SWOT analysis for Swatch Essay Example
SWOT analysis for Swatch Essay Example

SWOT analysis for Swatch Essay Example

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  • Published: July 20, 2017
  • Type: Analysis
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The ticker market is going really disconnected which makes the publicity of the trade name hard.

Swatch has been confronting a really low turnover of its assets compared to its competitor’s parent company.

The productiveness per employee is weak hence impacting the fiscal net incomes of the parent company. The productiveness of Swatch Group is $ 0. 2 Million Compared to $ 0. 3 Million of its competitor’s Seiko.

The production costs of company central offices are excessively high. Swatch’s rivals locate fabrication activities in low-priced states t. But Swatch had ever committed to its Swiss place base. It is a large disadvantage to do tickers in one of the most expensive states in the universe.


  1. Improved economic status in developing states like China and India is increasing people’s disposable income.
  2. As developing states become more westernized ; Swatch could derive a competitory

    border in these turning markets with a mixture of its advanced design and artistic attack.

  3. The recent economic downswing has changed the disbursement ability of the con¬sumer. They are exchanging from epicurean to low-cost goods.
  4. The advanced alteration in the e-commerce and retail sector gives a direct exposure to market its merchandise.
  5. Threat:

    1. Menaces from the forgery ticker market is turning concern been. This consequences in loss of trade name and its repute. Recent studies show that. the imitative ticker industry causes losingss of over $ 1 Billion every twelvemonth.
    2. Swatch clients are urban trendsetters who prefer alterations and are unpredictable. So if swatch fails to bring forth innovate manner it can do immense loss on its gross revenues.
    3. Europe is presently the biggest market for Swatch tickers. nevertheless due to the economic recession and monetar

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value arrested development its place is threatened.

  • Plastic and metal is the chief natural stuff for Swatch tickers. Recent monetary value addition in rough oil and metal is doing the natural stuff expensive and production cost really high which leaves a really low border for net income.
  • Technology of smartwatch ( The ticker has ) is going more and more mature. its manner design and high-tech functionalities would catch the market portion from traditional tickers. Furthermore. the mark market of smartwatch is besides immature people. it is overlap with Swatch.
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