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Unit VI (aphg10&12 vocab)

question Commodity chain answer Series of links connecting the many places of production and distribution and resulting in a commodity that is then exchanged on the world market. question Cultural convergence answer Occurs when the skills, arts, ideas, habits, and institutions of one culture come in contact with those of another culture question Dependency theory […]

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Florida "Standard" Speed Limits

question Municipal Speed Areas answer 30 question Business or Residential Area answer 30 question Rural Interstate answer 70 question Limited Access Highways answer 70 question All other roads and Highways answer 55 question School Zones answer 20

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Business Law: Chapter 10 (Contract Performance, Breach, & Remedies)

question remedy answer the relief provided for an innocent party when the other party has breached the contract. Examples: monetary damages, rescission and restitution, specific performance, injunction, reformation question defenses to performace answer mistakes of fact (bilateral and unilateral), fraudulent misrepresentation, undue influence, duress, question unilateral mistakes answer mistake of fact made by one party, […]

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Whitney Chapter 1

question 1. Which of the following questions ought to be used to distinguish a winning strategy from a mediocre or losing strategy? answer a. Is the strategy well-matched to the company’s situation, helping the company achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, and resulting in better company performance? question 2. A winning strategy is one that answer […]

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Unit One Vocab USH

question isolationism answer A policy of noninvolvement in world affairs. question monopoly answer The exclusive control of a commodity or production by a business. question internal combustion answer A heat engine in which the fuel burns inside the engine itself. question standardized parts answer Parts are uniform so they can be substituted interchangeably. Eli Whitney […]

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Transportation Management – LSCM 4560

question Transportation answer Overall purchase and control of the movement service used by a firm in achieving its logistics objectives; service or bundle of services; movement of passengers or freight from point A to B question Logistics Management answer Part of Supply Chain Management that plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage […]

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Test 3 Accounting CH 17

question FACTORY OVERHEAD APPLIED TO JOBS answer WIP -> FO question JOBS COMPLTETED answer Finished Goods ->WIP question COST OF GOODS SOLD answer CGS ->Finished Goods question Under-applied to CGS answer CGS Factory Overhead question Over-applied to CGS answer Factory Overhead CGS question TERMS ———– answer … question Activity Base answer A measure of activity […]

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Mgt 487 Chapter 1 Flashcards
12 Sep 2020 Database

question 1) Situation analysis involves the process of A) analyzing the external environment only. B) evaluating the internal aspects of the organization. C) analyzing the current environment of the organization. D) designing and choosing appropriate organizational strategies. E) None of the answer choices is correct. answer analyzing the current environment of the organization. question 2) […]

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SOC 1110

question What are some of the functions of religion? answer Provides meaning, socialization, source of morals/values/beliefs, source of social support and community. question According to Durkheim what are the three elements needed in religion? answer 1) Beliefs 2) Social Practice 3) Moral Communities question How does religion create moral community? answer Religions function to promote […]

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Risk Management Exam 1

question Risk Management answer -uncertainty about future outcomes -outcomes may be good/desirable/positive or they may be bad/undesirable/negative question 4 Part to RM answer 1.Identify- where is the risk 2.Measure- how much risk? Quantify the risk 3.Control- try to keep risk at appropriate level 4.Finance- preparing money to pay for the risk loss question 2 Basic […]

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PUB Chapter 5 Using Business Info Sets – Flashcards with Answers

question false answer When inserting a field, PUB places a text box in your publication but does not supply the text. t/f question false answer Saving the business information set also saves the publication. t/f question true answer The Measurement toolbar not only sets the location and size of an object but also sets the […]

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Practice for Exam 3

question All other things unchanged, an increase in government spending will answer shift the aggregate demand curve to the right. question The rise and fall of real GDP over the course of the business cycle suggests that answer the economy may not always be in long-run equilibrium. question The use central bank policies to influence […]

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Pathos Ch 8

question Gingivitis that is not treated may lead to answer periodontitis. question Pain and limitation of the movement of the jaw with tinnitus as a result of inflammation of the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) is characteristic of answer TMJ syndrome. question Oral thrush, a fungal infection that produces sore patches in the mouth and throat, may […]

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Flashcards and Answers – Chapter 21

question Which is the correct order of major events in the history of twentieth-century communism? answer Long March in China, Korean War, China’s Cultural Revolution question Which of the following statements best describes the establishment of communist rule in China? answer It was a decades-long violent struggle. question Who was the communist leader who led […]

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OB Ch. 2
29 Aug 2020 Database

question 1. Which of the following is NOT one of the major challenges that managers must deal with in order to remain competitive? a. globalizing the firm’s operations to compete in the global village b. managing ethical behavior, good character, and personal integrity c. managing a diverse workforce d. anticipating changes in foreign currency valuations […]

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moa 160 hippa test
27 Aug 2020 Database

question a health plan may be offered by an employer, a private insurer, a goverment entity or other group answer True question title I of HIPPA covers administrative simplification answer false question COBRA guarantees health coverage for an employee leaving a job for a least three years answer false question an electronic data interchange is […]

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MIS quiz #2

question the solution that best solves the problem is selected answer when evaluating the six step decision making process, what occurs during the solution selection step? question customer-facing processes: front-office processes business-facing processes: back-office processes answer What is the difference between customer-facing processes and business-facing processes? question automation, streamlining, reengineering answer Changing business processes with […]

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MIS 204 – Chapter 3

question Q1: How Does Organizational Strategy Determine Information Systems Structure? answer Organizations examine the structure of their industry and determine a competitive strategy Competitive strategy determines value chains determines business process Structure of business processes determines design of supporting information systems Industry structure > Competitive Strategy > Value Chains > Business Processes > Information Systems […]

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MGT 431

question D. Only at the corporate and business levels answer General Managers are found at the? A. Only at the corporate level? B. Only at the business level ? C. At the functional business level? D. Only at the corporate and business levels question d) returns in excess of what an investor expects to earn […]

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18 Aug 2020 Database

question 1. In ABC inventory analysis, which of the following is true for “C” items? a. Tighter control of “C” items (than for “A” or “B” items) is appropriate. b. “C” items are critical items that must be monitored with a fixed period system. c. “C” items make up a lower percentage of total inventory […]

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MFT – CNU Business School

question Financial statements answer – balance sheet – income statement – statement of retained earnings – statement of cash flows question Balance Sheet: answer The balance sheet (also called the statement of financial position) reports the financial position of the business at a point in time (the report date). question Assets answer resources owned by […]

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Marketing Test

question One of the ways that attitudes about a product change over time is through _____ or observing how others react to the product? answer Conceptual learning. question Kris decided to go shopping for a pair of tennis shoes. She went to the mall where there were several stores selling shoes. The first store was […]

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