Astronomy Quiz 9

Rank the 5 terrestial worlds in order of size small to large
Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth

Under what circumstance can differentiation occur in a planet
The planet must have molten interior

What internal energy source is the most important in continuing to heat the terrestrial planets?

The 3 principal sources of internal heat of terrestrial planets are
Accretion, Differentiation, and Radioactivity

When we see a region of a planet that is not heavily cratered as other regions, we conclude that
the surface in the region is younger then the surfaces in more heavily cratered regions

Volcanism is more likely on a planet that
Has high internal tempatures

How did lunar Maria form?
Large impacts fractured the moons lithosphere, allowing lava to fill the impact basins

The polar caps on Mars are composed of?
Mostly solid carbin dioxide and some water ice

Which of the following show evidence of ancient river beds?

How does seafloor crust differ from continental crust?
Seafloor crust is thinner, younger, and higher in density

Why are there fewer large craters on the seafloor then on the continents
the seafloor crust is younger then the continental crust

Spacecrafts have landed on all the terrestrial worlds EXCEPT?

How have we been able to construct detailed maps of surface features on Venus?
By using radar from spacecrafts that were sent to orbit Venus

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