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AP Art History Chapter 23

*Isenheim Altarpiece (closed)* *Matthias Grunewald* Isenheim, Germany 1510-1515 Oil on panel 16th Century Northern European Suffering Christ. St. Sebastian on left pierced by arrows. Lamb holding cross bleeding into a cup. Predella with lamentation. When slid open, it looks like Christ was amputated because of gangrene. Images of healing and suffering. *Isenheim Altarpiece (open)* *Matthias […]

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Contemporary American History Final Exam

Lend Lease Act An arrangement for the transfer of war supplies, including food, machinery, and services to nations whose defense was considered vital to the defense of the United States in World War II Holocaust Hitler wanted to \”cleanse\” Europe by eliminating all the people he found undesireable starting with Nazi Germany Winston Churchill Prime […]

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AP World History Unit 2 Chapter 5 Vocab

question Kush answer independent kingdom that was along the upper nile. It mastered the use of iron, had form of Egyptian hieroglyphic writing, but was later defeated by rival kingdom Axum question Axum answer Kingdom that defeated Kush, but was defeated by Ethiopia question Ethiopia answer Another regional kingdom near Axum. Had oldest monarchy. Had […]

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Bio Final 12, 14, 15
11 Sep 2020 Flashcards

question Which of the following characteristics do most plants share with land animals? answer An embryo that develops within a protected environment question Which of the following is characteristic of gymnosperms? answer They are wind-pollinated. question Why do insectivorous plants trap insects? answer They use the raw material for biosynthesis question Branches are to a […]

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King Menkaura and Queen
10 Sep 2020 Essays&Flashcards

question Identification Info answer King Menkaura and queen. old kingdom 4th dynasty 2490-2472 greywacke question Context answer statues were produced in great number, mostly stone but some wood, clay and other material have been found question Form answer durable stone with high relief by the subtraction method in which pieces of stone are removed from […]

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World History 1 SOL Review, Part 1

question Cultural Diffusion answer The spread of ideas, customs, and technologies from one people to another question Homo Sapiens answer Modern Humans question Africa answer Continent where Homo Sapiens emerged question South America answer Continent where Homo Sapiens migrated LAST question Adaptations to environment answer Igloos Caves Mud Huts Grass Huts question Paleolithic Age answer […]

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AP World History 1870-1914

question Great Trek answer Afrikaners left thier farms in Cape Colony and gradually migrated to the East. question Boer War answer South African war. question Afrikaners answer The Dutch word for Africans. question Boers answer The Dutch word for farmers. question Concessionary Companies answer European governments grant private companies large concessions of territory and empowered […]

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African Art AP Art History

question Name: Conical Tower and Circular Wall of Great Zimbabwe Date: 1000 CE Medium: Coursed granite blocks Location: Southeastern Zimbabwe Artist: Shona Peoples Form: Great enclosure with multiple areas, brick huts, smooth walls – no mortar was used, Function: Religious center, wall to keep in cattle, palatial complex Content: Great wall and large tower (tower […]

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AP World History Flashcards(7-12)(Chapter 2)

question Assyrians(Ch.2) answer Definition- name of large upright slabs of stone or pillars, which bear an inscription, or design on them that serve as a monument, commonly found in the Mesopotamian era. Significance: There were a number of steles created during the time of Hammurabi, though only one has been found, which have the original […]

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Ap World History ~ Chapter 17 vocab.

question Charles Darwin answer (1809-1882) British scientist who signed for a four-year voyage on a surveying vessel bound for Latin America and the South seas where he became convinced that the species of organic life had evolved under the uniform pressure of natural laws question imperialism answer acquisition of new territories by a state and […]

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AP Art History Baroque Era
15 Aug 2020 Essays&Flashcards

question Date for Baroque Era answer 1600-1750 1600- a year of the first opera production question Main Question 1- Who was the main patron for Italian Baroque art? answer The Churches question Main Question 2- What was the function of most Italian Baroque art? answer To encourage the faithful to return to the Catholic Church […]

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Media 1 – Chapter 8 (3)
14 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Which of the following eras of journalism best represents the historical arrival of newspapers as a mass medium? A. Penny press B. Partisan press C. Literary journalism D. Interpretive reporting answer Penny Press question Yellow journalism is ______. -a journalism term from the 1950s for small-town papers and reporting styles -a journalism term for […]

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AP World History – Period 3: Regional and Trans

question Black Death answer one of the most devastating pandemics in human history; death toll estimated from 75 to 200 million people; peaked in Europe in from 1348 to 1350 CE; originated in central Asia, where it then travelled along the Silk Road, then carried by rat fleas living on black rats which were spread […]

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World History Chapter 18

question ancien regime answer The old order before the Revolution in France. question estates answer the three social classes in France question First Estate answer nuns, monks, priests, bishops, abbots, and other high church leaders question Second Estate answer the nobility of French society question Thrid Estate answer most diverse of class, \”everybody else\” question […]

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AP World History Ch.9-11

question Hernan Cortes answer Spanish explorer and conquistador who led the conquest of Aztec Mexico in 1519-1521 for Spain. With the help of the Indian allies, he and his followers won. Although the Aztec confederacy put up a stiff resistance, disease, starvation, and battle brought the Tenochtitlan. down in 1521 question Tenochtitlan answer Capital of […]

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American History Chapter 19 Section 1 Assesment

question What is militarism? answer glorification of the military question Who was Francis Ferdinand? answer heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary question Who was William II? answer the emperor of Germany question What is casualty? answer soldiers killed, wounded, or missing question What is a U-boat? answer a german submarine question What was the Lusitania? […]

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US History chapter 11 civil war vocab

question Fort Sumter answer 1st battle of civil war where no blood is shed question Anaconda Plan answer a three part strategy by which the Union proposed to defeat the Confederacy in the civil war question Bull Run answer 25 miles from union capital. 1st blood battle question Stonewall Jackson answer Confederate General. got nick […]

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Exam: 04.01 Cardiovascular System
04 Aug 2020 Essays&Flashcards

question A drug that constricts blood vessels would have which of the following effects? answer Increase blood pressure question Keisha has a family history of atherosclerosis. How can Keisha’s family history impact her health? answer Keisha may develop high blood pressure, even with a healthful diet. question A patient who has a high-fat diet has […]

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question One of Ive’s best-known works for piano is: answer Concord Sonata question Adolphe Sax was a famous musical instrument inventor who revolutionized the mechanisms on brass instruments answer true question America’s most famous bandmaster was John Phillip Sousa answer true question Ive’s music was not fully recognized in his own lifetime answer true question […]

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UGA History Exemption Test

question Yazoo Lands answer The sparsely-populated central and western areas of the US state of GA, when its western border stretched to the Mississippi River. question James Jackson answer October 18, 1819 – January 13, 1887. It was a US representative from GA, a judge advocate American Civil War, and a chief justice of the […]

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World History Chapter Thirteen

question Procopius answer definition: Wrote about the smuggling of silk worms and sericulutre techniques from China significance: Demonstrated Chinese influence question Constantine answer definition: Roman Emperor (4th century A.D.) who promoted tolerance to all religions in the Roman Empire and legalized Christianity significance: founder of Constantinople and first leader of Byzantium question Justinian answer definition: […]

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western civilization chapter 7

question Three heirs to Rome answer Byzantine empire,Northweastern Europe,and Islam question On Christmas Day 800, Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne as the new: answer .Roman emperor. question The Quraish tribe, to which Muhammad belonged: answer controlled the economic and political life of Mecca. question King Alfred the Great of England and his heirs: answer founded […]

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