Bishop’s Scholarship Essay Example
Bishop’s Scholarship Essay Example

Bishop’s Scholarship Essay Example

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  • Published: August 13, 2021
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We are a Community of Believers in Jesus, the Christ, called to impact Family, Neighborhood, and Society with the Gospel so that People’s lives are filled with Hope. The Catholic Church upholds the theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity. Faith is defined as "The Theological virtue by which we believe in God and trust in all that he has communicated and revealed to us through the Holy Church because he is truth itself. Through faith, individuals willingly dedicate their entire selves to God and strive to understand and fulfill his desires."

"The righteous shall live by faith. Living faith works through charity." My faith is the cornerstone of my individuality. God unveils the callings embedded in our hearts. I am devoted to pursuing the course that aligns with God's will for me. While I am unsure about God's precise blueprint for


my life, I comprehend that my current deeds hold equal importance to my future endeavors. Since a young age, I have recognized that the choices I make today profoundly influence who I will ultimately become, and I am resolute in molding myself into the person of my aspirations."

With a strong desire to actively engage in my community and fulfill Christ's mission, I am dedicated to guiding and motivating others through the principles of Catholicism. Throughout my youth, I relentlessly strive to grow into the best version of myself. Currently, I proudly hold the prestigious role of President within Our Lady of The Assumption Catholic School's Student Council. Additionally, as a student athlete, I have accomplished remarkable academic and athletic feats. My participation in the First Place Academic Decathlon Team in 2018 and subsequent involvemen

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in 2019 not only showcases my unwavering pursuit of excellence but also highlights my commitment to exceeding expectations.

In addition, my soccer club recognizes me for maintaining an impressive 4.0 GPA while simultaneously demonstrating leadership qualities on the field. Over a span of nine years, I remain a devoted student at Our Lady of the Assumption school.

My siblings and I have graduated from Our Lady of the Assumption, where we have been attending since birth, demonstrating our longstanding connection to our Church. We come from a family with a strong Catholic background. Both my brother and I will continue this tradition as the third generation to attend Aquinas High School. Throughout my life, I have actively participated in various roles within my Church including being a lector, altar server, psalmist, and currently singing in the children's choir led by Kathleen Estrella.

Recently, I organized and facilitated a Faith and Leadership Camp at Our Lady of The Assumption school where students in grades first through sixth learned about leadership and how our faith can make us better leaders. Speaking of faith, my deep love and fascination for Christianity and Catholicism is something I want to express. As the people God placed on this Earth, we are called to unite and look beyond our differences, loving, respecting, having faith, being leaders, and being the change we want to see in the world as Christians. We have an obligation from God, our perfect and infinite creator, to come together. My goal is to spread the message of faith and God's love to every soul through words or actions by performing charitable acts that bring goodness into the world starting with

our community. Aquinas is an exceptional school excelling in academics and athletics while also showing compassion and love towards the community. However, most importantly, it is a family that grows together in our faith journeys guiding each other closer to Our Lord.

The Aquinas community flourishes by individuals growing through various tools, guidance, and opportunities available to each student. I aspire to become a part of this family and contribute to its progress by spreading God's word with compassion, inspiring a movement of faithful followers, and living out my Catholic beliefs, academic ambitions, and athletic aspirations. I am devoted and fully dedicated to any assigned task. I genuinely believe that I am the most suitable candidate for the scholarship and have the ability to surpass the expectations set by the San Bernardino Church Mission. Joining Aquinas High School will undoubtedly be beneficial as I will devote myself entirely to excelling in every aspect. The theological virtue of Hope leads us to yearn for the kingdom of heaven and eternal happiness, trusting in the promises of Christ and relying on the grace of the Holy Spirit rather than our own abilities.

'Let us remain steadfast in our belief and trust without hesitation, for the one who made a promise is trustworthy. 'The Holy Spirit . . . was abundantly bestowed upon us through Jesus Christ our Savior, enabling us to be justified by his grace and inherit the hope of eternal life.' Our hope has been present throughout history, from various covenants and teachings like the beatitudes to anticipating the return of Christ. Every person must strengthen their faith, purify their hearts, and surrender their sins at Jesus'


My daily routine includes demonstrating my devotion through prayer, singing, and participating in The Mass. My objective is to serve as a positive Catholic role model and inspire hope in others. Charity holds great significance for me; it entails loving God above all else and treating others with the same love we have for ourselves. I firmly believe in the inherent value of every human being and acknowledge the importance of each person's existence. As a student at Aquinas High School, I am fully committed to achieving greatness and actively engaging in acts of charity. Charity is acknowledged as the primary theological virtue, highlighting that each individual is imperfect yet intentionally created by God.

Knowing that we all have faults and differences, it is important to have patience. The greatest commandment is to love God and love thy neighbor. The quote “Don’t judge someone because they sin differently than you” exemplifies this virtue. We are not to judge others for their sins because it is God’s job and because we also sin. I sincerely and genuinely commit to becoming the kind of Student and Catholic I should be. I am the best applicant for this award because I understand the importance of being a community of believers and making a positive impact on family, neighborhood, and society through the gospel, bringing hope to people's lives.

I am dedicated to excelling in my roles as a student, athlete, and Catholic. Throughout the years, I have wholeheartedly pursued this scholarship, establishing myself as an eligible and motivated candidate. The opportunity to represent Our Lady of the Assumption parish would be an honor. I sincerely appreciate your consideration for this

esteemed award.

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