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Government/Civics Chapter 5 Review

question Nominating Candidates answer -selecting candidates -the activity that sets political parties apart from other political groups question Informing and activating supporters answer -inform people and activate their interests in public affairs -Parties share this function with news media and interest groups. question Bonding agent answer -Tries to choose candidates who are qualified and of […]

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Ch. 2 Managing Public Issues & Stakeholder Relationships

question Public issues are also sometimes referred to as: answer Social issues & Sociopolitical issues question The emergence of a public issue indicates that: answer A gap has developed between what stakeholders expect and what an organization is actually doing. question Failure to understand the beliefs and expectations of stakeholders: answer Causes the performance-expectations gap […]

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Win 7 Chapter 6

question Which file in a profile contains user-specific registry settings? answer NTUSER.DAT question Which logon method requires users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete before logging on? answer Secure Logon question What is a risk of resetting a user password? answer EFS-encrypted files cannot be accessed question ____ simplifies the configuration of peer-to-peer networks by removing the need […]

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US GOV Test 4 Chapter 12-17

question B answer The most important source of the Supreme Court’s caseload is A.) its original jurisdiction B.) its appellate jurisdiction C.) instruction from the solicitor general D.) the special master’s certification of cases for review. E.) Congress certification of cases question C answer The office of Management and Budget (OMB) is in charge of […]

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Types of agency relationships

question Universal agent answer Empowered to do anything the principal can do-virtually unlimited-unlimited power of attorney question General agent answer Represents the principal in a broad range of matters-property manager question Special agent answer Licensee designated by the broker to act as the agent of a specific principal question Designated agent answer Licensee designated by […]

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TestOut Flashcards – 10.1 Component Selection

question You are purchasing several PC systems that will be used as thin clients in a large organization. Which hardware selection criteria would be most important for this system? A. Gigabit Ethernet adapter B. RAID O array C. High-end video adapter with GPU D. 64-bit 6-core processor answer A. Gigabit Ethernet adapter Explanation: A thin […]

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Supervisory Management Ch 1-5

question The percentage of employees who are 55 or older is decreasing. answer False question Human relations skills are important for all levels of management, but are especially at the supervisory level of management. answer True question In carrying out management activities, managers play roles as if they were actors, but a manager’s role will […]

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sociology 101 quiz 4

question resocialization answer A drastic type of adult socialization that may occur when adults change environments is known as: question A recognizable social position that an individual occupies, such as “student” or “professor,” is known as a: answer status question A single mother who is experiencing incompatibility within her role, such as dealing with sleep […]

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Safety and Accident Prevention

question What is Frederick Taylor’s connection to the safety movement? answer Drew a connection between lost personal time and management policies and procedures. question What impact did labor shortages in world war 2 have on the safety movement? answer It promoted workplace safety even more due to the fact that companies could not meet their […]

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Q Bank Unit 14

question Which of the following is a leading economic indicator? A) S&P 500 index. B) Gross domestic product. C) Duration of unemployment claims. D) Industrial production. answer Answer: A Broad stock market indices are generally leading indicators. GDP and industrial production are coincident indicators, and the duration of unemployment claims is a lagging indicator. question […]

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Flashcards About Practice Tests

question Which of the following is the most valid reason for a person to purchase a specified (dread) disease health insurance policy? A) He wants to make sure that he and his family are protected against a major illness. B) Her family has a history of cancer, and she is concerned that she might contract […]

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Personal-Business Letter Block Style

question Block Style answer When all parts of a letter align at the left and paragraphs of the body are not indented question 2″ answer Top Margin of a Personal-Business Letter question DS answer Spacing used between the paragraphs of the body of a letter question QS answer Spacing used between the date and letter […]

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OFL Economics Unit 4

question aggregate supply answer real domestic output of producers based on the rise and fall of the price level question situation when the amount of government spending exceeds its receipts during the fiscal year answer budget deficit question tax that takes the same percentage of all incomes; as income rises, the amount of tax paid […]

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Ch.10 Life History Strategies

question The amount of energy available to an organism over the course of its life is answer finite question Trade-offs influence organisms’ answer life histories question Life span (i.e. senescence) , for example, is influenced by an organism’s ability to answer keep itself going at the expense of reproduction question Life history comprises : answer […]

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Module 10

question internal reference price answer Consumers’ perceptions of the customary price of a product may depend on a(n) ________. This is a set price or price range in the mind of the consumer that they refer to in evaluating a product’s cost. question sales or market share answer When setting prices, a leading manufacturer of […]

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Misy 160 Textbook Exam 1
25 Aug 2020 Uncategorized

question ________ is the applied science concerned with designing and arranging machines and furniture so that people use so that the people using them aren’t subjected to an uncomfortable or unsafe experience. answer Ergonomics question Large, expensive computers that support hundreds of users simultaneously are called ________ answer Mainframes question ________ computers are specially designed […]

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MIS 304 Ch 4
23 Aug 2020 Database

question 1) Electronic commerce is used to conduct business with professional partners such as suppliers and intermediaries. This form of EC is commonly referred to as ________ electronic commerce. A) business-to-consumer B) peer-to-peer C) business-to-business D) business-to-intermediary E) business-to-supplier answer C question 2) Which of the following statements is true about electronic commerce? A) Business-to-business […]

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Mgt Chap 8

question a answer In a first of its kind, a multinational tire manufacturer, introduces a new range of premium tires that can handle extreme temperatures better at a higher price. The tires are designed keeping in mind the climatic conditions in the Middle East and products are marketed only in the Middle East. The manufacturer […]

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MGMT Ch.5 quiz

question Which of the following is true about planning? a. It reduces effort from employees and managers. b. It fixes all organizational problems. c. It quickens needed adaptation. d. It helps managers create task strategies. e. It decreases persistence toward goals. answer It helps managers create task strategies. question Which of the following is an […]

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MGMT 1: Chapter 4

question Borrow funds to buy out the firm’s stockholders. answer In a leveraged buyout, the managers of a firm, its employees, or other investors: question Taxed only as Javier’s personal income. answer Javier is the sole proprietor of a golf shop. Because he is a sole proprietor, any profit Javier’s business earns is: question Incubators […]

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Marketing Ch 2
14 Aug 2020 Database

question • 1. In marketing, an offering refers to answer a product, service, or idea that creates value for both the organization and its customers by satisfying their needs and wants. question • 2. Business firm refers to answer A privately owned organization that serves its customers to earn a profit so that it can […]

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Management Chp1 MC

question Which of the following is NOT one of Anne Mulcahy’s strategies for the Xerox turnaround? a. examined what business they were in b. negotiated a settlement of a long investigation into fraudulent accounting practices c. centralized purchasing to main locations d. introduced new products and services answer c question Anne Mulcahy found that to […]

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