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question 1. What is risk management (RM)? answer (1) A decision-making process for managing day-to-day schedules when there are conflicts ** (2) A decision-making process for identifying hazards and controlling risks both on-duty and off-duty (3) A tool for leadership to manage workflow and activities while on-duty (4) A tool for evaluating mission readiness and […]

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DAC1 Ch 1, 2, 3, 6, 20, 23 Information Sys & Business Functions

question The core drivers of the information age answer Data Information Business Intelligence Knowledge question Data answer Raw facts that describe the characteristics of an event or object question Data is useful for understanding individual sales; however they do not provide us much insight into how a business is _____ as a whole. answer Performing […]

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ATI DIABETES ; Diabetes Term

question alpha-glucosidase inhibitor answer type of oral antidiabetic agent that delays the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestines question beta cell answer type of cell in the pancreas that secretes insulin question casual plasma glucose (random blood glucose) answer glucose concentration in the blood of a specimen taken at any time of day regardless of […]

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Week 5 ACCT 429 Practice Problems
20 Sep 2020 Database

question 7. LO.2, 4 Seth, Pete, Cara, and Jen form Kingfisher Corporation with the following consideration: Consideration Transferred Basis to Transferor Fair Market Value Number of Shares Issued From Seth— Inventory $30,000 $96,000 30* From Pete— Equipment ($30,000 of depreciation taken by Pete in prior years) 45,000 99,000 30** From Cara— Proprietary process 15,000 90,000 […]

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Unit 3 Government Test

question The lawmaking function of Congress is central to democracy because answer it is the means by which the public will become public policy question Which qualifications for House members is NOT in the Constitution? answer must live in the district being represented question Which statement about the Senate is true? answer It has two […]

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The Strategic Management Process
16 Sep 2020 Database

question Strategic Management Process answer Method by which managers conceive of and implement a strategy that can lead to a sustainable competitive advantage. question Vision answer a picture of what the firm wants to be and, in broad terms, what it wants to ultimately achieve; It captures the company’s aspiration. question Strategic Intent answer the […]

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Technology in Action Chapter 12

question access card reader answer A device that reads information from a magnetic strip on the back of a credit card-like access card. question access method answer A method to control which computer is allowed to use transmission media at a certain time. question active topology answer In a network, a type of topology where […]

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Strategic management chapter 12 MC

question The situation of Carly Fiorina and Hewlett-Packard is most similar to the situation of a ____ top management team and ____ CEO succession which does not provide clear cut predictions of either stability or innovation in organizational strategy. a. homogenous, internal b. heterogeneous, internal c. homogeneous, external d. heterogeneous, external answer C Heterogeneous top […]

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Flashcards on sherlock holmes

question Watson finds Holmes with a visitor, Mr. Jabez Wilson. Give details about his appearance. Does this appearance tell anything about him as a person? Explain why or why not answer “He wore rather baggy gray trousers, a not clean black frockcoat, unbuttoned in the front, and a drab waistcoat with a heavy brassy Albert […]

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Regulatory Policy

question The Reason For Regulation answer In a mixed market economy , the government regulates business only when necessary . – A mixed market economy allows producers and consumers to make economic choices – The government regulates those choices question Financial Oversight and Operations answer To fulfill legal and financial regulations , business must: – […]

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Project Management Chapters 1-3

question What are the essential characteristics that make a group of activities a project? answer start date, finish date, and its outcome will be a new product question Building another library in your area is a Project. True or False? answer True! Because building a library is temporary– that is, it will have a start […]

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Political Science Chapter 9

question Public policy answer includes all the goals that a government pursues in any area of human affairs question Public affairs answer issues and events that concern people at large question Trade association answer private organizations for businesses whose members share wide business interests and views intent on persuading public officials to respond to these […]

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Organized Crime Final Exam

question Secret societies have a long history in China, some dating back to the beginning of ___ answer The common era question Any member of the Chinese community is part of a latent organization because of the existence of : answer GUANXI question The Chinese ___ embraces many concepts, some familiar to Westerners, such as […]

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Network Security Exam #2

question Access control answer The process of protecting a resource so that it is used only by those allowed to use it; a particular method used to restrict or allow access to resources. question Accountability answer Associating actions with users for later reporting and research. question Actions answer The activities that authorized users can perform […]

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MKTG ch 12 true false
26 Aug 2020 Database

question A barber shop is an example of a service business. answer True question Services tend to exhibit more search qualities than do tangible goods. answer False question Services are considered inseparable because most services cannot be felt or touched in the same way most goods can be sensed. answer False question Greta, the owner […]

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Flashcards on MIS Chapter 9

question ________ process operational and other data in organizations to analyze past performance and make predictions answer Business intelligence systems question Which of the following statements is true of business intelligence (BI) systems? answer Business intelligence systems analyze an organization’s past performance to make predictions question ________ is the process of obtaining, cleaning, organizing, relating, […]

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Mie 201 Chapter 6 questions
22 Aug 2020 Database

question _____ is a combination of private and public funding, in which an entrepreneur invites people to fund a share business venture or a new product answer crowd funding question A business plan is a written document that summarizes the_______ answer proposed business venture, goals and plans for achieving those goals question Which of the […]

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MGT 3120 Midterm

question Susan is a manager who oversees the work of large departments or divisions consisting of several smaller teams at XYZ, Inc. Susan would be considered a answer middle manager question Tom is responsible for a group of manufacturing assembly workers who report to him. Tom is a answer first-line manager question The primary responsibility […]

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MGMT 383 ch 1

question Which of the following statements is true of the functions of human resource management? a. It is a clerical operation in large companies concerned with payroll and employee records. b.It refers to a department which looks into the legal ramifications of policies and procedures that affect only the employees in an organization. c.It is […]

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Mastery Quiz Study Guide

question Learning Disability answer Largest Disability category in special education. I disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding or in using language, spoken or written. question PARC v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (1972) answer granted a free and appropriate public education to all students with disabilities question Zero reject answer […]

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MAN Chapt 12

question Which one of the following is not something that shapes and helps define a company’s culture? A) The core values and business principles that executives espouse together with the operating practices and behaviors that define “how we do things around here” B) The company’s standards of what is ethically acceptable and what is not, […]

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Management320 – Chapter 1

question When building a new residential development or mall, a national real estate organization typically does not remove many trees, basing its decision on the belief that natural resources are limited, and we need to not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This management philosophy is known as ________________. answer […]

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