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Art History Volume 1 4th Edition Marilyn Stokstad

Gothic art, 1150-1400 16-12 Good Samaritan Window with Scenes from Genesis, Chartres Cathedral (Gothic art, 1150-1400) The master who was responsible for several stained-glass windows in the southern side aisle of the nave in Chartres cathedral cannot be pinned down in the shape of a single artist. Rather, the windows can be assumed to represent […]

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Chapter 3 assessment world history

question Mohammed Mossadeq answer An Iranian prime minister in 1951 who was a nationalist. He was removed under pressure from the U.S. And Great Britain after he took over foreign owned oil fields.He was anti-western and Britain refused to have technicians working for the Iranian National Oil Company blocking the Iranian ports. question George Herbert […]

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Modern World History Midterm Review

question Ptolemy answer greatest astronomer of antiquity A. D. 100s question Geocentric answer earth-centered question Copernicus answer 1473-1543; mathematician; cleric from Poland question Heliocentric answer sun-centered question Kepler answer 1571-1630; German mathematician question Galileo answer 1564-1642; Italian scientist; first to make regular observations using a telescope question Issac Newton answer 1642-1727; professor of mathematics; greatest […]

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AP World History Kahoot

question Patriarchy answer Male dominated society question Epic of Gilgamesh answer Most famous literary work from Ancient Mesopotamia question Nubia answer Civlization to the south of Egypt in the Nile Valley; ironworking and alphabetic writing question Uruk answer The largest city in Mesopotamia question Indus River Valley answer Major civilization of India, near Pakistan. Elaborately […]

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History of Athletic Training

question Greek/Panhellenic Games (predecessor to Olympics) answer Used gymnasti – had knowledge of anatomy/dietetics, used hot baths and massages for recovery question Herodicus answer Most famous Greek AT Considered a physician and AT Taught Hippocrates First person to recommend exercise as prescription for disease who Theorized that movementnutrition question Galen answer Gladiators’ AT promoted diet […]

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HIM Unit III, Ch 6
22 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question What is the primary purpose of patient health information? answer Patient care question Who is responsible for ensuring the quality of health record documentation? answer Provider question Which of the following statements about the legal health record or the designated records sent is incorrect? answer Designated records that is determined by the medical staff. […]

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Biology Final: Chapter 15

question What name is given to the most common phenotype in a natural population? wild type mutant phenotype locus genotype autosome answer wild type question What can we observe in order to visualize Mendel’s Law of Segregation? homologous chromosomes separating during meiosis II the behavior of sex-linked genes homologous chromosomes separating during meiosis I sister […]

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Chapter 9 Study Guide. World History.

question 1: What was the Industrial Revolution? answer Increased output of machine made goods that began in England during the 18th century. question 2: Which of the following was a result of the agricultural revolution? answer Many small farmers became tenant farmers or moved to cities. question 3: What were the three factors of production […]

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History A Unit 3: A Union in Crisis

question Which war resulted in territorial gains for the United States that caused sectional conflict in the years leading up to the Civil War? answer Mexican War question Which statesman was best known for his ability to foster compromise? answer Henry Clay. question What is one significant way transportation changed in the United States in […]

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Biology Chapter 19 Quiz
13 Aug 2020 Essays&Flashcards

question According to the logistic growth model, what happens to a population when the size of the population reaches carrying capacity? answer the growth rate is zero question An unexpected freeze that kills a population of chipmunks is an example of ______. answer a density-independent factor question If a population’s growth rate decreases as the […]

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APUSH Chapter 9 – The American Pageant

question Society of Cincinnati answer A society established by former officers of the Revolutionary war as a sort of aristocracy in which traditionalism and social status was important. Thomas Jefferson and other civilians thought that this movement threatened the newly formed republic and feared it could turn into an aristocracy so they worked to disband […]

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AP World History Unit 1 8,000 – 600 B.C.E

question Aristocracy answer Definintion- A form of government in which power is held by nobility. The highest class Significance- Many civilizations has an aristocratic government question Agriculture Revolution answer Definition- The development of crops and animal raising as a source among human communities to supplement hunting and gathering Significance- The agricultural revolution allowed many civil […]

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Reunification and Renaissance in Chinese Civilization

question Luoyang answer During Wu’s reign, the court frequently moved East to this location to recruit officials. question Xuanzong answer Leading Chinese emperor of the Tang dynasty who reigned from 713 to 755, though he encouraged overexpansion. Defeated Empress Wei. question Kublai Khan answer Mongolian emperor of China and grandson of Genghis Khan; In 1271, […]

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Chemistry "A Volatile History"

question What is an element? answer An element is a substance that cannot be broken down any further. question What were the 4 elements that the Ancient Greek recognized? answer Earth, air, water, and fire question Who was the first person, in 1526, to clearly challenge the Greeks notion of 4 elements? And what elements […]

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Medical Coding 1 CH 2-Notes/Histories

question 4 elements of a history answer Chief Complaint (CC), History or Present Illness (HPI), Review of Systems (ROS), Past, Family, and/or Social History (PFSH) question Chief complaint (CC) answer Describes the symptom, problem, condition, diagnosis, physician recommended return, or other reason for the encounter stated in patient’s words question History of Present Illness (HPI) […]

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Personal Finance Quiz 6
06 Aug 2020 Essays&Flashcards

question 5 C’s of Credit answer character, capacity, capital, collateral, conditions question Affinity Card answer a card issued in conjunction with a specific charity or organization. That group name is on the card and a % of purchases is donated to that group question APR on unpaid balance answer If you are a credit user, […]

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Flashcards and Answers – music final

question opera answer a drama that is sung question cadenza answer a typical feature of a concerto is a free solo passage without orchestral accompaniment called the question all of the above answer during his music career johann sebastian bach held the position of question porgy and bess answer george gershwins folk opera ____ was […]

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History 1301 Chapter 1- 4

question Boston Massacre answer 5 colonist die and 6 are wounded due to a great folly from the redcoats. Redcoats open fire on protesting crowd after being intimidated with throwing rock and misinterpereting hearing a gun shot as a sign of aggression. question Boston Tea Party answer England sells America excess tea but taxes it. […]

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U.S. History Chapter 12 Test: World War I

question What were 3 factors that led to the start of World War I? answer 1. rise of nationalism 2. rise of imperialism 3. rise of militarism question What is nationalism? answer one’s devotion to one’s nation question What is imperialism? answer competition for colonies while attempting to develop countries question What is militarism? answer […]

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Unit 1 AP World History

question Complex Society answer a form of large-scale social organization that emerged in several parts of the ancient world; emerged with the change from nomadic hunting groups to small organized agricultural societies with speacialized crafts, political systems, cultural traditions, and social classes; arose in 3500-500BCE in scattered regions across the world question Lucy answer 3.2 […]

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Hard History Questions

question Lincoln and Assassination answer Reconstruction question What play was Lincoln watching when he was assasinated? answer Our American Cousin question Ulysses S.Grant and segregation answer Reconstruction question What saved Grant from being assassinated? answer Taking a box car to Philadelphia instead of going to Ford’s Theater question White Terrorism answer Reconstruction question What high […]

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question is a group of individuals of a single species that occupy the same general area answer Population question the factors that influence a population’s density, structure, size growth rate. answer Population ecology focuses on question is the number of individuals of a species per unit of area or volume. answer Population density question of […]

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