Carpe Diem

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Carpe diem is a poem written by Walt Whitman who is an American writer from 1819 to 1890. The title of this title comes from Greek that carpe would mean like opportunity and diem would mean day so carpe diem could be define as enjoy your day or live your day to maximum I first find the poem in Spanish and the title is no te detengas that has nothing to do with the title of “Carpe Diem”, this version is interpreted by Leandro Wolfson a little different but with the same inspirational message.

Carpe Diem is a poem that not uses rhyme also does not use any metaphorical phrases and neither allegorical characters, this poem talks directly to you it is talking to yourself in a easy and directly way and not using and weird language and is not talking nonsense.

I like it a lot because this way he used to write the poem does not use metaphorical phrases or difficult word so it is very easy to interpret it and because of that I saw that we can write inspirational poems without the part of being metaphorical or allegorical or to make the poem rhyme. In this poem Walt Whitman shows how we are full of dreams and goals and that we should stop being scared about the thought of failing or afraid about what other people might say if we do not accomplish our goals.

Carpe Diem talks from top to bottom about how we should see life that should not fear writing poetry and free our minds saying our thoughts , one of the quotes I liked a lot was “life is a desert and a oasis it knock us down, it hurts us but it teaches us” this quote refers that sometimes we are in situations when we make mistakes we feel like we are in a dark hole and we cannot get out and it is frustrating and annoying but we have to overcome that problem and learn from that mistake so that mistake is not repeated again .

Walt Whitman also advices us in this poem he says; do not fall into the worst mistakes: the silence. Most live in a dreadful silence. Do not resign escape. By this he is meaning that we should not be afraid of expressing ourselves because we have the rights to express ourselves that we can write or say things because we are free, he encourages the writers and the poets to published their poems and writes so they do not make the mistake of leaving in a horrible silence where they are only writing their idea without being heard.

Another quote of Walt “Issued by my alaridos roofs of this world,” he is talking about himself and again encouraging the poets by telling them that they should learn to valorize the simple things and see that they are a lot of beautiful things people can write poetry about. Lastly in the last verse it tell us that we should live our life to the maximum that we should enjoy every single day we have fulfill our destiny and do the task each one of us has in this life and enjoying what we are doing because if we do something we don’t like it will be as if we were in hell.

In conclusion I think that Carpe Diem is a very good poem because it inspires us and it has a good vibe to encourages us to live the life to maximum and the most important to enjoy it. Also in this poem he goes directly with the exact words and he is not being talking nonsense so he is giving the direct idea of what he is writing about. Also I perceive that he is inspiring the poets that they should not be afraid about their writing and express themselves.

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