Bright Light Innovations SWOT Analysis Essay Example
Bright Light Innovations SWOT Analysis Essay Example

Bright Light Innovations SWOT Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: October 1, 2017
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A group of professional members of Colorado State University excited about developing and marketing the merchandise The Starlight Stove consumes 50 to 70 per centum less fuel than regular ranges The range generates electricity from a thermoelectric generator. Rivals do non offer the same characteristics as the Starlight Stove. Increase household income because Starlight Stoves allows households to concentrate more on gaining more money instead than roll uping fuel or wood to bring forth electricity The Starlight Stove costs less than the competition


The university is a non-profit organisation. doing it harder to happen support Working grownups in Nepal make between $ 1 and $ 3 per twenty-four hours
Less than half of the Nepali population can read
Marketing run demands to be adjusted based on engineering restrictions Management is establishing its merchandise in a really alone civilization with economic uncertainnes


s that can convey many challenges to the squad


Offer an advanced merchandise. Starlight Stove. where consumers can safely cook Expand to the Nepal market as the clime is accessible to advance the new merchandise There is a mark market of 89 per centum of families that need electricity in Nepal The Starlight Stove will straight lend to the decrease of eroding and implosion therapy in Nepal Starlight Stove engineerings can increase family efficiency by more than 20 percent per twenty-four hours Children can concentrate more on instruction because Starlight generates more hours of visible radiation


Streams and rivers can make micro-hydropower. leting families to bring forth electricity at no extra cost Solar panels can offer electricity to many families
Nepal’s division into 75 territories creates a market cleavage that become a true challenge when presenting the new merchandise The direction

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squad non being able to happen a support establishment that can supply loans to the Nepali people

Evaluation of Options

Bright Light Innovations has a series of considerations that need to be reviewed before doing concluding determinations. Introducing a new merchandise on such a alone market can stand for a batch of challenges for direction ( Mckeever. 2005 ) . Culture and population are of import factors for direction to measure before making onto this market ( mention to Appendix A ) . There are good factors such as clime and societal demands that make Nepal a strong market to present the range concern. However. support and household income are large concerns for direction because even though there are a batch of strengths and chances for Bright Light Innovations in Nepal. dainties and failings can negatively impact the launching of the Starlight Stove in the Nepali market. Management wants to be a for-profit concern and in order to do a net income they would hold to sell the Starlight Stove for $ 80 per unit. As described in the instance. there are about 9. 2 million families in Nepal. but the GNI per capital is about $ 400.

Nepali people do non do more than $ 3 per hebdomad. which limits direction when doing pricing determinations. Micro-financing might be a possibility but they have to see that non all families have a fixed income. Consequently. finance establishments might be hesitating to supply loans to some of the households. Since direction does non desire to look to contributions. grants. or authorities alleviation. they will hold to make onto concern leaders. authorities members of Nepal. and other establishments to expose

the merchandise and all the benefits it can convey to the state. As described above. some of the benefits of the Starlight Stove are: offers an advanced engineering where consumers can safely cook. contributes to cut down eroding and implosion therapy in the country. additions household efficiency by more than 20 percent per twenty-four hours. and generates more hours of visible radiation which can assist kids concentrate more on instruction.

If Bright Light Innovations decides to fabricate the Starlight Stove locally. it can stand for an addition in local occupations. income per capital. and children’s instruction. In add-on. it can drastically diminish deforestation and indoor air pollution ( top 10 causes of mortality ) . Therefore. strong selling schemes and determinations have to be introduced to efficaciously advance the Starlight Stove throughout the 75 territories ( 60 small towns dwelling of 450 small towns ) . Management demands to carefully see the selling program for this merchandise since there are engineering restrictions and merely half of the grownups can read in Nepal.

Support of Recommendations

Market cleavage allows sellers to understand customers’ demands and place mark markets ( Peter & A ; Donnelly. 2011 ) . Bright Light Innovations will be able to measure different sections to find differential advantages in each of those sections. Furthermore. direction will be able to find any of the peculiar selling mix for a more successful strategic program. Market cleavage can be obtained by researching geographic informations ( nothing codification. part. etc ) . demographic informations ( age. business. nationality. etc ) . psychographic informations ( societal position. personal type. etc ) . behavioural informations ( client behaviour ) . or any

other informations that can be good to the research ( Kawasaki. 2004 ) . Harmonizing to Hyman and Sierra ( 2010 ) . before a service or merchandise is introduced into the market. the seller needs to hold a good apprehension of the consumer’s demands and penchants. For that ground. it is recommended that direction considers all of the restrictions and challenges that the Nepali market has for the Starlight Stove.

Major determinations need to be made by direction to efficaciously do net income on this merchandise. Therefore. since there are similar features in northern India. direction should see this other market as another possible option ( see Appendix B ) . India is a far more developed state than Nepal. India is ranked in the lower-middle-income group with a GNI per capital of about $ 1500 ( The World Bank. 2014 ) . On the other manus. Nepal is ranked in the low-income group. There are other possible markets in South Asia that can be consider and might stand for a less challenge. particularly since direction is looking to do net income. Bright Light Innovations needs to see GNI Numberss before make up one's minding where this merchandise will be launched. Because there are engineering restrictions in Nepal. direction will necessitate to make a selling run that can be clear and easy to understand by the Nepali citizens. Magazines are ever a great beginning of selling. but these can stand for a challenge in Nepal since merely half of the grownups can read and 11 % of the families have electricity.

Therefore. visuals and marks can be strategically placed among the different small towns to aim

the corresponding territories. Bright Light Innovations can travel to the schools and educate the kids about how the Starlight Stove can profit their households and their lives as they represent the hereafter coevalss in Nepal. In this manner. kids can talk to their parents about everything they have learned about this new advanced and low-cost new merchandise. Management can besides set up meetings with each of the local authoritiess to present the merchandise and explicate all the benefits that can convey to the local communities. In this manner. local authorities functionaries can assist Bright Light Innovations keep local assemblages with audio-visual systems that can pull as many villagers as possible. Management can talk to the crowd about the benefits of the Starlight Stove and show its characteristics through a unrecorded demo or lively entertaining picture.

The audience will acquire to cognize the merchandise and understand the positive impact that can hold for their households and environment. A market cleavage procedure has to be created to find the families who have electricity and aim the appropriate market to obtain an analysis of consumer’s demands and penchants ( Fiore. 2005 ) . Management will hold to make a strategic selling program to make those clients who already have electricity ( e. g. solar panels ) and might be interested in salvaging money. Harmonizing to Perreault. Cannon. and McCarthy ( 2013 ) . sellers need to make a rival analysis to “compare the strengths and failings of your current ( or planned ) mark market and selling mix with what rivals are presently making or are likely to make in response of your strategy” ( p. 63 ) .


illustration. promotional stuffs are of import factors in the success of a selling program ( Horvath. Mitev. & A ; Bauer. 2014 ) . Management need to make advertizement with tonss of visuals that provide information about the Starlight Stove to pull villagers from different countries. Bright Light Innovations needs to happen a fiscal establishment that can offer flexible loans to the Nepali villagers as family incomes vary from territory to territory. If the merchandise is manufactured locally. which can salvage a batch of import revenue enhancements. direction might see set uping a price reduction plan for the employees.

As a consequence. more locals will be able to afford purchasing the Starlight Stove. increasing trade name name and trade name trueness throughout the small towns. In today’s economic system. selling schemes have to be flexible plenty to suit market demands and penchants. The long-run success of a merchandise comes from strategic selling program thoughts and “long-term selling and trade name edifice that can straight impact the fight of a company. particularly by distinguishing it from rivals. and merchandise arrangements portion of long-run selling and trade name building” ( Kramolis & A ; Kopeckova . 2013. p. 98 ) .

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