Chapter 3 assessment world history

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Mohammed Mossadeq
An Iranian prime minister in 1951 who was a nationalist. He was removed under pressure from the U.S. And Great Britain after he took over foreign owned oil fields.He was anti-western and Britain refused to have technicians working for the Iranian National Oil Company blocking the Iranian ports.
George Herbert Bush
A U.S. President who organized an international coalition to push Iraqi forces out of Kuwait in 1991.
A group of countries working together. George Herbert Bush oraganized one against Iraqi forces in 1991.
Algiers Agreement of 1975
This is a treaty that settled the dispute between Iraq and Iran over the Shatt Al-Arab waterway ending the Kurdish rebellion. This treaty was soon breached by Saddam before he invaded in 1980
The Iraq-Iran war lasted from…
1988 to
War of the Tankers
This was when Iraq and Iran tried destroying all ships carrying oil causing oil prices to skyrocket.
Organization of patrolium exporting countries. They worked to set a price for oil production and Saddam asked them to rudbeckia supplies in the 1980s but got refused.
A country south of Iraq that was accused by Saddam for slant drilling and claimed as a 19th province. Kuwait had a large border for exports and had lend Saddam money in the war against Iran.
War of the Cities
Iraqi missile and air attacks on urban areas and civilian populations in Iraq
Weapons of mass destruction included chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.
A U.S. Organization that worked with the Shah if Iran to remove the prime minister from powering 1953.
The secret police force used by the Shah of Iran to persecute his opposition
Human waves
A war tactic used by Iran in attempt to overwelhm the Iraqi forces with soldiers
A special committee of the UN established to search for WMD in Iraq after the Persian Gulf War.
Shah of Iran
A U.S. Backed leader of Iran in 1941-1979 however the people did not like him well thinking he was living in too much luxury
White Revolution
A 1963 reform movement in Iran used to mondernize and westernize the country. While many people benefitted, the religious leaders opposed it.
Islamic Revolution of 1979
The overthrow of the Shah in 1979 along with the establishment of the Islamic Revolution led by Khomeini. The Shah killed many in massive demonstrations and soon left for cancer treatment and never returned
The storming of the U.S. Embassy
In reliatation for sheltering the Shah of Iran, Iranian students storm the building holding 52 Americans hostage for 444 days.
Shatt Al-Arab waterway
A waterway on the borders of Iran and Iraq that led to large disputes.
Desert Storm
A U.S. Led operation to drive out Saddam from Kuwait.
A Shia religious leader who led the Islamic Revolution and established the Islamic republic in 1979
What mandate was Iraq made after WW1 by the League of Nations
The section of Muslims most concentrated in Iran and parts of Iraq
The city Saddam ordered to be attacked killing 5000 Kurds in 1988
The person who the Shias and Sunnis argued about following as the leader of faith
An ethnic group persecuted by Saddam
King Fasel
An Iraqis leader placed in power by the British in 1921
A term meaning successor to Muhammad
Largest ethnic group in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt
Ba’ath party
The political group Saddam was in
The biggest ethnic group in iran
Most concentrated in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, jordon, and Syria

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