lakota Sioux religious leader and war chief who lured an army detachment into an ambush in Wyoming
George Custer
commander who battled the Lakota Sioux at Little Bighorn
Chief Joseph
Nez Perce chief who surrendered after losing much of his band in a series of battles
range wars
occurred when farmers blocked cattle trails
living there for 5 years
Under the Homestead Act, how could homesteaders gain title to the land?
selling land and building a trust of money for them
The Dawes Act attempted to help Native Americans by doing what?
people who rushed to California to find gold
Chivington Massacre
an attack on 450 sleeping Indians
slaughter of the Buffalo
the greatest factor in the defeat of the Plains Indians
Battle of Little Bighorn
Custer’s Last Stand
Buffalo Bill
William Cody
Battle of Wounded Knee
a battle in which 200 Sioux and 35 soldiers were killed
Ramona/ A Century of Dishonor
2 novels by Helen Hunt Jackson
Dawes Act
an act that abolished Indian tribes
George Custer
famous leader of the Seventh Cavalry
Homestead Act
an act that gave land to anyone who would live on it for 5 years
Joseph Glidden
the inventor of barbed wire
the discovery of this precious metal led to the banishment of Indians from the Black Hills
Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse
2 Indian chiefs who led their people to victory over Custer’s soldiers
Buffalo Bills Wild West Show
Sitting Bull spent 9 years working with this traveling show
Battle of Wounded Knee
this battle took place on December 29, 1890
A Century of Dishonor
Helen Hunt Jackson wrote this novel to bring public attention to the mistreatment of Indians
Dawes Act
this congressional act was an attempt to Americanize Indians
Sand Creek Reserve
In the Colorado Territory, miners had forced the Cheyenne where?
John Evans
Colorado governor who told Indians that if they didn’t want to fight, they should report to Fort Lyon for safety
head of the Colorado milita, attacked the Indians at Fort Lyon, killing 450
slaughter of the buffalo
destroyed the basis for Plains Indians’ way of life
stampedes, thunderstorms, dangerous river crossings, and droughts
What did the cowboys endure on their trip north?
Well’s Fargo
the only stagecoach company still open today
St. Joseph
Where did the Pony Express Route begin?
Homestead Act
150 acres of free land to the head of a household; must live on the land and build a permanent structure for 5 years
Morril Land Grant
when public land was sold in a state, money was set aside to build Land Grant Colleges (A&M) teaching agriculture, farming skills, and animal husbandry
Santa Fe Trail
trade route to Mexico
Oregon Trail
main route west; goal was to reach Williamette Valley, Oregon
Brigham Young
leader of Mormon trail
10 days
How long did the Pony Express Route take?
dime novels
comic book style pamphlets about the West
Ned Buntline
author of Dime Novels
Buffalo Bill Cody
pony express rider, buffalo hunter to feed Union Pacific workers
Annie Oakley
female sharp shooter
Billy the Kid
worked for a rancher named Tunstall who was shot; he turns into a gangster to get revenge
Wild Bill Hickock
Deadwood, SD– originally a lawman from Kansas, drank too much and accidentally killed his best friend; moved to SD to become a gambler; he was shot by Jack McCall; “Dead Man’s Hand” (Aces and 8’s)

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