AP World History 1870-1914

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Great Trek
Afrikaners left thier farms in Cape Colony and gradually migrated to the East.
Boer War
South African war.
The Dutch word for Africans.
The Dutch word for farmers.
Concessionary Companies
European governments grant private companies large concessions of territory and empowered them to undertake economic activities.
Weapons Technology
Machine guns, cannons, artillery with explosive shells.
Mission Civilisatrice
If they are not like us, they are not civilized.
(Expansion to civilize other countries)
Missionary Movement
Efforts to spread Christianity throughout the world. Brining Christianity and European Culture.
Social Darwinism
Herbert Spencer tried to use Darwin’s ideas to categorize people, placing the Europeans at the top.
Scientific Racism
Use of fake science to prove European supieriority.
New technology, new industries, new methods, control of a country of another country. Time period: 1870-1914.
Emilio Aguinaldo
Leader of the Philipino people’s rebellion against the United States.
Natural Resources
Timber, rubber, petroleum, gold, silver, diamonds, cotton, tea, coffee, and coacoa.
Indian National Congress
Founded in 1885, formed to let educated Indians give thier views on public affairs to colonial officials.
Anti-colonial feelings in India and subject lands. Against imperialism.
Indentured Servitude
Asia, Africa Pacific Islands, traveled to foreign lands and agreed to work on plantations. Couldn’t leave until 7 year contract was up.
Economic Imperialism
Expanding the economy of the captor land in foriegn lands. East India Company. Dutch East India Company.
Russo-Japanese War
1904, Japanese Navy destroyed the Russian Baltic fleet. War was over by 1905 Japan won. Gained worldwide recognition.
Sino-Japanese War
1894, Japan declared war on China. Japan gained control of the Yellow Sea. Demolished Chinese fleet, battle ended after 5 hours.
Meiji Japan
Leaders in Japan. Emperor.
Roosevelt Corrollary
Gave U.S. the right to intervine in domestic affairs of nations within the hemisphere if they demonstrated an inability to maintain the security deemed neccessary to protect U.S. investments.
Spanish-American War
1898-1899, A U.S. battleship, called the maine, exploded and sank in Havana harbor. U.S. claimed sabatage and declared war on Spain, defeated them and took Cuba and Puerto Rico.
Monroe Doctrine
1823 President James Monroe issued a proclamation that warned Eurpoean states about imperialsim in the western hemisphere.
Non-Settler Colonies
Few Europeans came to live there.
Settler Colonies
Imperialists sent people to foreign lands to live and reproduce.
Independent States
Ethiopia and Liberia.
British Rule
Egypt, Uganda, and Southern Rhodesia.
French Rule
Madagascar, Morocco, and Algeria.
German Rule
Togoland, Cameroons, German East Africa.
Italian Rule
Portuguese Rule
Belgian Rule
Belgian Congo.
Spanish Rule
Rio De Oro.

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