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MGMT490 Exam2 CH4&5 part1
26 Sep 2020 Database

question A business-level strategy is an integrated and coordinated set of commitments and actions designed to exploit core competencies and gain a competitive advantage in specific product markets. a. True b. False answer True question Every firm uses all levels of strategy: corporate, acquisition and restructuring, international and cooperative. a. True b. False answer False […]

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Chapters 19&20 Study Guide – American History

question The major profit of the new south gospel was answer Henry W Grady question The new south gospel emphasized all the following except answer Woman’s rights question Proponents of the new south believed that the south should answer Industrialize question In the late 1800s the south experienced major increases in the production of all […]

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2.11 ; 2.15 Practice Questions

question Which of the ff. is the single best rule to enforce when designing complex passwords? answer longer passwords question For users on your network, you want to automatically lock their user accounts if four incorrect passwords are used within 10 minutes. What should you do? answer configure account lockout policies in group policy question […]

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U.S. History Urbanization and Immigration Flashcards
19 Sep 2020 Database

question What were “Wildcatters”? answer a person who drills wildcat wells, which are exploration oil wells drilled in areas not known to be oil fields. question Where was “Boiler Avenue” and what was it? answer was the densest drilling spot in Spindleton, Texas question What new method made in the 1850’s made steel making faster […]

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Flashcards and Answers – Understanding Business Chapter 6

question Randy works as an entrepreneur. He owns an auto body shop. He recognized that his trade is not easily mass produced. This is:.. answer a factor which increases the chances his small business will succeed. question Having a product that is not easily mass produced is considered to be a factor which ____ the […]

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The Aggregate expenditure

question John meynard keynes created the aggregate demand expenditures model based primarily on what historic event answer Great depression question The aggregate expenditure model is built upon which of the following assumptions answer prices are fixed question A private closed economy includes answer Households and business, but not government or international trade question In the […]

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Systems Chapter 7

question For efficiency purposes, it is wise to___________ when there is a basic software need to be satisfied. Implement a company-wide project team to handle a custom software scripting Purchase a packaged system Design a blueprint and contract an outside vendor to develop a program Make do with the current software package Utilize a professional […]

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Sport Management chapter 1

question William Hulbert answer who founded the national league? question Fred Corcoran answer Who is recognized as the architect of the professional golf tournament? question Ohio University answer What university had the first sport management academic program? question reserve clause answer The name of the part of a contract that binded a professional baseball player […]

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Section 7.2- Mobility: The Business Value of a Wireless World

question personal area network (PAN) answer Provide communication over a short distance that is intended for use with devices that are owned and operated by a single user question bluetooth answer Wireless PAN technology that transmits signals over short distances between cell phones, computers, and other devices question wireless LAN (WLAN) answer A local area […]

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Quiz 7

question The software that a company’s IT department makes, builds, and develops is called ____ software. answer in-house question Outsourcing a basic business process is often called ____. answer BPO question ____ is an example of a nonprofit organization that publishes standards and reports for its members and the general public. answer The TPC question […]

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principlesof management mid term(1-9)

question New Competitive Landscapes answer four ongoing challenges that characterize the current business landscape: globalization, technological change, the importance of knowledge and ideas, and collaboration across organizational boundaries. question the sources of competitive advantage for a company answer Because business is a competitive arena, you need to deliver value to customers in ways that are […]

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players guide

question the 4 geographic markets answer europe-africa, asia-pacific, latin america, north america question currently selling how many pairs answer million annually question how much revenue, net earnings, and per share of common stock in current year? answer $238 million in revenue $25 million net earnings $2.50 per share of common stock question first priority as […]

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Operations Management Final Study

question In aggregate planning, the amount of overtime and the size of the work force are both adjustable elements of capacity. answer True question One function of inventory is to take advantage of quantity discounts answer True question ABC analysis classifies inventoried items into three groups, usually based on annual units or quantities used. answer […]

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My Systems Analysis Ch.7

question Outsourcing can refer to ____. answer the rental of software from a service provider the handling of a company’s entire IT function question Some data files should be hidden totally from view, while others should have ____ so users can view, but not change, the data. answer read-only properties question Which of the following […]

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question STP answer segmentation, targeting, positioning question market segmentation answer dividing a total market into groups of consumers who have similar needs and who respond similarly to marketing actions. question why segment answer diversity in needs and behaviors, improve effectiveness and efficiency of marketing actions question steps in segmentation answer group buyers group products develop […]

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MIS Ch.2

question Managerial Decision-making answer 1) Managers need to analyze large amounts of information 2) Managers mud make decisions quickly 3) Managers must apply sophisticated analysis techniques to make strategic decisions question Decision making process answer problem identification, data collection, solution generation, solution test, solution selection, solution implementation question Common company structure answer Strategic Managerial Operational […]

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Flashcards and Answers – microeconomics chapter 6

question MC Qu. 1 A business firm with limited liability would… A business firm with limited liability would be a answer corporation question MC Qu. 2 Most business firms in the United States are Most business firms in the United States are answer proprietorships question MC Qu. 21 Which statement is false? Which statement is […]

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MGT 241 final

question Planning is not essential to the success of an undertaking. answer false question Factors that must be addressed when planning a new venture include setting realistic goals, determining milestones, making a commitment, and having flexibility. answer true question One of the indicators of the failure to anticipate roadblocks is a lack of priorities. answer […]

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MGMT 3310: Chapter 19

question All well-designed control systems involve the use of _____ to determine whether performance meets established standards. answer Feedback question For control, this type of measure is an important part of achieving higher performance. answer Statistical question The firm’s financial position with respect to assets and liabilities at a specific point in time is shown […]

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Marketing Information Management Vocabulary

question Marketing Research answer process of collecting and analyzing information to help marketing teams make decisions question Marketing Information System (MIS) answer organized way of continually gathering, accessing and analyzing information marketing managers need to make decisions question Attitude or Opinion Research answer research conducted to discover how consumers feel about certain products, ideas or […]

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Management Test Chapter 3

question Managers often ignore problems. answer TRUE question Managers typically face ill-structured problems, leaving the decision maker uncertain about how to proceed. answer TRUE question Jake Smith is the manager of a small auto repair shop and must decide how much money he owes his suppliers. This is an example of a non-programmed decision. answer […]

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MAN 4701-Chapter: 1

question Cross Functional terms are usually a poor way to solve environmental problems? answer False question When environmentally proactive companies seek out imaginative, innovative new methods for reducing pollution and increasing efficiency, they are adopting which strategy? answer Technological innovation question Which of the following is NOT true about “green” management practices? answer No more […]

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