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Male dominated society
Epic of Gilgamesh
Most famous literary work from Ancient Mesopotamia
Civlization to the south of Egypt in the Nile Valley; ironworking and alphabetic writing
The largest city in Mesopotamia
Indus River Valley
Major civilization of India, near Pakistan. Elaborately planned cities
Code of Hammurabi
A series of laws publicized in Babylon. It proclaimed the king’s commitment to social order
An early civilization along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico around 1200 BCE; basalt heads
First wave civilization that developed along the Nile; hieroglyphics, empire, sustainable ag
Central State
Replacement for kinship and earlier kingdoms that came along with civilizations
First wave civ of Central Asia; fortified centers, temples, gates/walls, based on irrigation
A major city of the Indus River Valley civilization, 2000BCE
Norte Chico
Region along the central coast of Peru; civ. developed 3000-1800 BCE; Caral urban center
An Egyptian criminal
Alexander the Great
Emperor of the Macedonian empire; conquered Persia
Han Dynasty
Dynasty that ruled China from 206BCE-220CE, created a durable state; after the Qin
The most famous ruler of the Mauryan empire, converted to Buddhism, rule peacefully/tolerant
Tran Trac
Vietnamese resisters to Chinese empire

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