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World History Chapter 1 review answers

\”The Plague\” information (cause and effect) Caused by trading ships that carried rats w/ infected fleas from Asia to Europe Effects were: epidemic, killed 1/3rd of population, decreased power of the Roman Catholic Church, ended feudalism Italy’s advantages 3 Advantages 1. Thriving Cities – divided into city states where people could exchange ideas – intellectual […]

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SATP US History Test review shared from another teacher

question Plessy vs. Ferguson answer supported Jim Crow laws; separate is equal question Wabash vs. Illinois answer only federal government could regulate trade from interstate railroad commerce; states have no power question Muller vs. Oregon answer the Supreme Court upheld state’s right to limit female employee working hours; remember Triangle Shirtwaist fire!!! question Schneck vs. […]

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Apush marking period 3

question All of the following were orginal territories of North America Indian populations within the current borders of the US answer North east, southeast, great plains, great basin, plateau, California question The origins of the modern plantation system can be found in the answer Portuguese slave trade question Spain began to fortify and settle its […]

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Ancient Africa and America Prehistory-c.e. 1600

question What is the second largest continent in the world? answer Africa 11.3 million square miles question From north to south Africa there are what two things? answer -a succession of climatic zones -desert, savannah, rain forest, mountain ranges question What continent is suggested to be where human life began? answer Africa question Where is […]

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Criminology Test 3

question Developmental theorists attempt to provide a natural history of criminal behavior by encompassing answer its onset, continuation, and termination question Latent trait theorists believe human development is controlled by a master trait present at birth or soon after that answer increases propensity to crime question How do life course theorists view criminality? answer as […]

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Physical Exam Chpt 3

question Guidelines for Standard Precautions indicate that mask and eye protection or a face mask should be worn while performing answer trachea care and suctioning. question Standard Precautions apply to all patients answer receiving care in hospitals. question According to the guidelines for Standard Precautions answer the caregiver’s hands should be washed after touching any […]

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Black History Month – Authors, Singers, & Musicians

question Alex Haley answer Among others, I’ve interviewed Martin Luther King Jr., Sammy Davis Jr., and Malcolm X. I am best known for my novel Roots, which chronicles my ancestors’ journey of slavery from Africa to America. question Aretha Franklin answer Some people call me the \”Queen of Soul\” for my powerful singing voice I […]

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OFL World History Unit 1

question Democracy answer \”Rule of the people\” question Direct democracy answer Citizens rule and make laws directly rather than through representatives question Republic answer Government in which power rests with citizens who have the right to elect the leaders who make governmental decisions question Twelve tables answer The earliest code of roman civil, criminal, and […]

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Animal Farm ch. 1-4

question scullery answer a small room next to the kitchen question mincing answer to cut up meat question tyranny answer a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator question dissentients answer ones who disagree question enmity answer a state of deep-seated ill-will question mr. jones and mrs. jones answer who owns […]

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A History of World in 6 Glasses: Beer

question What is it that humans cannot do without, next to breathe oxygen answer Humans cannot live without liquid refreshments question How did early men ensure an adequate supply of fresh water some 10,000 years ago answer Early men got their water supply by living near rivers, springs, and lakes question Name four roles that […]

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U.S. History Chapter 11 Review

question Samuel Morse answer Revolutionized communication by developing a system of sending messages using electronic signals. question Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama answer These eight states were admitted to the United States between 1792-1819. question Missouri Compromise answer 1. Missouri is admitted as a slave state; Maine is admitted as a free […]

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AP World History Chapter 9 Vocab

question Quran answer the recorded revelations in 610 of Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, sacred scriptures of Islam, some regard as words of God and core of faith, message was radically monotheistic, discussed submission to Allah, demanded social justice, challenged Arab clan and tribe system. These scriptures are the sacred text of Islam, lay out beliefs and […]

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World History Chapter 17 Questions

question In northern Italy what two professions began to express the spirit of life after enduring years of plague and war? answer writers, artisans question educated men and women had hoped to bring back what two cultures? answer Greece, rome question where did the renaissances start answer Italy question why in theses city states did […]

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AP Euro: Important People

question Girolamo Savonarola answer (1452-1498) Dominican friar, attacked government of Florence (Lorenzo de’ Medici), corruption of Pope Alexander VI, became religious leader of Florence, eventually excommunicated and executed by pope, shows that common people did not share worldly outlook of elite question Petrarch answer (1304-1374) thought he was living at the start of a new […]

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American History Chapter 10 Assessment

question What was the Wilmot Proviso? answer 1846 bill that would have banned slavery in the territory won from Mexico in the Mexican American War question What was the Free Soil Party? answer antislavery political party of the mid 1800s question What was popular sovereignty? answer the voters in a territory get to decide wether […]

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chem 1050 exam 2

question Which of these represents the best Lewis structure for acetylene (C 2 H 2 )? answer A. H-C-C-H (triple bond between C’s) question Although carbon dioxide is the primary compound discussed with respect to global warming; of the common atmospheric components the global warming potential (GWP) of a carbon dioxide molecule is very low. […]

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AP World History Terms

question Paleolithic Age answer (Old Stone Age) from about 750,000 years ago to 14,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers and first simple stone and wood tool use question Mesolithic Age answer (Middle Stone Age) 12,000-8,000 B.C.E., stone tools improved and more animals domesticated question Neolithic Age answer (New Stone Age) latest part of the Stone Age beginning […]

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AP World History Chapter 4 Review

question When does classicl civilization appear on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea? answer 800 BCE question When does this civilization fall? answer 476 CE question Which was first to establish- Greeks or Romans? answer Greeks question What empire tried to take over Greeks? answer Persian Empire question Buildings and memorials in DC were designed […]

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AP World History Timeline Period 4: Global Interactions

question 1453 answer Fall of the Eastern Roman Empire question 1464-1591 answer Empire of Songhay question 1492 answer The Reconquista question 1494 answer First voyage of Christopher Columbus question 1497-1498 answer Treaty of Tordesillas question 1517 answer Vasco de Gama’s voyage to India question 1549-1521 answer Beginning of the Protestant Reformation question 1526-1858 answer Spanish […]

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question You find an unresponsive pt. who is not breathing. After activating the emergency response system, you determine there is no pulse. What is your next action? answer Start chest compressions of at least 100 per min. question You are evaluating a 58-year-old man with chest pain. The blood pressure is 92/50 mm Hg, the […]

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World History Chapter 14 Questions
28 Jul 2020 Database

question according to some historians the period in western Europe between 500-1000 is known as what? answer dark age question what institute led the spiritual revival? answer clergy question list the main issues that reformers of the church were concerned about. answer 1. village priests marrie & had families 2. simony 3. kings appointed church […]

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Art in Humanities test 3

question c answer The supervision by one individual or group over the artistic expression of another individual or group is known as: a. editorial photography. b. political arena. c. censorship. d. afterimage. e. collodion process. question c answer The use by artists of the camera obscura (literally dark room) began in: a. classical Greece. b. […]

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