Bio Ch. 4 – Flashcard

Specialized cells that work together to perform a common function are called
epithelial tissue
Which type of tissue covers body surfaces and lines body cavities?
Jacob looked up and saw the car. This information was relayed to him via what type of tissue?
epithelial cells
Which of the following cells would have a greater probability of developing into cancer?
Bone cancer and other cancers of connective tissue are called
cells, ground substance, and protein fibers.
The three major components of connective tissue are
What protein provides flexibility and strength to connective tissues?
elastic fibers
It is thought that President Abraham Lincoln suffered from a genetic disorder known as Marfan syndrome. Which type of fiber is affected in this disorder?
hyaline and elastic cartilage
What are the two forms of fibrous connective tissue?
Alison was looking at a tissue under the microscope. It had cells within lacuna and the matrix was glassy looking. What type of tissue is she looking at?
Todd’s father slipped a disk in his back. Dr. Foster explained to the family that the intervertebral disks are composed of
the flexibility of the matrix
What characteristic can be used to differentiate bone and cartilage?
red blood cells
What carries oxygen in the blood?
formed elements and plasma.
The two components of blood are
As a result of an infection, which component of blood would increase?
small intestines
Lymphatic vessels serve to absorb fat molecules from the
intercalated discs.
While observing cardiac muscle under the microscope for the first time, Jennifer noticed lines running perpendicular to the direction of the muscle. These lines are called
actin and myosin filaments.
The stripes in skeletal muscle are due to the presence of
skeletal muscle
In turning a page, you would mainly be using what type of muscle?
Nervous tissue
What type of tissue receives sensory input, integrates data, and conducts impulses?
The specialized cells in the nervous system that serve to conduct a signal are known as
dendrites, axons
When you put your hand on a hot stove, ____ receive signals from the sensory receptors or other neurons and ______ conduct nerve impulses.
Which type of cell is neuroglia found outside of the brain?
oligodendrocytes and Schwann cells
Which two types of cells make myelin?
basement membrane
In epithelial tissues, what serves to anchor the epithelial tissue to underlying connective tissue?
What type of epithelial tissue is found in the urinary bladder and allows it to stretch?
One of the dangers of smoking is that it disrupts the defensive system that utilizes ciliary action of what type of specialized epithelia?
Endocrine, exocrine
___ glands are considered ductless glands, while ___ glands contain ducts.
The epithelial lining of the small intestine is modified for what function?
Stretch marks are the result of tears in the integumentary layer that contains fibrous connective tissue, elastin, and collagen. What is this region of the integument called?
nerves/blood vessels
Which of the following is mismatched to its location in the skin?
Which of the following is responsible for the waterproofing of skin?
Which layer of the skin is responsible for tanning?
Which type of gland can become blocked and form a “blackhead?”
urinary system
Which of the following body systems is located in a specific cavity of the body?
thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic
What cavities develop from the ventral cavity?
respiratory and urinary
Which systems function in adjustment of the acid-base balance of the blood?
tubes of the digestive system
Which of the following body parts is surrounded by a mucous membrane?
The pleurae would be found in which body system?
brain and spinal cord
What membrane is infected in meningitis?
respiration rate
Which of the following is not involved in body temperature homeostasis?

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