Water Refilling Station Business Guide Essay Example
Water Refilling Station Business Guide Essay Example

Water Refilling Station Business Guide Essay Example

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  • Published: August 19, 2017
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Due to the rising demand for clean and safe drinking water, water replenishing stations have emerged as a successful and popular enterprise in Manila and other urban areas across the country. The escalating prices of household water purifiers and bottled water have rendered them inaccessible to many individuals. Consequently, privately operated water replenishing stations present a more economical and convenient substitute for people's drinking water needs when compared to bottled water or household filters.

Water Replenishing Station

The problem and its scope


Purified H2O refers to water that has undergone physical processes to eliminate impurities, such as distilled water and de-ionized water. However, there are alternative purification techniques like reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, ultraviolet oxidation, electro dialysis, and more. Conversely, mineral water is obtained from natural mineral springs or sources a


nd contains minerals or other dissolved substances that improve its flavor or offer therapeutic advantages.

The classification of water as hard or soft is determined by the composition of dissolved substances, including salts and sulfur compounds. Hard water has a greater concentration of minerals, while soft water contains fewer minerals. Distilled water is created by removing impurities through distillation, which involves boiling the water and collecting the condensed steam separately.

A few years ago, Cagayan De Oro City had only a limited number of water replenishing plants, namely Nature Spring and Wilkins. However, unlike Nature Spring which made substantial investments in larger companies and maintained its market strength, Wilkins failed to take advantage of their high quality product. In response to the growing demand for this essential resource, local entrepreneurs started investing in the industry with the aim of securing a portion of the market through identifying distinctive

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opportunities and niches. This initiated an intense and relentless competition for customers, akin to an eternal dogfight.

The market has become more competitive with the entrance of more people. Currently, there are over 100 water replenishing companies in Cagayan De Oro, according to the sole jug provider in the area.

Capital Investing

  1. Water Replenishing Machine – P 250,000.00
  2. Renovation or new shop at least 20sqm size – 75,000.00
  3. Delivery vehicle ( bike with bearer or multi-cab ) – 75,000.00
  4. Business license ;A ;other legal physician ( DTI, Mayor’s license, Water proving, etc.) – 10,000.00
  5. Initial Supplies /miscellaneous – 31,750.00
  6. 150 Bottles slim – 18,750.00
  7. 50 Bottles unit of ammunition – 7,500.00
  8. heat gun- 2,500.00
  9. vitamin D Stickers – 3,000.00
  10. Others -8 ,250 .0

Total = P450 ,000 .0
Note: Actual investment may increase or decrease depending on your available resources.

    < li > - less amount for the delivery vehicle if you already have one or you can buy a second unit.
    < li > - less amount for the shop building if you already have one.
    < li > - increase or decrease amount on replenishing equipment,
    depending on what type of water product you want to sell(e.g.Mineral is only P150 ,000 .0 etc.)

Gross Sales Income

Check market price per
5 gal.container.The monetary value for H2O merchandise may vary depending on the country and the type.The prices per container are as follows: - Mineral Water: P20 ~ P25 - Purified Water: P30 ~ P35 - Alkaline

Water: P45 ~ P50 - PI Water: P200 ~ P250. The monthly gross sales target for the first two months is at least 50 containers per day, with a selling price of P30. This amounts to a total monthly sales of P39,000 (50 containers x P30 x 26 days). The monthly expenses for the business include total expenses of P15,600, manpower/salaries of P500/day orP9,100/month, driver cost ofP200/day, re-filler costofP150/day, electric bill amounting toP3,500,pone bill costingP500,gas allowance/transportation fee ofP1,500,and consumables and others totalingtoP1,000. By deducting the gross expenses from the gross sales (Net Profit = Gross Sales - Gross Expenses),the net profit is calculated to beP23,400.It's important to note that accurately calculating the monthly gross sales based on machine capacity (GPD) alone is not possible.Selling 200 bottles a day in the first two months would be unlikely unless the business has been running for a year and has established a customer base.The executive summary of this study covers Best Blue Water Refilling Station's proposed system.

Advocates have observed that since the company's inception, it has relied on a manual-based operation for its stock list and point of sale (POS) system. This results in slow processing and unreliable information within their bing system. To tackle these issues, the advocates developed a POS and Inventory system specifically for Best Blue Water Refilling Station. The purpose is to overcome the challenges associated with operating round-the-clock using an outdated manual system. This solution addresses concerns such as redundancy, potential damage to saved documents due to spills, and other problems arising from human error. In addition, it simplifies the task of employees in managing and retrieving information when adding items to a

customer's history or as required.

Manual searching and scanning of papers will no longer be necessary as the proposed system will handle and record daily sales. The advocates have included tabular arraies, figures, and diagrams to better understand and explain the system. These visuals will guide the owner and other readers in understanding the flow of the system and the potential profit it can generate.

Chapter I

Introduction 1.1 Project Context

The Best Blue H2O replenishing station will implement a new, user-friendly and accurate method for entering their sales. The sales will be encoded, which will improve the efficiency of the company and reduce the time spent searching for and recording files. The information can be accessed at any time, benefiting both the owner and employees.

1.2 Purpose & Description

The proposed system aims to reduce computer science time, eliminate manual procedures, and prevent computational errors.

Search for the customer's record by entering the full name (last name, first name).

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