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IB HL Economics – Paper 2 defintions: International Trade and Development Economics

Resource allocation is concerned with how resources (land, labor, capital and entrepeneurship) are distributed in an economy. Free trade free trade exists where there is trade (exporting and importing) between different countries, without government intervention/regulation. World Trade Organisation an international body that encourages the reduction of trade barriers between its member nations Protectionism government intervention […]

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FINC 409 – Ch 2 M/C Practice Problems

Paper money fully backed by a precious metal and issued by the government is called: a. fiat money b. representative full-bodied money c. full-bodied money d. credit money B Fiat money is: a. representative full-bodied money b. full-bodied money c. legal tender proclaimed to be money by law d. all of the above C With […]

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Finance 365 Ch 3

True Finance companies differ from banks in that they do not accept deposits. False Finance companies have been among the slowest growing FI groups in recent years True Sales finance institutions provide financing to customers of specific retailers. False Personal credit institutions specialize in making equipment leases to consumers True Personal credit institutions may be […]

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Physics Chapter 15

At a certain depth in the ocean, the absolute pressure is p. If you go to twice that depth (treating the water as incompressible) the absolute pressure will be less than 2p If you double the pressure on the surface of a can of water, the buoyant force on a stone placed in that water […]

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CSI chapter 7 and 8

What is trace evidence? a generic term for small, often microscopic material. it is physical evidence of contact, and can become a significant part of an investigation. this chapters discusses ways trace evidence is____ collected, preserved, identified, and used What is the Locard Exchange principle? a concept of transfer,when a person comes into contact with […]

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Chapter 7 f

A customer has called to complain that the colours in photos she has printed on the colour inkjet printer you store sold her don’t match the colours in the originals. Assuming the customer is using a Windows workstation, what should you do to resolve the issue? Use the Colour Management tab of the printer diver […]

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Forest any ecosystem with a high density of trees Boreal forest = in Canada, Scandinavia, and Russia Tropical rainforest South and Central America, Africa, Indonesia, and southeast Asia Woodlands ecosystems with lower density of trees Forest types are defined by predominant tree species Temperate Rainforest Great Smokey Mountain National Park – There are scattered small […]

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English 10 Grammar Review Study Guide

In which sentence is the word -my- used as an interjection? My, what a beautiful suit you are wearing! Although I do not pretend to understand the science behind it, this is -reassuring- to me. adjective. Identify the linking verb in this sentence. As basketball -became- more popular, leagues -were- -formed- for women. -None- became. […]

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Who were the Limbourgs?

Answer: artist brothers Recource CHP 16 ART

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Which scenario could cause the most problems under the Articles of Confederation?

There is a threat of war, but the national army is weak. A woman breaks the law by stealing and is sentenced to jail time. A man wants to use national currency to buy a horse in Maryland. The government wants to settle a dispute with France by signing a treaty. Answer: C.A man wants […]

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Which of the following is a strategy for remaining alcohol-free?

Answer: – D . Recource Tobacco,Alcohol, And Drugs

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Which of the following correctly illustrates the sequence of the origin of modern groups of plants?

Answer: bryophytes, ferns, gymnosperms, angiosperms Recource Biology 102 Final – Old Test Questions

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Answer: Creative work driven by new knowledge and information is an insignificant part of management responsibility

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References that employers trust for the most accurate reporting include _____.

a. friends b. relatives c. counselors d. parents Answer: C

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What are the five health related fitness components?

Answer: cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition

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How do lobbyists typically seek to influence members of Congress?

Answer: by providing technical expertise on policy issues Recource NB15IG

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How can faculty researchers avoid coercion of student subjects?

Answer: Avoid using their own students in their research Recource Research Methods: CITI Training Questions

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Determine whether the study depicts an observational study or an experiment.

Fifty patients with brain cancer are divided into two groups. One group receives an experimental drug to fight cancer, the other a placebo. After two years, the spread of the cancer is measured. Answer: The study is an experiment because the researchers control one variable to determine the effect on the response variable.

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sexuality is both an important and controversial element of social life

Answer: A reason to study sexuality using the sociological perspective is

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Zipcar is an example of what type of market orientation?

Answer: Value-based marketing Recource MKTG221: Exam 1

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