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1. ) Restate Nuware’s 2013 net incomes as if the company had used the same accounting methods and premises as R. P. Stuart. Your reply should concentrate on. but non needfully be limited to. Nuware’s accounting for investings. receivables. stock list. and PP & A ; E.

From the treatments in Nuware’s notes and the comparing with RP. Stuart’s fiscal statement. we noticed that there are several different accounting policies being adopted. including receivables. stock list. advertizement cost and PP & A ; E. Furthermore. it seems that Nuware is utilizing additions on investing to pull strings entire income. Therefore. we made some accommodation to do the comparing between Nuware and R. P Stuart more dependable. For case. we assumed the same reserve/receivable ratios of these two companies to avoid possible aggressive gross acknowledgment by Nuware’s direction ( see Appendix ) . However. there is non adequate information to do accommodation on PP & A ; E depreciations.

Then we can compare the public presentation of these two companies in 2013 ( as shown below ) . However. we can non acquire find adequate information to do a comprehensive accommodation on 2012 informations ( in peculiar. we don’t have the appraisal on 2011 stock list utilizing FIFO method ) . As a consequence. we can non cipher the growing rate of EPS exactly here.

2. ) Assess the fiscal public presentation of Nuware versus R. P. Stuart. Nuware and R. P. Stuart are in the same industry and portion virtually indistinguishable concern theoretical account. which make them comparable. Before accommodation. Nuware showed a much better fiscal public presentation than that of R. P Stuart respects to net income. gross net income border. return on plus & A ; equity. and EPS growing etc. After doing necessary accommodation. we found that Nuware still outperforms R. P. Stuart. but with a smaller border. The existent net income is merely 71 % of the original figure. which later lowered the return on assets and equity. But due to the higher purchase ratio. Nuware’s return on equity is still 2x that of R. P. Stuart ( originally 3x ) . However. what worries us most is the combination of a negative net incomes growing and slower gross revenues growing. Using these standards. Nuware is non crushing the industry ( really performed worse than R. P Stuart in footings of gross revenues growing in 20131 ) .

3. ) Would you qualify the accounting discretion applied by Nuware’s direction as aggressive? Why or why non?

Nuware’s Management accounting discretion can be seen as aggressive for several grounds: 1. They unnaturally lower the allowance of history receivable to hike income and gross border. Furthermore. when gauging militias. per centum of gross revenues method is less accurate than the elaborate monthly reappraisal method adopted by R. P Stuart’s. 2. Compared to R. P. Stuart. LIFO reduced the revenue enhancement and LIFO settlement in twelvemonth 2013 ensuing in unnaturally high net income every bit good. 3. The acknowledgment of unfulfilled additions for available for sale investing assets besides contributed to the higher net income. which should be considered individually from income from its nucleus concern. 4. There might be some aggressive premises when deprecating PP & A ; E. which deserves more elaborate analysis.

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