Baja Taco 9508 Essay Example
Baja Taco 9508 Essay Example

Baja Taco 9508 Essay Example

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Baja Fresh and Taco Bell

In order to succeed in today's competitive market, businesses require innovative marketing strategies that can effectively draw in customers. Companies allocate a significant portion of their budget towards advertising, solicitation, marketing, and sales efforts for their products or services. It appears that businesses lacking creative approaches are not as successful as those that create impactful marketing campaigns.

Fast food restaurants are easily identifiable and can be located at nearly every main intersection. Selecting which one to visit and the reasons behind it can often pose a challenge. Factors like the food's quality, comical marketing strategy, and limited budget can impact consumer choices. In my evaluation, I contrasted two fast food establishments: the long-standing Taco Bell and the comparatively fresh participant in the industry, Baja Fresh.

Taco Bell has gained popularity in many parts of


America. According to their marketing campaign, approximately half of Americans see Taco Bell's commercials weekly. Their latest advertising slogan showcases a talking Chihuahua that speaks Spanish and is known for saying "Yo quiero Taco Bell!" Taco Bell restaurants specialize in Mexican fast food and are the largest chain of this type in America. While not officially labeled as fast food, Taco Bell identifies as a quick-serve Mexican style restaurant.

Taco Bell's marketing strategies primarily target the younger demographic. They often tie their product promotions to blockbuster movies and popular action figures. In addition, many of their meals come with a marketing token or incentive.

Taco Bell provides reasonably priced food that is comparable in quality to other fast food establishments. In essence, you receive the value equivalent to your expenditure. Additionally, Taco Bell consistently presents new menu options with the intention

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of attracting a wider customer base.

In order to stay competitive in rapidly changing markets, companies must constantly develop and modify their products to meet evolving customer needs and outperform rivals (Perreault, 281). Taco Bell is actively involved in experimenting with new food product lines.

Taco Bell is part of the Tricon Global Restaurants Group, a major global restaurant chain that also includes Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut. Together, these well-known restaurants have over 29,000 locations worldwide. On April 28, 1999, Tricon announced first quarter earnings exceeding $106 million. Taco Bell is recognized for its clean establishments, efficient design, and convenient drive-through services for food pick-up.

Taco Bell's marketing strategies revolve around two key components: a dedication to achieving sustainable growth through innovative marketing practices and a strong emphasis on operational excellence. Tricon Global (99) asserts that our company is committed to providing excellent job opportunities for individuals who are passionate about delivering high-quality food and exceeding customer satisfaction.

Baja Fresh, which entered the restaurant industry in 1990, has expanded its presence with over 75 restaurants nationwide. The company aims to further grow by opening an additional 150 restaurants within the next 5 years.

Baja Fresh, a privately held company located in Westlake Village, southern California, distinguishes itself from Taco Bell with its unique philosophy. Unlike Taco Bell, Baja Fresh opts not to advertise on television or radio. Instead, their achievements stem from providing an exceptional food product line that specifically targets health-conscious customers. Baja Fresh restaurants abstain from possessing refrigerator freezers, microwave ovens, or can openers while also refraining from utilizing lard in any of their offerings. Their primary objective lies in offering fresh and delectable cuisine that

encourages healthier eating habits.

Baja Fresh restaurants offer a distinctive dining experience. Upon entering, you'll be enthralled by the captivating ambience. The decor is visually pleasing, characterized by a bright and open atmosphere that radiates cleanliness. The alluring scents permeate the air as lively music creates an enjoyable ambiance. Furthermore, the employees' smiles are truly genuine (Baja Fresh, 99). Each of their establishments offers indoor and outdoor seating options; nevertheless, drive-through service is not available. The food is reasonably priced and prepared to order using top-notch ingredients in ample servings.

Baja Fresh differentiates itself through its emphasis on simplicity and quality. The brand provides reasonably priced products that demonstrate their excellence in terms of quality. In contrast to Taco Bell, Baja Fresh does not depend on extravagant promotions or excessive meal choices. While both cater to a similar customer base, there are slight distinctions such as slightly higher food expenses, lengthier preparation time, and a somewhat narrower menu selection.

To qualify for buying a Taco Bell franchise, it is necessary to have previous managerial experience in one of their restaurants, possess a minimum of $1,000,000 in cash, and maintain an esteemed reputation within the industry. Similarly, obtaining a Baja Fresh franchise demands leadership expertise, at least $500,000 in cash, and demonstrated proficiency in business operations.

Baja Fresh's marketing approach has a promising future as the current baby-boomer generation pays close attention to their consumption. On the other hand, Taco Bell may not meet high taste standards but it remains a popular choice for my children when deciding where to eat.


The book Basic Marketing (1999) is published in Boston, Massachusetts by Irwin/McGraw-Hill and written by William D. Perreault Jr. and

Jerome McCarthy.

The "Join the Team" webpage on Baja Fresh Mexican Grill's website has been available online since 1999. It offers information and opportunities for those interested in joining the company. To access this page, visit

Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. (1999) invites you to visit their website, Hot off the Press. You can find us at

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