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how many phases are in a cell. g1,g2,g3,m
what is the approximate life span of a cell. for years until they recognize an invader
what is the relationship between a molecule of dna and. chromosomes dna wraps around his tones at regular inter vals similar to beads on a string one half of a duplicated chromosomes is called a cromatid
what is a cell cycle. the cell cycle is how the cell lives
what is inter phases Gap 1, synthesis, and gap 2 together make up what is called interphase.
What might happen if the G2 checkpoint stopped working in cells? every thing will get mest up and be out of oder
Do you think a skin cell would have a long or short G1 stage? Explain why. i think it will have a shorter g1 stage because the G 1 stage differs most from cell type to cell type.
a nucleotide is made of three parts a sugar, a phosphate group, and a nitrogen-containing molecule called a base.
When the sugars and phosphate groups bond, they form the back bone

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