Case Study: Arnott’s Emporio Marketing Strategy – College Essay Example
Case Study: Arnott’s Emporio Marketing Strategy – College Essay Example

Case Study: Arnott’s Emporio Marketing Strategy – College Essay Example

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  • Published: August 15, 2017
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Executive Summary

The Australian cracker and crispbread market was deserving $ 245. 4 million in June of 20031. With the Australian biscuit market accounting for about $ 100million yearly. Arnotts Biscuits controls about 56 % of this market2. Where over the past few old ages. has seen to an addition in demand of premium quality biscuits.

The Emporio scope of cafe manner biscuits were foremost launched by Arnotts in January 2001 to run into this addition in demand for a high quality biscuit to emulate the cafe life style at place. By June 2003. the Emporio trade name of biscuits was expected to be deserving over $ 10million dollars to the Arnotts corporation3.

The followers will take to supply an analysis of the Emporio Brand. foregrounding the mark market along with the assorted selling schemes used by the trade name.

Target Market

Originally the Emporio trade name was m


arketed as a cafe choice scope of epicure biscuits. to be enjoyed on particular occasions. The trade name was aiming a niche high-class market. to exemplify prestigiousness and quality. The mark audience included successful adult females over 30. However. the merchandise was repositioned in the center of 2003. with assorted runs to aim a different market.

In order to successfully implement these alterations. a concern must first section its market. in order to clearly place the demands of the possible clients. Cleavage can happen through facets of:

Geographic location

The choice of Emporios is available state broad. with over 95 % of supermarkets accepting the product4. However. peculiar attending is paid to peculiar parts. such as extremely populated metropolitan countries. where the scope and measure of merchandises are greater.


The targeted age has non differed fro

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the original placement of the merchandise. nevertheless. peculiar attending is given to pull males. every bit good as keeping the strong relation with adult females. This is achieved via adapting and presenting new lines.

Emporio remain a premium biscuit. and therefore are tailored to the “white collar” professions. with medium to high income.


Through alterations in the life styles of this human ecology. a new more insouciant tendency of entertaining has emerged. for which intent this merchandise is been portrayed.


The Emporio trade name has kept with tradition of supplying an image of supreme quality and prestigiousness. nevertheless. one. which can be. now enjoyed daily.

Selling Scheme


It is of import to place the merchandise at different degrees ; at the nucleus the merchandise is a biscuit to be consumed with java. This nucleus merchandise is surrounded by another degree of designation. which allows the Emporio trade name to be recognized as one of quality. This is the existent merchandise where different manners of the original Emporio. combine with the quality and trade name acknowledgment of Arnotts.

The success of Emporio can be enjoyed. due to its successfully execution of positioning schemes. where an immediate image of value and quality was assigned with the Emporio name. A combination of positioning schemes was used include:

Positioning by benefits and quality – where the different scope of biscuits ever insured that ingredients really used of the highest quality and at they’re freshest.

Positioning by monetary value – people frequently associated a product’s monetary value with its quality. Emporio’s ranges of biscuits are a premium biscuit far expense than others available on supermarket shelves. reenforcing it as a quality merchandise.

Positioning by usage juncture – in its

earlier selling. the biscuit was shown as an occasional merchandise. Through shifting the biscuit provides a separate scope. for “daily indulgence” .

Boxing for the Emporio trade name has been recognized as an of import determined in its success by Arnott’s frailty president of trade name direction Peter West. Packaging was “instrumental in guaranting the welcome. and positioning the brand” . he says5. The Emporio scope is packaged to be recognized as a superior biscuit. which resemble cafe quality biscuits. via its single packaging of each biscuit. The packaging besides shows clearly with graphic colorss and images of the type of biscuit used to separate between other rivals.

Monetary value

Emporio besides implements a scope of pricing policies. To stand for high quality and separate itself from other scopes of biscuits it implements monetary value points ; along with monetary value and quality interactions. Where clients believe a higher monetary value can be associated with better quality.

Since Emporio’s remain an sole merchandise. a comparatively high monetary value can be changed in order to maximise net incomes. market skimming.


The Emporio trade name has employed legion advertisement methods to make consciousness. and finally bring on convection to buy their merchandise. The usage of state broad telecasting advertizements in 2003. to shift the trade name has seen a come back in late 2004. Combined with regular advertizement in respected nutrient. and manner magazines.

Television: The telecasting ads portrays the mark market of success business communities and adult females in station of attorneies. secretaries. and other executive functions basking a loosen uping “treat” with their java. whist singing the jangle.

The trade name has besides made usage of ‘below the line’ publicity techniques. free

sampling and point-of-purchase shows. Merchandise sampling has largely occurred to promote other manners of the Emporio biscuit via on-line grocers.

Topographic point

Emporio Biscuits are able to utilize the Arnotts trade name and worth to derive entree to direct channels. where the merchandise is distributed to metropolitan countries. along with shopping centres across the state. The distribution of the trade name is intensive. where the merchandise is available at all possible supermarkets. With over 95 % of national supermarkets encompassing the merchandise.

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