BUA Chapter 14 quiz

Which form of marketing involves engaging directly with carefully targeted individual consumers and customer communities to both obtain an immediate response and build lasting customer relationships?
Direct and digital marketing
The benefits of direct and digital marketing for buyers are that it is_________.
Easy, convenient and private
Which of the following statements is true regarding sellers and their use of direct and digital marketing?
Sellers have opportunities to engage in real-time marketing.
Forms of digital and social media marketing include_______.
Online marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing
Websites, online advertising, email, online video, and blogs are all forms of _______.
online marketing
Which of the following is a form of traditional direct marketing?
Kiosk marketing
Which of the following is true regarding the forms of direct and digital marketing?
Both the new digital and the more traditional forms of direct marketing must be blended into a fully integrated marketing communications program.
Companies like Amazon and Expedia.com that sell products and services directly to final buyers over the Internet are known as________.
The primary purpose of________ websites is to present brand content that engages consumers and creates customer-brand community.
Branded community
Heico’s website is designed to quickly turn an inquiry into a sale. Geico has designed a(n) _______ website.
How does Google earn approximately 90% of its revenues?
Selling contextual advertising
To avoid being intrusive and annoying, most legitimate e-mail marketers practice_______, which means sending e-mail pitches only to customers who “opt in”.
Permission-based e-mail marketing
The digital version of word-of-mouth marketing that involves creating videos, ads, and other marketing content that is so infectious that customers will seek them out or pass them along to their friends is called __________.
Viral marketing
A blog is a(n) ________.
Online forum
Which of the following statements about blogs is correct?
Blogs can be difficult for the company to control.
Because social media are_______, they are ideal for starting and participating in customer conversations and listening to customer feedback.
One challenge of social media marketing is that__________.
social networks are largely user-controlled
Marketers use________ to engage customers anywhere, anytime during the buying and relationship-building processes.
Mobile marketing
Which of the following statements about mobile marketing is correct?
Smartphones can be very useful in shopping situations
According to the text, _______ is perhaps the biggest advantage of social media.
Engagement and social sharing capabilities
Consumers may receive an e-mail, supposedly from their bank or credit card company, saying that their account’s security has been compromised. The sender asks consumers to log on to a provided Web address and confirm their account and other personal information and then steals this private information. This is a fraudulent practice called _________.
_____________ is perhaps the toughest public policy issue now confronting the direct marketing industry.
Invasion of privacy
Many consumers today rent DVDs from a venting machine called Redbox, which can be found in retail stores and other locations. Redox is type of direct marketing tool called a(n)_________.
_______ involves sending an offer, announcement, reminder, or other item to a person at a particular address.
Direct-mail marketing
H&M recently ran ads that let viewers with certain Samsung smart TVs use their remotes to interact directly with the commercials. This recent form of direct response in television marketing is called_______

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