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All of the following were orginal territories of North America Indian populations within the current borders of the US
North east, southeast, great plains, great basin, plateau, California
The origins of the modern plantation system can be found in the
Portuguese slave trade
Spain began to fortify and settle its north American border lands in order to
Protect its central south American domains from England and France
Which of the following is the false concept, which held that the Spanish conquerors merely tortured and butchered the Indians, stole their gold, infected them with smallpox, and left little but misery behind?
Black legend
The English treatment of the Irish, under the reign of Elizabeth I, can be described as
violent and unjust
Arrange the following events in chronological order: (A) Reformation, (B) founding of Jamestown, (C) Restoration, (D) defeat of the Spanish Armada, (E) colony of Georgia founded
The spirit of the English on the eve of colonization included all of the following
restlessness. self-confidence, curiosity, thirst for adventure
The Virginia Charter guaranteed that the English settlers in the New World would
retain the rights of Englishmen
Chief Powhatan had Captain John Smith kidnapped in order to
impress Smith with the chief’s power
Despite its problems, Maryland had prospered, and like Virginia it
depended for labor in its early years mainly on white indentured servants
All of the English plantation colonies in the south
Puritan religious beliefs allowed all of the following except
challenging religious authority
Roger William’s beliefs include all of the following except
demanding oaths regarding religious beliefs
the headright system, which made some people very wealthy, consisted of
giving the right to acquire fifty acres of land to the person paying the passage of a laborer to America
Southern colonies generally allowed married women to retain separate title to their property because
Southern men frequently died young
The Salem with trials were
opposed by the more responsible members of the clergy
the late seventeenth century rebellion in new york was headed by ______, whereas that in Maryland was led by
Jacob Leisler, Protestants
the most important manufacturing enterprise in colonial America in the eighteenth century was
the Molasses Act of 1733 was intended to
inhibit colonial trade with the french west indies
When william pitt beacme prime minister during the seven years’ war, he
focused his military strategy on the capture of French Canada
when colonists shouted \”no taxation without representation\”, they were denying Parliament’s power to
levy revenue raising taxes on the colonies
Colonists objected to the enactment of the Stamp Act in 1765 because
Parliament passed the tax, not the colonists
At the outset of the American War of independence
Washington and his army escaped New York because of British General Howe’s caution
When the second continental congress met in 1775
well defined sentiment for independence
the colonial army eventually lost the battle of bunker hill because its troops were
short of gunpowder
in march 1776, this event is still celebrated today and it is known as evacuation day. what happened on this day
british evacuation of boston
jefferson was selected to draft the declaration of independence beacuse
he was already recognized as a brilliant writer
France came to America’s aid in the revolution because
it wanted revenge against the british
when the alliance with france was formalized, the americans were able to gain all of the following
gain access to large sums of money, double the size of their fighting forces, avail themselves of french naval strength, gain immense amounts of equipment
the new constitution established the idea that the only legitimate government was one based on
the consent of the governed
the aspect of hamilton’s financial program that received the least support in congress, because of its heavy agricultural and commercial interests, was
the protective tariff
Opposition by thomas Jefferson and james madison to the financial plan of alexander hamilton resulted in
the formation of permanent political parties
arrange the following events in chronological order: (A) XYZ affair, (B) Neutrality Proclamtion, (C) Jay’s Treaty, (D) Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
In Jay’s Treaty, the British
promised to evacuate the chain of forts in the old northwest
one of george washington’s most significant contributions as president was
keeping the nation out of foriegn wars
jay’s treaty contained all of the following provisions
a british promise to evacuate the northwest, british consent to pay damages to US ships, US pay debts to British
foreign relations between the US and France deteriorated in the late 1790s over
French seizure of US merchant ships
Thomas Jefferson saw navies as less than armies because they
could not march inland and endanger liberties
the war of 1812 was notable in the history of american warfare because
first test of country’s strength, navy heavy
in the 1820s and 1830s, the public’s attitude regarding political parties
accepted the sometimes wild contentiousness of political life
Black legend
false notion that spanish conquerors did little but butcher the Indians and steal their gold in the name of christ
Pueblo Indians
were not as developed as Aztecs easily subdued by europeans
sea dogs
sir francis drake; plundered spanish ships for elizabeth I
the war strategies used against the revolting Catholic Irish were later used by Lord De La War against the Indians
first successful attempt at english colonization
salutary neglect
relaxed royal control over the colonies, taught the colony how to survive on its own
intense religious experience that made someone a part of the \”elect\”
Proclamation of 1763
prohibited settlement beyond the appalachians
americans who were loyal to british
german mercenaries hired by british, made americans angrier
republican motherhood
elevated women to a higher role by keeping the nation’s conscience
state sovereignty
established republican views, basis of deomcracy

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