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GEB1101: M2-C15: Using Management ; Accounting Information

question Examine how information can reduce risk when making a decision. answer The more information a manager has, the less risk there is that a decision will be incorrect. Information produces knowledge and empowers managers and employees to make better decisions. Because of the volume of information they receive each day and their need to […]

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Ch 1 ; 2 Access Control

question Which security concept ensures that only authorized parties can access data? answer Confidentiality question Which form of access control enforces security based on user identities and allows individual users to define access controls over owned resources? answer DAC question What type of access control focuses on assigning privileges based on security clearance and data […]

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Wiley Chapter 2

question Business process has inputs and outputs. answer True question The activities of a business process can be measured. answer True question BPR is a strategy for improving the efficiency of an organization’s data collection. answer False question BPM is an implementation of BPR. answer False question The business environment refers to the industry that […]

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US 2 Test Ch 16-19

question In attempting to establish a reconstruction policy after the Civil War, answer Congress and the president disagreed about who had the authority to devise a plan of reconstruction. question Pardons granted to rebel soldiers under the terms of Lincoln’s Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction were important in that they answer restored property (except slaves) […]

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Trusts and Big Businesses

question How did John D. Rockefeller vertically integrate his monopoly in 1882? answer A/C/D question In the Gilded age, how did monopolies affect many small businesses? answer B question During the Gilded Age, how did the US Congress act to regulate business practices? answer B/C/D question Why did government officials allow monopolies to operate without […]

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TestOut 1.6.4 Mac OS

question Gestures answer Specific finger motions that are used to perform a specific function on a Mac OS system. Used by Apple systems that use an Apple Multi-Touch trackpad, a Magic Mouse, or a touchscreen. question Right-click, smart zoon, scroll, zoom, page navigation, Mission Control, All apps answer Gestures that are available on Mac OS […]

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Humanities 1301 Intro to Chapter 4 Critical Analysis

the first indication of the self conscious, symbol making human occurred during the Neanderthal culture The earliest humans attempted to gain control over objects through the use of sympathetic magic According to recent findings, the first people who lived a settled village life based on agriculture were the settlers in what is now modern day […]

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STUDY Office Accounting Ch.1-3 Exam

question accounting answer is a system of gathering financial information about a business and reporting this information to users. question analyzing answer is looking at events that have taken place and thinking about how they affect the business. question recording answer is entering financial information about events into the accounting system. question classifying answer is […]

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Social Problems Final

question Sociology’s key insight is that the troubles many people face are rooted in answer the operation of society question Mr. Izzard buys a MacBook Pro computer. He starts to notice MacBooks everywhere he goes. Since there probably was not a sudden flood of MacBooks being sold in the last few days, Mr. Izzard is […]

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07 Sep 2020 Database

question ACSIM answer Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management question ACES answer Army Continuation Education System question AFES answer Army and Air Force Exchange Services question AR answer Army Regulations question ASIP answer Army Stationing and Installation Plan: force structure database that provides strength data for every org. and unit on every installation question […]

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Purchasing and supply management
05 Sep 2020 Database

question An effective supply strategy primarily focuses on linking: answer current and future needs to current and future markets question The key question in strategic supply management is: answer How can supply and the supply chain contribute effectively to organizational objectives and strategy? question To effectively manage supply risks, the supply manager must: answer identify […]

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Practice Quiz 4: MIS Chapter 3

question Porter defined ________ as the amount of money that a customer is willing to pay for a resource, product, or service. answer value question Porter’s model of business activities includes ________, which are interactions across value activities. answer linkages question The difference between the value that an activity generates and the cost of the […]

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Period 6 APUSH Project

question BUSINESS CONSOLIDATION TRUSTS, HOLDING COMPANIES, MONOPOLIES Period 6, 1865-1898 Key Concept 6.1: Technological advances, large-scale production methods, and the opening of new markets encouraged the rise of industrial capitalism in the United States. I. Large-scale industrial production — accompanied by massive technological change, expanding international communication networks, and pro-growth government policies — generated rapid […]

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OBM Exam 1 Example Test Questions, OBM practice questions

question Companies known as good places to work generate superior ________________. a. Financial performance b. Performance assessment c. Organizational structure d. Product development e. Internet usage answer a. Financial performance question Social relationships among co-workers have been shown to relate to _____________. a. Training program b. Overall job satisfaction c. Management ability d. Organizational structure […]

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Modern Forestry

question What distinguishes even-aged management practices from uneven-aged management practices? answer Even-aged practices remove larger groups of trees than uneven-aged management practices. question Even-aged management practices involves clearing trees that _______. answer are all near the same age question Which of the following forest management practices is best for reestablishing areas of forest? answer reforestation […]

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MIS test 2

question eBay buyers voluntarily comment to other users and sellers on the quality of service, promptness of shipping, and their general satisfaction with the product. This is one of the most popular examples of user-generated content and is called ____________. Explicit system Knowledge system Reputation system User-generated sales cycle answer Reputation system question Which of […]

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MIS300 Chapter 10 Set 3

question providing data from business events to the corporate database answer which of the following is NOT a function of functional area information systems question inventory management answer which of the following is not a process within an information system for accounting and finance question firing decisions answer which of the following is not a […]

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Mgt 490 Exam
20 Aug 2020 Database

question According to the strategic management model, external analysis should occur prior to internal analysis. answer T question The gap between intended and realized strategies usually results from middle management ineffectiveness. answer F question Most strategic management scholars have endorsed an “artistic” perspective on strategy formulation. answer F question The notion of strategy assumes a. […]

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Art History Exam 2

question Kuros answer Statue representing a boy. Archaic period. question Kore answer Statue representing a girl/female. Archaic period. question Doryphoros (Spear Bearer) answer By Polykleitos, 450-440 BCE, idea of physical perfection, counterbalance of tension and relaxation (chiastic balance), became standard proportions, marble copy after a bronze original question Column answer Columns were used to show […]

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Mgmt ch 14 – Flashcards with Answers
18 Aug 2020 Database

question ______ focuses on clarifying employees’ roles and task requirements and providing rewards and punishments contingent on performance. answer Transactional leadership question T/F: E-Leadership is using information technology for one-to-one, one-to-many, and between group and collective interactions. answer True question Which of the following is incorrect about the leader-member exchange (LMX) model of leadership? answer […]

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Mgmt 1
16 Aug 2020 Database

question ______is defined by getting work done through others answer management question when ruth was hired to be the 2nd in command in mailing services, she was told her job was to deal w/the employees to make sure they got the task done right. she was not instructed how to run machines bc hers was […]

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marketing 436.01
14 Aug 2020 Database

question 1) According to Edwin Critchlow, which service department on campus specializes in helping students find employment, update résumés and practice interviewing skills is answer Career Center question 2) What is the best definition of retailing? answer Retailing encompasses the business activities involved in selling goods and services to consumers for their personal, family, or […]

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