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IB History Paper 1

France Territory Gained Alsace-Lorraine France War Casualties in WWI 1.3 million dead 4 million wounded 300k buildings destroyed 21Mm^2 farmland destroyed British War Casualties in WWI 1 million dead 2 million wounded German War Casualties in WWI 2 million dead 6.3 million wounded Financial Cost for Allies 29billion euros Financial Cost for Germany 8.5 billion […]

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Biotic or Abiotic?

Abiotic Sun Biotic Toad Biotic Horses Abiotic Wind (That’s why there is a windmill) Biotic The log being cut Abiotic The lake Abiotic The desks Biotic Vegetables Biotic The wooden roof Biotic My cotton polo shirt and capris Biotic The paper from my grandfather’s college class Abiotic Clouds Abiotic The Rock of Gibraltar Biotic The […]

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TRICARE Government health program serving dependents of active-duty service members, military retirees and their families, some former spouses, and survivors of deceased military members. TRICARE is the Department of Defense’s health insurance plan for military personnel and their families. TRICARE, which includes managed care options, replaced the program known as the Civilian Health and Medical […]

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Macro Test Chapter 32 , 33

medium of exchange what function of money enables society to gain the benefits of geographic and labor specialization government agency paper money or currency in the us is essentially a debt of a federal reserve notes the paper currencies of the us member banks federal reserve banks are owned by commercial banks money supply m1 […]

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PHYS 2 Chapter 29 T/F

A changing magnetic field can produce an electric current True A constant magnetic field can be used to produce an electric current True An emf is induced in a wire by moving the wire near a magnet True An emf is induced in a wire by keeping a stationary magnet near the wire False An […]

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MGMT 300

1. Which of the following refers to the code of moral principles and values that govern behaviors with respect to what is right and wrong? a. Social responsibility b. Free domain c. Ethics d. Codified law e. Discretionary responsibility 1. The environments in which businesses operate are increasingly ____, requiring managers to be ready to […]

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American Revolution Test PART 3 ESSAY

How revolutionary the American Revolution really was Revolutionary means a sudden dramatic change in the way people think or live. By this definition, the American Revolution wasn’t very revolutionary. However, there were some ways in which it truly was revolutionary. One way the war dramatically changed the way people lived was that states created new […]

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Medieval period assessment

Which of the following is a distinguishing characteristic of sacred music from the Medieval period? Smooth melodies sung a cappella The texture of this example is… (:17) Polyphonic Which of the following were sacred genres in the Medieval period? Masses and motets This excerpt is… (:40) Dance music from the Medieval period Which of the […]

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The ticketing area is more secure

The ticketing area is more secure than the area beyond the security check point. (Antiterrorism Scenario Training, Page 3) Answer: False Recource Level i antiterrorism awareness training pretest answers

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D. a life theme

Answer: 8. (p. 283) Leonard, a 30 year-old Princeton University graduate, gives up his corporate job to teach children and seniors of Lubango village. He has decided that all his future endeavors will be focused on eradication of illiteracy in Lubango. In his efforts to experience life in optimal ways, Leonard has developed _____. A. […]

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What memory tool places disconnected information into units that are easier to remember?

a. Sensory registry b. Chunking c. Memory dumping d. Repetition Answer: b. Chunking

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Select all of the answers that apply. Today’s atmospheric functions include _____.

Answer: -sustaining life with oxygen -filtering harmful rays from the Sun -helps to protect Earth from meteor collisions

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Answer: To kidnap or carry off by force

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In examining the liquidity ratios, the primary emphasis is the firm’s

Answer: In examining the liquidity ratios, the primary emphasis is the firm’s Recource ADM 474 – Financial Management

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Human resources

Answer: people an organization employs to carry out various jobs, tasks, and functions in echange for wages, salaries, and other rewards.

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Alpha decay

Answer: -emits a helium nucleus (4/2 He) -High ionizing power -Low penetrating power -Example: 222/86 Rn > 218/84 Po + 4/2 He

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Answer: Life

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Which of the following is the appropriate definition of psychosurgery?

Answer: surgery that is performed on brain tissue to relieve or control severe psychological disorders Recource Psychology 101 – CH 15 Quiz#2

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Which of the following helped support passage of the new Constitution?

Answer: Federalists Recource Independent Study: World History Unit 8

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