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Intro to Business Chapters: 11, 12, ; 13

question Marketing answer a group of activites designed to expedite transactions by creating, distributing, pricing, and promoting goods, services, and ideas. question Exchange answer the act of giving up one thing (money, credit, labor, goods) in return for something else (goods, services, or ideas) question Value answer A customer’s subjective assessment of benefits relative to […]

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Chapter 1,2,; 3 Ethics and Tech

question moral code answer a set of rules that establishes the boundaries of generally accepted behavior within a society question morality answer social conventions about right and wrong that are widely shared throughout a society question morals answer one’s personal beliefs about right and wrong question corporate ethics officer aka corporate compliance officer answer a […]

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word 2

question An arrangement of information organized into rows and columns. answer Table question The box at the intersection of a row and column in a table. answer Cell question A document structure that opens a copy of itself, opens unnamed, and is used as the starting point for another document. answer Template question the template […]

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Flashcards on US History ch 18

question Queen Liliuokalani answer hawaiian queen who was forced out of power by a revolution from american businesses question imperialism answer practice of strong countries taking economic, political, and military power over weaker ones question Alfred T Maahen answer american imperialist and admiral who urged the USA to build up its navy and take colonies […]

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ULL Nurs 100 Units 5

question Professional Nurse answer Addresses the humanistic and holistic needs of patients, families, and environment and provides responses to patterns and/or needs of patients, families, and communities to actual and potential health problems question Contemporary issues answer Problems, changes, and concerns that are current fo the present time question Core competencies answer Essential cluster of […]

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AP World History Vocab 2.2

Mamluks Turkic military slaves who formed part of the army of Abbasid Caliphate in the ninth and tenth centuries; they founded their own state in Egypt and Syria from the thirteenth to early sixteenth centuries Medieval Pertaining to the middle ages of European History Mexica The name given to themselves by the Aztecs Middle Ages […]

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TestOut Quiz Questions 2

question Which form of access control enforces security based on user identities and allows individual users to define access controls over owned resources? answer DAC question Which type of access control focuses on assigning privileges based on security clearance and data sensitivity? answer MAC question In which form of access control environment is access controlled […]

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Supply Chain Management – Exam 1

question Supply Chain answer Network of manufacturers and service providers that work together to convert goods from raw material to end user. Linked through physical flows, information flows, and monetary flows. question Operations function answer The collection of people, process, technology, and systems within an organization that has primary responsibility for providing products or services. […]

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Sociology – chapters 7, 8

question sex answer the natural or biological differences that distinguish males from females question sexuality answer refers to desire, sexual preference, sexual identity, and behavior question gender answer a social construct that consists of a set of social arrangements that are built around sex social relations are built on unequal ground – POWER is fundamentally […]

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Science test one
08 Sep 2020 Database

question A graph of world population growth over the past 500 years most closely resembled the letter answer J question According to the IPAT model, which of the following would most likely reduce the environmental impact of a society? answer greater use of birth control by most members of a society question Recent research suggests […]

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Quickbooks chapter 1(:

question Create invoices answer All of the following tasks can be completed in the vendors section. Of the home page except: question In quickbooks, information about transactions is entered in onscreen forms that look like printed forms, such as: answer All the above question All of the following are one of the four main categories […]

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Principles of Agriculture Goat Management Practices

question low quality meat answer 1. Goats have the ability to efficiently convert ___ _______ forages into ____ and milk. question US grazing sheep cattle answer 2. Goats are finding a home in areas of the __ where rangeland is too rough or _______ is too thin to sustain _____ or ______. question 2.5 million […]

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Personal Financial Management

question What is Goal Setting answer Creating personal long term or short term goals. A well written goal is a SMART goal. Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Timely. question What is My Pay answer An automated system that puts you in control of your pay account. Allows quick and easy access 24 hours a day. […]

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OMG 322 – Ch 7,8,9,10
30 Aug 2020 Database

question A behavioral approach to job design which increases responsibility for planning and coordinating tasks is job: answer enrichment question Which of the following most closely describes job enlargement? answer horizontal loading question Micro motion studies should be limited to periodic activities where breakthrough improvements are possible. t/f? answer False question “Output-based systems” compensate employees […]

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Moral Issues in Business Chapter 2

question act utilitarianism answer The most basic type of utilitarianism, which states that we must ask ourselves what the consequences will be for all those who may be affected by a particular act in a particular situation. If its consequences bring more total good than those of any alternative course of action, then this action […]

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MKG 300 Final
25 Aug 2020 Database

question Which of the following statements is true of missionary salespeople? answer They are sometimes called merchandisers or detailers. question An order getter helps bring products out of the answer introduction stage into the market growth stage. question The sales manager of the Retro Butterfly Chair Corp. wishes to compensate his sales force in a […]

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MIS 3305: Chapter 17

question legacy system answer an old system that is fast approaching or beyond the end of its useful life within an organization question conversion answer the process of transferring information from a legacy system to a new system question software customization answer modifies software to meet specific user or business requirements question off-the-shelf application software […]

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mgt final

question true answer Top managers are responsible for creating a climate for change in an organization. question true answer A management study discovered that companies, which invest in their people, will create long-term competitive advantages difficult for other companies to duplicate. question top mannagement answer Coca-Cola and PepsiCo spent a total of $75 million to […]

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MGMT Chapter 5

question It helps managers create task strategies. answer which of the following is true about planning? question It encourages people to work harder for extended periods. answer which of the following is an advantage of planning? question Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely answer According to the S.M.A.R.T. guidelines, goals should be ____ question Encouraging […]

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MGMT 3000 Chapter 4

question planning answer choosing (deciding on) a goal and developing a method, process, or strategy to achieve that goal (generically: a process applicable to all organizations at all levels of the organization) all firms do this but differently, understanding the environment the firm exists in is the foundational first step in this process question benefits […]

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Marketing Chapter 3 Crossword

question In recent years, security regulations enacted through the Transportation Safety Administration have affected Southwest Airlines. These regulations are part of the ______ affecting this airline. answer external environment question John H. Harland Company is a large company with 5,200 employees and almost $800 million in sales. The company is best known for printing personal […]

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Management Information Systems – Test 1

question An organization’s information technology architecture answer integrates the information requirements of the organization and all users question Which of the following is an IT job within an organization? answer Program Manager CIO System Analyst Network Manager question ___ consists of information that has been processed to convey expertise as it applies to a business […]

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